Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber

Who is Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber

Hochimachi Suisei is a female Japanese Hololive Vtber. Hochimachi Suisei real name is Hoshimachi. While she was initially recruited into Hololive production’s label INoNaKa Music, she moved on to the main branch on December 1, 2019, to become part of Hololive 0th gen together with Robocco, Tokino Sora, Sakura Miko, and AZKi. Introducing herself as a forever18 Vtuber who deeply loves singing and idols, Hochimashei Suisei’s YouTube activity involves playing video games, live streaming, singing karaoke, chatting with fans, or partnering with other talents and brands.

She is well known for her singing capability and talent. As of June 2023, she had accumulated over 543 million views and over 1 million on YouTube. She also released a song titled “Next Color Planet” in March 2020, which became one of the top-ranking songs. In addition, she released her first album, “Still Still Stellar,” on September 29, 2022, which became the top-performing ever solo VTuber album performance. Besides her music and streaming abilities, she has been featured in several radio programs and on Japanese television as a model and a virtual personality. This happened even as Hochimashei Suisei real identity is unknown.

Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber has increasingly gained popularity for her compelling performance as a traitor in a game, giving her the name Psychopath Suisei. Her goal is to hold a live concert in Tokyo Budokan one day. She is a large spender on the games, especially the one titled “Ensemble Stars.” For instance, in a stream she made with Nijisanji Vtuber and friend Inui Toko, she used a lot of money that shocked her viewers and partners. She even became agitated when fellow member Oozora Subaru commented that games are wasting money.

What sets her apart is that she genuinely cares for those close to her, such as her partners and fans. She also has a close relationship with Amane Kanata, a fellow member, and others outside Hololive, such as Kuon Ran, Inui Toko, and Lupinus Knightley. 

Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber

Hochimashei Suisel does many things that will make you wonder whether she is a virtual model. Apart from being a virtual Vtuber, she is an artist, skilled gamer, video editor, and cook. Compared to other Vtubers, she stays with her sister, whom she affectionately calls Anemachi, because they share a close bond. Although she has faced a lot of rejections when struggling to become a real-life idol, she has already established herself in the virtual world and can pursue all her goals without any limitations.

Since Hochimashei Suisei is versatile, she has already won some awards, including two Hololive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament editions. She has also managed to captivate fans with her 3D model debut, participating in different events and producing many unique songs. Her 3D model would first feature in “Nonstop Story,” a concert. Later, she released her third original song, NEXT COLOR PLANET, on March 22, 20, with the help of Hololive.

Having released 13 official singles, Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber is currently considered one of the best singers in the history of Hololive. Her other song is set to be released on January 25 this year. She has collaborated with Mori Calliope to produce tracks such as Wicked and CapSule. Having over 1,000,000 subscribers, Hochimashei Suisei’s popularity can only be expected to soar given her diversified content and the topics she offers fans. Since she is quite interesting, you’ll always find something to consume in her streams and music.

What Does Hochimashei Suisei Look Like?

What does Hochimashei Suisei look like? Well, this is a question that most viewers often ask. Hochimashei Suisei has blue eyes and light blue hair in a side ponytail. She is fond of wearing a plaid cap with a crown attached to it and a dark-striped blue hair ribbon. Unlike other Vtubers who prefer women’s clothing, Hochimashei Suisei wears a gray plaid dress uniform, black shoes, and asymmetrical socks.

While Hochimashei Suisei face reveal has regularly changed the design over the years, she is always depicted as a young woman with very long hair. In most of her streams, she dons a gray, black dress, white skirt, shorts, a light blue tie, blue star earrings, and dark blue thigh-high socks. After moving to Hololive, she updated her 2D model completely, changing the outfit. One thing that stands out here is her blue tie, bow ribbons, and theme after a night sky.

Regarding her dress, Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber prefers a dress code that can only be considered elegant. Her dresses are simple but portray her as someone who loves fashion. You might think her outfit is casual wear based on the content she is currently creating, such as cosplay. For instance, during her third 2D model, she was featured wearing a black dress with a blue jacket, with both the jacket and dress decorated with laces and ribbons. Hochimashei Suisei irl also has a black belt with the words Sphere and Comet, which makes her unique.

Hochimashei Suisei Face Reveal

One thing that most fans are yearning for is to see Hochimashei Suisei  real face. Like most fans, her audience is constantly waking up looking forward to the day she will perform a face reveal. While there are some rumors on the internet that she accidentally revealed her face, most fans don’t believe this. Some even commented that they don’t expect her to reveal her face even when she retires from vtubing. However, as an avatar regularly discussed on several platforms, including Reddit, most people are increasingly becoming impatient about her real personality.

While Hochimashei Suisei face reveal is yet to occur, the real person behind her must have been blond and beautiful. According to the audience, the day Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber reveals her real face will be a meaningful moment to help people understand the difference between the digital avatar and the real person behind it. Since some fans have been with her for a long time, showing her pictures or revealing her real face would boost her popularity as it would add some level of genuineness. Besides, this will eradicate any doubt or discord amongst the followers. This would even make fans start discussing her other aspects of life, such as her real identity, preferred diet, dating life, and other activities that connect her to the avatar.

If there are no issues or problems during her face reveal, other Vtubers might also be encouraged to reveal their faces. While no one currently seems to know whether her real persona is real or not, she readily acknowledges the comedic potential of the joke. Hochimashei Suisei irl has effectively used it to her advantage.

Interesting Facts About Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber

Hochimshe Suisei is a multi-talented idol who can draw fanart, design, edit videos, cook, maintain her health, and play various games well. Like other Vtubers, she learned how to sing by going to karaoke sessions to practice. Although she loved taking orange juice in most of her streams, she has since changed to apple juice. Her first name means a star, and her second name means a city; hence, her name can simply be translated as the City of Stars. Interestingly, she likes to romanize her last name as “Hosimati. This is often seen in most of her Twitter/wiki posts and online streams.

How Old is Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber

So, how old is Hochimashei irl? This is one of the most prevalent questions asked online about Hochimashei. Like the connection with real human models, most fans are always interested in their idols’ ages, especially after interacting with them for a long time. Unlike other YouTubers who keep their private details, such as names, hidden, we can see Hochimasheia Suisei age revealed through some of the streams.

Instead of directly stating she is 18 years old, she claims that she has been 18 for 250 years, something that’s quite confusing. Hochimashei Suisei made her first appearance on March 22, 2018. So, if this is the case, then it seems she is at least 4,250 years old, which can only happen in the virtual world.

Like others in the virtual world, it’s believed that she is not allowed to reveal her real age, which makes her remain anonymous and private. Not revealing Hochimasheis Suisei’s age also prevents her from being in the limelight, where she can be prone to ridicule and bullying.

Where is Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber From

As a fan of Hochimashei Suisei, you are likely to ask- where is Hochimashis Suisei from? Originally from Japan, Hochimashei Suisei debuted as an independent VTuber on March 22, 2018. White has been documented to hail from Japan; others opine that she is not from Japan because she is quite fluent in English. As a Vtuber, she concentrates on her idol activities besides engaging in music-focused content and games, which she streams on her channel.

Where Does Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber Live

The common question-where Hochimashei lives remains unanswered. Like other Vtubers, Hochimashei Suisei is yet to reveal where she comes from. However, one clear thing is that she resides in the virtual world. This is depicted in her posts, where she appears as an adult even though she is only six years old, given her first appearance.

We can safely say she lives on YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, or Twitter. The decision to not disclose her location is perhaps because she wants to remain private and avoid stalkers who might take advantage of her nudes, speech, or dress code.

How Tall is Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber?

How tall is Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber? This question will naturally cross the minds of fans watching her streams. Hochimashei Suisei publicly states that she is only 160 cm tall or approximately 5 feet tall, making her one of the shortest YouTubers.

How Much Does Hochimashei Suisei Vtuber Make?

So, how much does Uruka Vtuber make? Given the vast following she enjoys on most platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit, among other channels and social media platforms, followers and fans are bound to ask how much she makes from viewership, work, sponsorships, and deals. Based on her subscriptions and viewership, it’s believed that she makes approximately $16.7 K annually. Since this is an approximate figure, it may vary depending on the work or dealership she gets and merch she sells. Remember, she also works on TV and Radio, which may increase the total amount of money she makes, given that she sometimes receives money via patreon.

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