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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the technological advancements on everyone’s lips in today’s world. One of its fascinating applications is the generation of virtual humans. Various creatives have developed digital beings that either resemble a typical human or feed into a fantasy.

Whether hyperreal or surreal, the creator’s goal is to present a character that a particular demographic can relate to. In most cases, the target audience comprises the younger generation as they are heavy consumers of online content.

Binxie AI model is one of the influencers with an enormous following. She is proof of the blurry line that currently exists between the virtual and real worlds. She is portrayed as a human-like being who came to Earth from a different planet.  

To better understand how she has been able to build a huge online community, it will help to analyze her social media content. Doing so will highlight the theme of her life.

The discussion on Binxie AI influencer will be guided by a couple of questions including;

  • Who’s the brain behind the model’s existence?
  • What were the intentions of the creator?
  • How is Binxie model presented to the public?
  • What makes the influencer relatable?

Who is Binxie?

Search @itsbinxie on Twitter or Instagram and it will lead you to the account of a young female who is into a street fashion style. She appears fun and quirky, yet relatable. So, who is Binxie?

While she has a human-like appearance, Binxie AI model is actually a computer generated being. One of the aspects that sets her apartfrom other AI influencers is her background. Notably, most hyper-real CGI models are linked to a particular physical location. This adds to their relatability among the targeted audience.

 It is rather different with AI influencer Binxie. Her story is that of an individual who was previously living on a different planet before coming to Earth. One would think that her identity as an alien will make it difficult for humans to connect with her.

Interestingly, it is one of the aspects that have attracted a huge following. In a way, she fulfills people’s fantasy of a world beyond planet Earth while engaging in various human activities. It is safe to say that she is an agent of the virtual and real worlds. In addition to building a huge community of followers, this theme has also captured the attention of various brands. For instance, she is in partnership with a pop culture brand, Tokidoki.

Is Binxie Real or Fake?

On one of Binxie’s Instagram posts, a fan asks, “Are you a cartoon or a real person??”. On the same post, another one comments, “I’ve been following you for a long time and I can’t figure out if you’re real or not”. Such questions are common on virtual influencers’ social media sites. While there are some AI models who are cartoon-like, some are hyper-real. For those in the latter category, their appearance, interests, and human interactions have them looking like humans. So, is Binxie real?

The truth is she is not. She is a virtual being built on computer generated imagery (CGI) technology and AI. As part of her backstory, she is presented to the public as an individual whose origin is Planet E88 and arrived on Earth in 2018. These aspects are enough to substantiate Binxie fake nature.

Nonetheless, she is still able to build a real connection with humans. This connection is evident through the huge following on her social media platforms. Subsequently, she has appeared on the cover of magazines like BASIC Magazine. She has also entered into partnerships with brands like Tokidoki. In fact, she has gone on to be the face of the pop culture brand’s face of its Flower Power campaign.

Who Created Binxie?

Behind every robot or virtual human is a creative(s) with a particular goal in mind. These intentions largely influence the character, interests, and purpose of the resultant AI creation. With this in mind, it helps to know, who created Binxie and what were their intentions?

Aliza Technologies is the company behind Binxie’s existence. The US-based firm largely relies on AI technology for its operations.

More specifically, its projects are founded on the concept of ganimation. As highlighted on its website, it refers to “the patented technique which utilizes deep learning for replicating natural movement in facial replacement or CGI animated faces”. The technique allows for de-aging, facial replacements, aging-up, digital makeup, gaming, and CGI characters.

Through the concept of ganimation, Aliza Technologies has managed to generate a virtual being who can pass for a real face. Carl Bogan and Xander Smith, a VFX Supervisor and concept designer respectively, have played a crucial role at creating Binxie.

In an interview with HUF Magazine, the duo stated that their decision to create the CGI influencer was founded on the fact that AI is becoming an integral part of the modern society. They are of the opinion that in the future, humans will “live forever digitally alongside fictitious characters”.

When asked about Planet E88, which is the avatar’s origin, Binxie creator stated, “it’s sort of how we envision Earth being 88 years in the future. While there are certain aspects that have improved, several others have gotten worse despite the best of intentions.”  

Binxie Images & Videos

Images and videos are for influencers what a canvas is for an artist. Through these tools, they get to form a particular character, build an online community, and influence the public to embrace certain trends, products, or opinions. All this is possible without the need for detailed descriptions. Indeed, it is the proper example of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

This is the case with both real and virtual influencers. For Binxie, who falls in the latter category, the images and videos posted on her social media platforms tell the story of where she is from, who she is, and what she’s about.

Binxie Images

As aforementioned, well-curated posts are what social media influencers largely rely on to attract and connect with their target audience. Besides, the content enlightens the public on who the individual is and what they stand for.

In the same way, Binxie photos on various social media sites tell the AI model’s story. On the one hand, she does not hide her virtual identity. Ina picture pinned above, she is holding a gas pump nozzle with the caption, “thought I could plug in and recharge but this thing just smells weird”.

Besides, her first post on Instagram is of her and another avatar from the same creator, Aliza. In it, the two are overlooking a city with the caption reading in part, “From E88 to LA…We’re really here. This is..ErTH…Day 1.”  

Even so, she has been able to build a connection with her fans through the well curated content that portrays her as a typical human with a typical life. From enjoying a burger to hanging out in her room in the morning and grocery shopping , Binxie images have shaped her into a relatable character especially in the eyes of Millenials and Gen Z.

Binxie Videos

Binxie videos have a similar theme as her images; a theme of an alien who has gelled into the human world but is still keen on maintaining her individuality. This journey, which her creator has documented online, has attracted a huge number of young people who are also trying to figure out their lives.

In a Binxie video pinned above, she is celebrating her birthday. The clip of her pouring herself a drink is captioned with, “…If I have 1 wish it is this: BE KIND TO YOURSELF!”. She goes on to state that there have been instances when she felt lesser than and constantly compared herself with others. It is statements like this that present her as a relatable influencer to the youth. Seeing that most young people go through such challenges, it is easy for her fans to look past her fake nature .

Social Media Sites

Social media is an integral part of the modern society. As such, the success of a social media influencer, whether real or virtual, largely depends on their ability to build a broad and active fan base online.

Binxie’s creator is aware of this aspect. While the avatar may not have physical interactions with her followers yet, her online presence is felt. She updates her fans on her whereabouts, posts on her daily activities, and is not hesitant to present her opinions and thoughts. Consequently, the public looks past her fake nature and easily relates with her ‘human’ character.

Binxie Instagram

Binxie Instagram account is one of her primary social media platforms. In her bio, she is described as ‘other worldly’. The well-curated posts on this site show the integration of two worlds. While she does not shy away from her virtual status, she is able to attract a huge following through the human activities she engages in.

Binxie Twitter

Binxie Twitter account has a similar theme as her other social media platforms. Granted, the site has not garnered as many followers as her Instagram since joining the platform in 2019. Even so, it has the potential to attract more fans and brands in equal measure.

Notably, she was fundraising for people affected by coronavirus through the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This further portrays her as an individual who has properly gelled into Planet Earth.

Binxie TikTok

In general, TikTok is associated with young people expressing themselves through dance, singing, and comedy. To capture the attention of this audience, Binxie TikTok videos have a similar theme. In one of the clips, she is dancing while showing off different outfits. It is content like this that has made her popular among the youth.

Binxie YouTube

Binxie YouTube channel doesn’t exist at the moment. As the influencer evolves, perhaps this is a platform that her creator will consider. Nonetheless, one can still interact with her on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Binxie Website

Binxie website does not exist independently as at the time of writing. However, her creator has a website where the public can get more information on their operations.

Binxie Social Media Platforms

Binxie on Instagram

Binxie on Twitter

Binxie on TikTok

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