Nina Kosaka Vtuber

Nina Kosaka Vtuber

Who is Nina Kosaka?

Nina Kosaka is a VTuber who was active for two years from 2021 to 2023. Her personality was “revealed” by Ironmouse and Veibae who are well-known and successful VTubers. She did some research about the VTuber companies and found a project NIJISANJI. After several auditions, the person behind an upcoming project “Fox of Heaven” was defined.

In the beginning, she started quick growth, reaching over 50,000 followers on Twitter at the beginning of November 2021. In several weeks, Nina’s YouTube channel has grown to 100,000 followers. The first merchandise was launched just before Christmas Eve in 2021. Between 6 February and 29 March, she has grown the number of subscribers on YouTube from 200,000 to 300,000. During this period she has sold three voice packs.

The next merchandise pack featured acrylic keychains, file folders, and badges that were launched in April 2022. In the same month, she was invited to the Ironmouse talk show Speak of the Devil. In less than a month, she has reached the next milestone of 400,000 followers on YouTube. The last big milestone was reached in September 2022 when her YouTube channel got half a million followers.

Nina Kosaka celebrated her birthday on November 22, 2022, by recording and mastering a new song “Yume no Dead End.” It was a big collaboration to produce and release this song. The new outfit was released in November 2022 and includes a gorgeous black dress with a women’s hat with a big red rose. The retirement happened in July 2023 and her accounts in social networks went private. 

Nina Kosaka VTuber

Nina Kosaka was a VTuber who decided to finish her career about a year ago. She kept her legacy on YouTube where all her streams were uploaded. 

  • She makes everything to let people feel comfortable on her streams.
  • Nina can’t handle all the new features that our digital life provides for everyone which means that from time to time everything goes wrong and she feels sorry.
  • She has fun, using the defied article in front of names of social networks such as Facebook.
  • In addition, she has a dark side and rough humor. She can easily be mean to other people, especially those who she knows.
  • As she said, she could sell a buddy for a bottle of wine.
  • A joke about putting someone in a bioreactor shows that she was so spoiled by Russian culture. Nina was about to put cute creatures in a bioreactor if she didn’t reach two hundred thousand subscribers.
  • She used to play Golf with Your Friends, Minecraft, Vampire Survivors, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Project Winter, and Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.
  • Among the last streams, the pick of viewers of 4156 were on April 25, 2022, while playing Vampire Survivors.
  • The last streams were a year ago and we don’t know if Nina Kosaka wants to get back to the business.
  • She still has 578k subscribers on YouTube where 557 videos are uploaded.
  • Her graduation stream was eight months ago and went for ten hours. It was viewed almost a million times on YouTube.
  • The second part of the graduation stream was eight hours long and gathered almost 900k views.

What Does Nina Kosaka Look Like?

Nina Kosaka looks like a fox with nine tails. There are many other fun features we would like you to read:

  • If we talk about her body condition and facial features we would like to note that she has caucasian features in general, and her face looks great.
  • She used to rule in heaven which is why she wishes everyone the best of luck.
  • She looks like a mom because she tries to support us in any decision we would like to make.
  • She wears fancy dresses always with widely-opened decollete. 
  • Nina Kosaka has a big and beautiful bust.
  • Her color combination includes a black dress with red paintings on it and a big black fancy woman’s hat with a red rose on it.
  • She has a light-blue shoulder-length hairstyle.
  • There is beautiful blue jewelry around her neck.
  • She has a beautiful nig red eyes with some red tattoos across her face.

Nina Kosaka Face Reveal

Most likely, Nina Kosaka is Anastasia Bila. In the beginning, she works under the Monkeyism nickname. We have known several facts about her.

  • If we talk about her body condition and facial features we’d like to note that she has caucasian features in general, and her face looks gorgeous enough to be treated as a beautiful girl/woman, she prefers short haircuts.
  • She started her career as a VTuber on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.
  • The first stream was in 2016.
  • She played various video games and made some entertaining content like comedy videos about dating.
  • Most of the time she used to play Overwatch, Darkest Dungeon, and Persona 5 on Twitch.
  • Some of the people mentioned in the comment on Wiki that her Twitter has some homophobe posts. This could be revealing a true face because there are a lot of people who are actually homophobes in Russia. 
  • She has met several other streamers in real life.
  • Alas, we don’t know much details about her personality in real life to discuss it.
  • After she started a new project and after those homophobic posts on Twitter, she didn’t disclose her personality anymore.
  • This can be a good sign that she understood that homophobic behavior is not tolerated by the majority of streamers.
  • She used to stream for the following events: Make A Wish Canada, charity stream with XSplit, collaboration with GamePlaySpace, and the last event was her appearance on Unibet.

Interesting Facts of Nina Kosaka VTuber

Nina Kosaka has a lot of interesting facts published on various sites and mentioned in small talks around the web or Discord servers:

  • Nina likes red wine and she would like to have it every day in the late morning to lay under the sun and send positive vibes around.
  • She acts like an adult woman who has several children and knows much about life.
  • All she does is drink wine and smile.
  • She wants to judge people, having no arguments back. We believe this could be funny entertainment.
  • He has invited various guests on her stream: Luca Kaneshiro, Mysta Rias, Elira Pendora, Mika Melatika, Rosemi Lovelock, Aster Arcadia, Ban Hada, Kyo Kaneko, Millie Parfait, Aia Amare, Sonny Brisko, Ike Eveland, Pomu Rainpuff, Alban Knox, Scarle Yonaguni and Maria Marionette.
  • Her day can be short because she likes oversleeping. 
  • She receives pleasure from the cooking process. It’s typical for a lot of moms.
  • She performs streams speaking Russian exclusively. 

How Old is Nina Kosaka?

Nina Kosaka is a young woman of approximately 30s. We have another claim that she can be much older like hundreds of years old. If we analyze her behavior she acts like a lady of 30-40 years and this is just fine for everyone.

She likes to claim that she is a mommy and that her fans are a part of “Mombership.” Nina Kosaka answered to someone “I have no shame! This is who I am, okay? Mommy’s a simp.” She also answered a typical “inches question” in a way that how well you use those inches is more important than what length in inches you actually have. 

Nina likes red wine, so there are enough talks about drinks, wine, and chilling as an adult. “Oh, honey. All I do is drink wine and smile, baby.” She would like to have some win at 11 a.m. to give chilling vibes, lying under the sun. 

Where is Nina Kosaka From?

We didn’t have any defined information about where Nina Kosaka is from. According to Fandom Wiki, she has a good proficiency in English, Russian, and French. Where the first two languages she speaks mostly without accent. There are some mentions across the Web that this could be Anastasia Bila. She is a Russian-Canadian streamer who was known by the nickname Monkeyism. Several years ago, she said goodbye via the last stream and retired. As we can see, she came back with another cool project.

Where Does Nina Kosaka Live?

There’s no information about where Nina Kosaka lives. For her fan base, this can be pros and cons. People may think that she doesn’t want to be connected with any country and gather people’s attention worldwide. Revealing this part of her character can increase her connection with the audience. Also, she could look at statistics to find from what country she got the most viewers and make the final decision. She can also be a travel character to find the best places to stick around. 

How Tall is Nina Kosaka?

Nina Kosaka has an average tallness among not only VTubers but also people. She is approximately 5”4 (165 cm) without her ears and 5”7 (174 cm) with them. It completely covers her personality and attitude. As for her personality, these body conditions look great and attractive. We haven’t seen any complaints about her tallness.  She didn’t provide explanations about tallness and if she is comfortable with what she have got.

How Much Does Nina Kosaka Make?

According to the Stream Charts site, Nina Kosaka streamed the last time on Twitch on May 03, 2023. She still has 32,726 followers here. It is noticeable that the number of viewers before the channel was abandoned, decreased from 2759-2842 at the beginning of the session to 1042 at the session end. If we look at her stream activity, most of them were before May 2022. As a result, the data about subscribers and monthly earnings. If we talk about YouTube statistics, there is a mention of her monthly growth of the total views from 38M in April 2023 to 45M in March 2024. Estimated monthly AdSense earnings are from $120 to $967. When according to Social Blade, her yearly earnings are from $449 to $7,200.

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