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In our highly technological world, there can be a thin line between reality and illusion. The permeation of AI into our daily lives has even made it harder for people to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. It has reached a point where things are often not as they seem, especially on the internet. Imma AI influencer is the ‘not so living’ proof of that. Although AI-generated, her real face could easily fool you into thinking she’s your average teenage girl.

Imma model represents a new phenomenon where companies and brands use virtual personalities to advertise their products or services. This not only helps them minimize costs but also make huge profits. People on social media seem fascinated by these beings and are ready to buy into whatever they are selling. So, it is no surprise that Imma AI model has gained a loyal fan base, though she’ll never meet them, appear at a fashion event, or interview . But who is Imma? Who created her? What does she do? Join me as we answer these questions and more here.

Who is Imma gram?

Imma Gram is not your ordinary girl; she is a trendsetter. Her love for fashion is evident from her posts on social media. You can often see her adorned in high-end designer attire, including pieces from brands like Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Valentino, and Balenciaga; the list is endless.  

But to really answer the question of who is Imma, I have to disclose that she’s a virtual model. In any case, she leverages her looks and social media following to advertise different products. And her work seems to be paying off. By being an AI influencer Imma allegedly earns more than $640,000 annually, with each post making her at least $1,000 richer. She was even chosen for the “New 100 Talent To Watch” program, a Japanese initiative that spots and promotes emerging talent across different fields. Not to mention making headlines on TV, the internet, as well as business and fashion magazines.

Imma AI model is unquestionably beautiful. Her petite figure, perfect skin, signature pink hair, and distinctive kawaii style are enough to draw attention, amass followers, and, as expected, get numerous brand offers. Don’t be mistaken, though. Imma’s influence does not all depend on her appearance. Her unique personality and voice enable her to freely interact with her audience and charm them even more.

Is Imma Real or Fake?

Imma Gram only exists in the virtual world, so she’s not human in the actual sense. Nonetheless, let’s not kid ourselves. She embodies everything a girl her age would dream of. A spotless complexion, fame, influence, riches, you name it. In fact, Imma is even doing better than most real-world models, thanks to her ability to generate content without the constraints of time and location.

Imma fake identity may come as a shock to some because she looks so real to the ordinary eye. It’s even harder to get over the deception when you see her posing for photos with actual celebrities, attending real-life events, dancing, visiting real places, and more. Her creativity and ability to effortlessly converse with her fans is also something that seems to persuade others she’s human. 

Even as people continue to speculate about Imma real nature, it seems she is also on a self-discovery journey, going by the hashtag #ithinkimcgi, which she uses on some posts. Her curiosity also takes her to art museums and influences her to explore different fashion styles to discover herself through human culture. Imma’s interests also extend to specific world problems, such as gender, race, and environment, as she tries to find a voice in the real and virtual world.

Who Created Imma gram?

Imma Gram is the work of Aww Inc., a Tokyo-based company that specializes in creating virtual humans. Aww is also on a mission to develop new concepts that can be integrated into culture, even if they’re out of the ordinary, just to get people thinking. The team attaches its worldview to the intersection of fashion, art, and technology, pushing forth its other mission of devising new IP for Web3.

Imma creator says that their decision to call themselves Aww was inspired by the desire to produce something that activates people’s imagination, making them feel “Aww.” And they have really achieved this goal through Imma. Her online presence is nothing short of fascinating. By adorning herself in the latest fashion trends and posting philosophical musings, this virtual influencer continuously manages to elicit the ‘aww’ feeling among her fans.

Now that we know who created Imma, I can’t help but wonder about the complex process that went into developing her digital persona. It must have been intense. From envisaging her mannerisms to designing her whole appearance, each step in Imma’s creation possibly took numerous hours of research, iteration, and experimentation. And it’s worth it, as she looks human and gorgeous—probably more than you and I. It’s truly incredible how the Aww Company has effortlessly blended technology and artistry to bring the robot to life. Their commitment to innovation and authenticity deserves commendation.

Imma Images & Videos

Imma images and videos are all about fashion, entertainment, art, lifestyle, daily life, travel, and so much more. Each visual provides a sneak peek into her world, like what she does for a living, her friends, hobbies, favorite destinations, routines, and more. 

Beyond that, her visuals demonstrate advancements in AI and CGI (computer-generated imagery) technology, extending the boundaries of what can be achieved in the realm of virtual models and influencers. 

Furthermore, these images and videos play an essential role in brand partnerships and marketing campaigns, taking advantage of Imma’s popularity to sell products to her fans. Check below for more insight into these visuals:

Imma Images

What’s so special about Imma images? Simple. They are not just ordinary photos but a leeway into an alternate reality—where we can explore the innumerable possibilities of the digital age. 

Honestly speaking, Imma photos have an appeal that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional photography. As you gaze at each frame, you can easily tell it’s carefully crafted to elicit a sense of ethereal beauty that leaves a lasting impression on your psyche. The next thing you know is that you just want to find more of her pictures to look at. The more you feed into this sensation, the more likely you will be fascinated by her fashion style. And you wonder why popular brands are raking millions of dollars through Imma. Her ability to influence beauty standards is beyond words. 

Another thing to note. The model’s photos normally challenge societal norms and expectations, inspiring the audience to venture into uncharted territory as far as human expression is concerned.

Imma Videos

Imma videos are even better and more exciting; they provide a distinctive combination of creativity, storytelling, and technological ingenuity that sets them apart in the metaverse. The visuals are a delight to watch as they tend to evoke a sense of warmth and joy that make your day brighter. 

Each Imma video can be likened to a small escape into her captivating space, where fanciful adventures and touching moments unfold before our eyes. Whether she’s participating in some cheeky social media challenge, walking across bustling city streets, or hanging out with friends, the videos immerse you fully into her life. Moreover, her infectious energy and charming personality leave you wanting more. No wonder they attract hundreds of thousands of views and, sometimes, millions.

Imma Nude

You won’t see any Imma nude photos on her social media platforms or anywhere else on the internet. Unlike some influencers who display their nakedness to create controversy and draw attention, Imma maintains a respectful and dignified online presence.

In fact, she often wears stylish yet modest clothing like oversized sweaters, flowing maxi dresses, tailored trousers, and layered looks featuring long skirts or shirts; you will hardly see her in a bikini. It’s possible that her creators select this style to reflect conventional Japanese cultural values that advocate for modesty when it comes to dressing.

Moreover, avoiding nude or explicit content enables the robot to create a safe and inclusive environment for her diverse fans, including younger people. So, looking for Imma nudes may be an exercise in futility. The girl has already made it clear that her content seeks to inspire, showcase the power of technology and creativity, entertain, and provoke thought to impact the world positively.

Social Media Sites

Imma social media pages are her ultimate stage. This is where she gets to shine and show the public what she’s all about. It’s also where she converses and interacts with real humans. Come to think of it. The avatar’s life in the metaverse could feel lonely at times as she navigates the space without the physical presence of others. Actively engaging on her social media platforms allows Imma to connect with real people and find companionship and purpose. In the end, her digital journey becomes more vibrant and fulfilling. Let’s have a closer look at some of her pages to see what they feature. 

Imma Instagram

The model has a verified Instagram page where she calls herself Imma.gram. She is able to engage thousands of followers with her posts. Imma Instagram bio reveals she’s a virtual being from Japan and is working on a new project dubbed “” The project is her brainchild and mainly focuses on producing clothes.

Imma TikTok

Imma TikTok page has garnered substantial followers and millions of likes. And for good reason. The girl posts exciting and funny videos that entertain her viewers. She also responds to her fans, making them feel she values their input. is the name the robot uses on TikTok.

Imma OnlyFans

Imma OnlyFans or Fanvue account is unavailable for those wanting to get entertained by explicit content. It’s unlikely the creators will open an Imma OF anytime soon, given the conservative nature of traditional Japanese culture, which significantly influences their design choices.

Imma Twitter

“Belongs to Aww Inc.,” “She has multiple contracts in Japan and overseas,” and “Paralympic appearance.” These are just some of the statements that define Imma Twitter bio. She also mentions she’s not real, possibly to ensure her fans don’t mistake her for a human being. Imma’s has more than 10k followers on the platform so far.

Imma YouTube

Imma YouTube is nonexistent. This is odd, given that the platform could expose her to a broader audience. For now, you can follow her on other social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter). Her animators may open a YouTube page for the avatar in the near future. It’s a wait-and-see game, really…

Imma Reddit

The lack of an Imma Reddit account means the model is missing out on a substantial online community where debates, discussions, and content sharing occur on different topics. Having such a page offers a good avenue to invite users into her world, as well as influence their lifestyle. 

Imma Website

There isn’t a website particularly dedicated to Imma. However, it’s likely her creators have their own site or web presence they use to display their work, including a project or any partnership Imma is involved in. It would be a good idea to open an official Imma website, though. This will make it easier for users to learn about her background, among other things.

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