Lumi Vtuber

Who is Lumi?

Lumi is a popular VTuber in the English-speaking segment. She decided to be a wolf girl who enjoys playing games, chatting, spreading havoc, and having a lot of fun. Listening to or watching her streams allows us to understand that she is so funny and she is aware of cultural moments in Finland, Europe, America, and even Asia. She shows herself as a smart, open-minded person who can easily to “Awoooo” in the chat just to cheer people up.

Lumi had three debut streams in her career. The first one was when she debuted with a 2D model, the next one was when she debuted with a 3D model, and the last one, so far, was when she joined AstraLine and started working with a cousin, Merryweather. There’s no intel if this person is her real cousin or if they became related digitally. They have a lot of collaborations that exchange their fan bases, introducing new talents.

Igarashi Lumi VTuber

Lumi is a popular VTuber in English speaking segment. She is from Finland but her account was created in Japan by a parental company or anyone else. We don’t have such information. Her account was deployed on October 12, 2020. She has grown it to over one hundred thousand followers. We would like to note that it is such a big result for an unfilleted streamer. Now, she started the second part of her career by joining AstraLine.

The channel has over three hundred videos in the pocket which were watched for over eight million seven hundred thousand times. Lumi not only streams playing content but also sings well and has a very interactive and funny chat where everyone is welcome. Right now, an average video can easily gather the attention of two to three thousand viewers and has over ten thousand comments in the chat.

There’s no membership option for people who follow her and, most likely, this will be fixed in months because membership provides such a big money income for a streamer.

What Does Lumi Look Like?

Lumi’s model looks a bit simplified compared with other VTubers whom we have seen so far. Let’s talk about it in detail:

  • She is a tall lady-wolf with a cheerful and funny face.
  • If we take a closer look we can note a fang in her mouth.
  • She has a noticeable nose compared to other streamers’ models. It makes her look a bit wild.
  • Her eyes are big and beautiful. They are a mix of blue and navy blue colors with black edging.
  • Her big eyelashes are black colored and her brows are grey and almost unnoticeable under her haircut.
  • As a wolf she has big ears on the top of her head with mil-white colored hair inside that covers her ears from cold wind pushes.
  • Her haircut is up to the waist long and she has four big curls of hair where two of them fall over the cheek and the last two up to her bust.
  • She has an hourglass body type with an average waist and big hips and bust.
  • She wears a white-blue fancy blouse that has a classic collar with a big bow.
  • The blouse covers her arms completely, keeping only her hands open.
  • There’s a second layer of the blouse that goes over and looks like a jacket.
  • She wears a short skirt with fancy white edging,
  • There’s a hidden belt with a little fancy bag attached with a sky blue-white flower.
  • She puts on white over-knee stockings and simple blue shoes.
  • He has a beautiful gray-white colored tail.

All of this looks natural for a wolf model because of its applied simplicity.

Lumi Face Reveal

Lumi revealed her face during the “LUMI’S REAL FACE!” stream on Aug 17, 2021, which increased her popularity. The stream was watched over two hundred seventy times for over two years. It gathered not only her fan base but also curious viewers from AstraLine. People cheered her, encouraging her to make open-face streams more often.

The typical comments were:

  • Me: There’s no way for Lumi to be any more cute. RTX Lumi: And I took that personally.
  • I was honestly disappointed, I was expecting her to be an actual giant can of Pepsi Max.
  • The face revival came out of nowhere. It was a very pleasant surprise. It’s nice to see the talent behind the voice/model.
  • Therapist: Lumi isn’t real, you can’t truly love her. RTX Lumi: Allow me to introduce myself.
  • “Wait, you’re telling me that Lumi is a human in real life?”

As we can see, people had a lot of fun, discussing her talent, face revealing facts, having some memes, and chatting with like-minded people and people who appear on the stream occasionally.

Interesting Facts of Lumi VTuber

We have plenty of interesting facts about Lumi as a VTuber. We have gathered the most important of them in the following list:

  • She is a girl who was born in Finland and she keeps living here.
  • Her YouTube account was created in Japan.
  • She streams her content in English, speaking Finnish from time to time.
  • Lumi joined just a year-ago-created AstraLine agency which is under Merryweather’s management.
  • She is a cheerful and enjoying streamer who is completely loved by her community.
  • From time to time she can go wild because of her wolf nature and because it is simply fun.
  • She speaks in a way where she may end the sentence with a wolvish “Awooooo.”
  • Her 2D debut on YouTube was on July 08, 2020, but she started streaming on August 14 only.
  • When Yoolies helped her with 3D model design, she changed her appearance.
  • Another debut stream happened on September 02 when she joined AstraLine.
  • She collaborates with Merryweather often.
  • Her digital friend base includes BungoTaiga, Haruka Karibu, and Takahata.

How Old is Lumi?

There’s no information about how old Lumi is provided. It is not typical for a popular streamer because this can be mentioned in the debut stream. However, as an independent producer, she may have decided not to provide such information to the community. This can be good and bad at the same time. Providing information about the real age can signal to people that the streamer is an adult person and it is allowed to discuss a variety of topics. At the same time, keeping this as a mystery can be a good move because people from her fan base will keep being intrigued.

According to what we heard from streams, she could be from 20 to 28 years old. She lively reacts to information from the chat starting chatting immediately. When she doesn’t pay much attention to on commenting her playing, she answers questions that she likes. Usually, it works well to keep the audience engaged.

Where is Lumi From?

Lumi is originally from Finland but most of the streams she leads are in English. From time to time she speaks Finish or sings songs in Finish to have some fun with the community and prove that she knows the language. There can be various reasons not to provide detailed information about her background because many people can start digging into her personal life and what she is up to on a daily basis. 

A lot of streamers keep working 9-5 or study n the university. This means that extra attention to them can make their life not comfortable and this will be a reason for decreasing the number of streams or overall quality. 

Some of their relatives simply can not tolerate intruding into their lives just to have some fun or receive more information about a streamer. 

Where Does Lumi Live?

Lumi’s channel was created in Japan, but she lives in Finland. There’s no extra data that would inform us about in what city or district she currently lives. We know that there can be several reasons for this. One of them is to keep her privacy at a high level because someone from her fan base can visit her or try to interrupt her daily activities which is not nice at all. To avoid being stalked, it is reasonable not to tell detailed information about her life and if she lives with a partner, parents, or so on.

At the same time, it is rare to see a streamer from Finland, especially if we take into account that she is supported by a Japanese company that created a profile for her on YouTube.

How Tall is Lumi?

Lumi is a tall girl in a digital world. She is 180 cm or 5’9. We don’t know if this is good or bad for the community but she looks completely natural with this height. It doesn’t matter quite much how tall a VTuber is because people focus on her personality, topics for chatting, and other important details.

So, it can be comparable only if she streams with other streamers or male streamers who are actually taller than her. If you want to know why she decided to pick this height, you may ask her on Discord or on any other platform like Twitter. We are not sure that she would like to answer this question.

Anyway, her community is loyal and doesn’t pay much attention to such details, respecting her efforts to entertain them, chatting with them, and having fun.

How Much Does Lumi Make?

There’s no direct answer to this question. We have found a profile of Lumi on vidIQ where we can some details about possible profits. According to it, an overall rate based on an average score based on video view consistency, subscriber-to-views ratio, upload frequency, engagement rates, and channel growth is “A.” The Views rate is “A” when the Engagement rate is C and the Subscribers rate is “A.” 

There is some data about her streams. They were watched for fifty thousand hours. We have a peak of viewers at almost one thousand and seven hundred. There are over five hundred viewers on average. We can find that the whole on-air time is over one hundred.

She plays various games like Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley, Cyberpunk 2077, and others. There’s a mention that estimated income for subscriptions can vary from seven hundred to over two thousand from seven hundred subscriptions.

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