Mika Melatika Vtuber

Who is Mika Melatika?

Mika Melatika is an Indonesian streamer who joined the NIJISANJI ID team slowly moving to the main branch a year later. She streams funny stuff like chatting, playing different games with the chat, playing video games, singing songs, etc. She has a funny, open-minded, and playful personality. Mika streams approximately five days a week. 

Her digital personality is based on a KUNTILANAK being who is actually a ghost. That’s why she has a nail stuck in her head, pining headphones in addition. KUNTILANAK is an Indonesian creature from where the streamer is originally from. It’s so nice to unite a culture feature with worldwide streaming something that everyone understands in English.

Mika Melatika VTuber

Mika Melatika has an insanely memorable and funny-to-follow voice and thought flow. As a member of the sixth wave of NIJISANJI ID together with Xia Ekavira and Hyona Elatiora was introduced to a wide audience in 2021. The team/release is known as “6WS.” She has chosen a ghost personality, KUNTILANAK for her streams which is an unusual move.

YouTube account was created on Jul 13, 2021, from Indonesia. For several years of running, it has over three hundred thousand subscribers. Her videos have over twelve million views so far. Anyway, most of her videos were removed, excluding charity streams. The last video of her was recorded in December 2023 before her retirement. There’s no more possibility to join this channel to support it with money. 

Her Twitter account is closed right now. So, we can not read posts, or check followers or people who she follows. Her last words on Twitter were “I did my best.” The account still has over four hundred thousand followers.

What Does Mika Melatika Look Like?

Mika Melatika has three looks which she switches whenever she wants. The first one was released with the introduction. The second appearance will be shown on January 2023. The last costume was published in November 2023.

  • Mika Melatika looks like a gamer or goth-gamer girl with some cool customizations like a nail in her head or hail hairpins.
  • She puts on headphones that actually are placed over her ears.
  • She has a cute and calm face with eyes placed much lower than they have to be. They are a mix of green and light green colors.
  • Mika Melatika puts one orange-brown eyeshadow. 
  • Her eyelids are brown.
  • Mika Melatika has a long haircut up to the feet. There are several braids with orange-brown edging covering her forehead.
  • There are several locks of hair fall over her chest up to the waist.
  • She wears a little brown collar.
  • She puts on blue shorts with white edging and purple stockings where one is over the knee but the other one is below the knee.
  • She dresses in a dress-styled hoody with a print GAME OVER and pins. 
  • Another look is more street-styled. She wears a black short top with strips crossing the chest and going to the collar, black shorts with a big black belt and several strips, black long finger free gloves, some jewelry, two fishnet stockings, and black boots with strips, There is a version with a shoulder less hoodie with strips.
  • Another version is French-styled with a blue-purple beret. She wears a shirt of the same color and a dark gray or light black skirt. She wears a jacket of the same color with a white hood lining and pink edging. There is a part of knee socks below the knees and fancy shoes. 
  • There are three versions of fan-service looks where focuses are on her boobs, her tights, and her butt. 

Mika Melatika Face Reveal

There’s no such event as a face reveal for Mika Melatika. This can be a pro and a con at the same time. NIJISANJI as a company may want to protect their affiliated streamers from harassment, stalking, and other creepy stuff. Such a cover can provide a convenience and feeling of being secure and protected.

Another reason to keep privacy away from streams is that people have to be used to a digital 2D/3D personality. It’s important to keep their consistent attention on the streams rather than checking the real-life accounts of Mika Melatika on various social networks for extra updates.

Interesting Facts of Mika Melatika VTuber

We have a lot of different Mika Melatika features we love to talk to. Some of them are added to the following list:

  • She was introduced as a streamer under the NIJISANJI brand.
  • Mika was sixth-wave with other streamers such as Xia Ekavira and Hyona Elatiora.
  • She is a spirit being, named KUNTILANAK.
  • During her live streams, she is proactive and energetic with chaotic vibes.
  • Her career started after released from the educational stage on NIJISANJI ID on July 28, 2021.
  • After reaching 30,000 followers, she added a feature on her YouTube channel to be a member.
  • She becomes a member of the core team of NIJISANJI after merging the Indonesian and Korean branches into the main one.
  • Melaticult is the name of her fan base.
  • All members of the fan base are called “PAKUCHAMPS.”
  • She pretends to speak Japanese and Chinese, speaking only English and Indonesian.
  • She likes sleeping & cute things, sweet food, playing games, stupid memes & to annoy people.
  • She is the owner of California Kingsnake which was named Monoloid and Monee, a ball python. In addition, she has a tarantula as a pet, named Michi.
  • During various streams, she was asked about various geographical questions which she answered wrongly.
  • He was smart when she was in school. Now, she wishes she would be smarter.
  • She prefers story-based games like Fran Bow and Road96.
  • The fan base tries to bully her but she feels like they care about her.
  • Mika Melatika doesn’t like it when Wi-Fi is slow, a smell of meat & blood, and hard to carry things.
  • During 2023, she had a vacation from February 08 to March 04.
  • In October 2023, she announced her retirement. On December 28, 2023, she finished her career as a VTuber after almost two and a half years of streaming.
  • After finishing her journey, all videos were removed excluding charity streams.
  • During the stream “Major Selen Tatsuki Announcement, Pomu Rainpuff & Mika Melatikla Post-Graduation Plans, KURO Secret” she explained that she want to receive a college degree and start teaching kids.
  • She still has various hashtags to work with the fanbase to drop a hint if she creates her own personal channel.

How Old is Mika Melatika?

We don’t have any verified information about how old Mika Melatika is. She didn’t mention this on streams and asking this question can be a sign of not being polite. There’s information that she was born on April 01 and her zodiac sight is Aries. 

She is such a funny person during streams. We suppose she can be in her 20s. You can ask her directly about her age in chat sessions or through her Twitter.

Where is Mika Melatika From?

Mika Melatika is originally from Indonesia but she speaks lamost without an accent which is fun to listen to. She keeps her private information about the location, city, or area away from streams in order not to split people’s attention from having fun and her digital personality.

It’s a good way. Many streams that were occasionally disclosed were closed their account on Twitter or they make them private. This means we can not read their tweets, follow them, check who they follow, and so on. So, keeping this intel secret and away from prying eyes allows her to be emotionally stable and happy to find new ideas for streams.

The community understands this and doesn’t push a VTuber over these limits. In addition, we would like to add that disclosing can shatter the attention of the fan base on various accounts which is not good for everyone.

Where Does Mika Melatika Live?

Mika Melatika is an Indonesian girl because her account on YouTube was created in Indonesia. Another reason to think so is that she claimed herself as a friendly “KUNTILANAK” which is “a mythological creature in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore,” according to the information from Wikipedia. 

There’s no detailed information about where exactly she can live because this can be a term of a contract to protect her and her family from stalking or abuse. Many parental companies provide this coverage to allow streamers to grow in a safe environment and enjoy their life.

Also, this coverage helps her to keep her private life away especially when she takes a vacation or goes on a trip.

How Tall is Mika Melatika?

Mika Melatika is a short girl of 155 cm or 5.1 ft. It’s not high tallness among other girls of the NIJISANJI project. She introduced this information within her first stream on July 31, 2021, which was called “Knock, Knock. Guess Who.”

We have never seen any complaint about her height and if she wants to change it. She is a fun person and people enjoy talking to her even without any extras like body conditions someone wants. As a ghost that can levitate, the basic human height is not important at all.

How Much Does Mika Melatika Make?

Let’s try to answer a typical question that many ask: “How Much Does Mika Melatika Make?” There’s no direct answer to it, so we have to analyze some data that is provided by various YouTube statistics sites like vidIQ.

According to it, an overall score is B. It combined video view consistency data, subscribers/viewers ratio, upload frequency, engagement rates, and channel growth. The views rate is B. The engagement rate is A when the subscribers’ rate is D. During the last 30 days, the number of subscribers has decreased by one percent, but the engagement rate is over ten percent which is an excellent condition. The rate of video views went up by almost two percent. Estimated monthly earnings are less than for similar channels, and it’s less than one thousand dollars.

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