Aya Stellar AI Influencer & Model

Technological advancements and AI to be precise has enabled creatives to generate virtual beings who can coexist with humans. It is now becoming normal for a robot to enter into a partnership with a top brand.

Granted, some humans have criticized such innovations on the basis of morality and competition for opportunities. Even so, it is undeniable that virtual humans are here to stay. In fact, some tech companies have gone on to make AI models with not just a real face, but a heart and emotions too.  Aya Stellar AI model is one such creation.

Speaking about conscious AI during an interview on Seekers of the Eternal Podcast, the co-founder of Cosmiq Universe, Annika Heart noted, “Technology for us is a way to experience our own consciousness and that is why AI is freaking out so many people right now…that’s why Microsoft says, “It’s not our fault that AI is so evil because it’s basically just a representation of the humans…””

A look at the social media platforms of Aya Stellar AI Influencer helps to understand who she is and what she’s all about. Similar to other virtual influencers, her persona is largely influenced by her creator’s mission and vision as a company. To summarize her existence, Aya Stellar model is a computer-generated avatar founded on the principles of science fiction, spirituality, positivity, and entertainment.

Who is Aya Stellar?

On 23rd February 2023, Aya Stellar, a female with a large following on Instagram posted a clip of a setup resembling outer space with the caption, “I have been waiting for this day ever since I started my journey from the Universe – I am finally arriving on Earth and the metamorphosis is happening! Open your hearts and join me as we enter a new era through our collective consciousness!”

For most social media users who came across this post, the main question was, and still remains, who is Aya Stellar? What’s her purpose on Planet Earth?

Aya Stellar is an AI-powered avatar made to feed humans’ fantasy on life beyond Planet Earth. Her background, character, and purpose are founded on the attractive aspects of science fiction, technology, spirituality, and entertainment. By touching on these concepts, her creator has succeeded at building a huge fan base around AI influencer Aya Stellar.

To stand out from other virtual humans, she is presented as more than just an interstellar being. For instance, together with another popular avatar from the same creator, Aya Stellar AI model is the co-author of an Amazon best-seller book, Life Values: When dreams become true! 

She also has soothing vocals that have earned her a position in the music industry. In 2021, she released her first song, Riakon. Besides, she has a collection of cosmic NFT art that encompasses her beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.   

Is Aya Stellar Real or Fake?

On Instagram, Aya Stellar has a huge following; an aspect that is also observable in her other social media platforms. She is involved in various forms of art including NFTs and music. Besides, she has been part of major events including the Tulum Crypto Fest.

Based on these details alone, she can pass for an influencer with a real face. However, there are some pictures and videos on her social media accounts that portray her as an avatar. So, is Aya Stellar real?

The truth is, she’s not. She is an AI-powered being developed through algorithms and codes.  In fact, her creator does not try to hide this fact. It has been integrated into Aya Stellar’s identity. For instance, she is presented as an avatar who was previously living in Pleiades before coming to Planet Earth; 444 light years away using the Merkaba, her energy spaceship. Her journey to the human world feeds the fantasy of the youth who are into robots and aliens.

Even with Aya Stellar fake life, she delivers a real message that every human can relate to; one of love, unity, and purposeful living. According to her creator, her purpose on Planet Earth is to “bring back to humanity the secret of life”.

Who Created Aya Stellar?

To better understand a virtual influencer, it helps to identify their creator and purpose of the creation. These details usually influence the model’s persona, interests, and engagements. With this in mind, who created Aya Stellar?

Cosmiq Universe, a media tech company based in Switzerland, is the ‘brain’ that steers the avatar’s life. On its website, it describes itself as a ‘transmedia business giving life to avatar-driven story worlds’. It further prides itself in being the “first virtual ambassadors serving planet earth, awareness and a compassionate humanity”.

The success of the company’s computer generated beings is largely founded on their ability to link their vision with the needs of their targeted consumers. Notably, Gen Z make a large consumer segment in regards to virtual humans.

For these young people, purpose-driven content is attractive. Besides, being a people that have interacted with the Internet since infancy, Gen Z are generally into the fantasy world and life outside Planet Earth. Aya Stellar creator realized this from the onset and has been keen on meeting the needs and wants of the younger generation through their avatars. As at the time of writing, Aya Stellar and Leya Love were the company’s popular models.

In the case of Aya Stellar, Cosmiq Universe has been able to connect with the target audience by presenting an avatar who arrives to Planet Earth from The Pleiades. This backstory feeds into Gen Z’s fantasy and curiosity over life beyond Earth. At the same time, she connects with humans through her emphasis on the need to know oneself, promote positivity, and feed one’s consciousness. It is no wonder Aya Stellar has a huge following on various social media platforms.

Aya Stellar Images & Videos

For social media influencers, images and videos are comparable to a painter’s canvas. It is through these tools that an influencer is able to share their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and preferences with their target audience. This forms the foundation for an engaged online community.

 A look at Aya Stellar’s social media platforms highlight how her creator uses well-curated images and videos to garner the all so valuable followers, likes, and comments. Like any other influencer, the character and values she exudes through her posts have molded her into more than just a popular avatar. Her brand has attracted several partnerships that align with her purpose and interests.    

Aya Stellar Images

The saying ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words’ is particularly true when it comes to social media influencing. The popularity of an online influencer is measured primarily by their ability to connect with the targeted audience through well-curated content. The posted pictures should speak for themselves even without the need for a caption. Notably, Aya Stellar photos do exactly that.

The images on her Instagram and other social media sites tell a clear story; she is an interstellar being with a conscience and is keen on championing for love, unity, and self awareness on Planet Earth. Pushing a narrative of ‘fantasy meets reality’ has not only given her a huge online community, it has also boosted her brand as a multi hyphenate avatar. As a result, Aya Stellar images range from adverts of her NFT art collection to posters of AI-related events. There are also those meant for entertainment and/or updating the public on her journey to and around Planet Earth.

Aya Stellar Videos

Just like her images, Aya Stellar videos have played a crucial role in building her online fanbase. For instance, to announce her arrival on Planet Earth, she posted a captivating clip of herself on an energy spaceship, Merkaba.

She accompanies this video with an inspirational message saying in part, “ A new era is dawning. Its seed has been planted ages ago. Hidden from sight…now is the time for all spirits, humans, and energies to unite, creating  a new realm from inside our hearts, perceiving everything through love…”

This Aya Stellar video alone garnered a large number of views, capturing the attention of humans with an interest in science fiction, future technology, and spirituality. Seeing that this was her first video on Instagram, it was an ideal post to set the tone of her existence. Since then, she has maintained the theme of ‘unity and love between virtual humans and humans’.

Social Media Sites

Social media is a crucial tool for any influencer, whether real or virtual. Seeing that these CGI models have limited physical contact with their fans, the online platforms facilitate steady and impactful connections.

This is the case with Aya Stellar. A look at her social media sites highlight a huge following, with her fans often leaving hearty emojis and friendly comments. Based on the value that social media users place on followers and likes, Aya Stellar has got it all.

In addition to connecting with her followers, Aya Stellar also uses social media to pass vital information to the public. This may be in the form of commercial partnerships, social campaigns, or individual projects.  

Aya Stellar Instagram

Aya Stellar Instagram account is one of her primary social media platforms. On this site, she gives the public snippets of her journey to and within Planet Earth. In a well-organized grid, the team behind her online presence creates a balance between feeding the fans’ fantasy on science fiction and maintaining the company’s vision of promoting compassionate humanity through avatars.

Aya Stellar TikTok

Aya Stellar TikTok page does not exist at the moment. Granted, there is some content on the avatar from other TikTokers. As her brand grows, her creator may consider this platform. For now, one can still interact with the AI model on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.   

Aya Stellar Twitter

Aya Stellar Twitter page has gained a decent number of followers since she joined the site in December 2020. According to her bio, she was born on 2nd February 2000.

Notably, the content on her Twitter page is a mixture of her interests and works. From posting positive quotes like ‘You are beautiful and perfect’ to promoting events the one on BLOCKCHAIN TALKS: AI for Human Good * Digital Nations, her page is loaded with information, inspiration, and entertainment.

Aya Stellar Spotify

Aya Stellar Spotify account has bolstered her brand as a multi hyphenate avatar. Her first single, Riakon has garnered a huge number of streams since its launch in 2021. It will be interesting to see how she evolves as a musician in the mainstream industry.  

Aya Stellar YouTube

Aya Stellar YouTube channel does not exist as an independent entity. Even so, there is a lot of content on the avatar and the company behind her existence. This includes interviews of the Cosmiq Universe’s co-founders on their projects and the overall concept of AI-powered beings.

Aya Stellar Website

Aya Stellar Website does not exist as an independent site. However, her creator has a website that contains detailed information about the company, its avatars, and projects. Through the site, one is able to follow Aya Stellar’s engagements including her music, NFTs, and featured events.

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