Yorumi Rena Vtuber

Who is Yorumi Rena?

Yorumi Rena is a digital personality who is a part of the NIJISANJI brand that supports with marketing of new streamers. The company consistently seeks talents across all countries but especially from Japan. Yorumi Rena is a Japanese idol, songwriter, gamer, and a person with whom it’s fun to talk. 

She started her career at the age of 15 which is exactly right for being almost adult and started making the right & life-changing decisions. So far, she has been streaming, playing, and performing songs for almost five years. It’s a significant period of time for any VTuber to be involved in streaming. 

She supports the community of her followers on Twitter, asking them a lot of questions in the comments. Yorumi Rena tries her best to answer honestly and quickly. She has a hashtag “#れなの鳥っくあーと” that was designed for creative people to draw fanart on her. This makes her community even stronger and loyal.

Yorumi Rena VTuber

Yorumi Rena is a young VTuber who has a significant experience of almost five years of consistent streaming on YouTube. She works in the fields of gaming and writing & singing songs. She is a proactive person if we talk about her communication with friends, fan base, and people in any social network she presents. 

We don’t have much to talk about her background like if she is a human born on Earth or she was sent to our world to make it better. In any case, Yorumi Rena is an idol, so she follows all classic idol rules in communication and relations with the fan base and other streamers. When for “mommy” VTubers, it is typical to collaborate and “make” kids from that collaboration, for Yorumi Rena is more friend-oriented relationships.

What Does Yorumi Rena Look Like?

We don’t know what the girl behind Yorumi Rena’s profile looks like. This is completely up to her and her mother-company strategy. So, let’s talk about her digital personality and her appearance.

  • As for now, Yorumi Rena can work with two looks.
  • It was designed at the beginning of her career on July 6, 2019.
  • The second part of the changes was on July 6, 2020.
  • She has common anime facial features like an accurate month, almost no nose, and big beautiful eyes of grapefruit color with borders of chestnut color. 
  • Her haircut is split apart on her head and it is colored differently. Her right part of the haircut is white colored with some streams of pink. It is also tied with a ribbon of black color with some additions of pink-purple and blue. Her left side of the haircut is tied by a hairpin of a light-cherry color. The hair color is a mix of black/chestnut colors with some additions of pink-purple of hair strands. There are two strands that lay on her chest and end with black bows with a gold pin. 
  • She puts on a dress with decollete and covered shoulders. From the waist, its color is milk-white with some grey stripes over. There’s a big cherry bow on the right side just a bit low from her neck with stylish black edgings. It has a beautiful cherry belt on the waist with black/chestnut edging with an outstanding pearl buckle. The right side of the bottom side of the dress is milk-white with diamond-styled signs of lightly-grey color. The left side of the dress is black/chestnut colored with much darker diamond-styled signs. She wears long gloves of milk-white color.

Yorumi Rena Face Reveal

Yorumi Rena does not reveal her face and her personality in real life. There could be several reasons to do so.

  • The requirement to hide a face can be a term of the contract between NIJISANJI and the streamer.
  • She may not want to reveal her face because, at this stage of her promotion, this can shift attention from her digital personality and her model to her.
  • Adding some extra accounts on social networks for her personality can switch attention from the main profile which can be a con for the whole business model because not only does she promote accounts of other VTubers but also they invest their effort in promoting her.
  • She is a teenager, so she may have some concerns about how beautiful she is if she needs to post her photos, and if those photos will increase her popularity.
  • Face revealing can be a part of any real-life event like Comicon or any similar venue where the reward can be significant.

Interesting Facts of Yorumi Rena VTuber

Yorumi Rena is an amazing personality that has many cool facts about her mentioned on various platforms.

  • She started streaming, being only a 15-year-old person. It is a young age to start forming a community, having some fun playing games and singing songs.
  • Her design was developed by Arutera and still then it wasn’t changed. Popular VTubers change their appearance from time to time to engage even more audiences. So, she has to spend time developing her new style can include not only clothes but also changing haircuts, adding tattoos, or anything like this
  • Among all social networks, she prefers using Twitter the most. A common post about a stream started can gather from 1000 likes to 4000 likes and from 100 to 1200 reposts. It’s good feedback from her audience of 464,400 followers.
  • She posts her thoughts here to discuss with the fan base all aspects of our daily lives and how we have to handle this. One of the last posts sounds funny “Buy this, buy that, buy that. Wow, that’s a lot.” We are sure that it is a lot because you need a lot of money for all your needs.
  • She promotes streams of other in-house streamers who are part of their company, Nijisanji.
  • She uses cool gifs to promote her merchandise on all social networks including shorts on YouTube.
  • She is Pisces by zodiac sign.
  • She evolved from 2D streams to 3D streams, launching the first one on August 28, 2020.

How Old is Yorumi Rena?

When Yorumi Rena started her journey on July 06, 2019, she was 15 years old. Her birthday is on February 27. This means that she is 20 right now. We believe that it is not such a question that should worry her community because she doesn’t work with any kind of nudes or pin-up content.

Most of her videos are about gaming or songs. She has fun playing games and chatting with people, discussing various news from real life. Alas, Strem Charts and other analytics sites don’t provide information about the games she plays and how many hours on every game she spends during a session or weekly.

This can be a dealbreaker for various spectators of her age because they don’t know what games she plays and how many hours a day. What does the actual schedule look like? At the same time, this con can be a hook because people will start watching the stream to find out what game is streamed.

Yorumi Rena grows with her audience, so it’s a strong connection taking into account that it is a puberty period where kids usually don’t trust their parents to much.

Where is Yorumi Rena From?

Yorumi Rena is from Japan and she is a Japanese VTuber with huge experience. She started streaming almost five years ago. She introduces herself as an idol magician who ascended, but she writes descended, into the digital world. So she lives digitally now to entertain people and her loyal fan base around the world. 

Is this actually important to know where your idol is from? The answer is not that simple. Japanese have a great culture with a lot of great projects released in music, games, and entertainment. So, they could want to watch and listen to “homemade” content. If you don’t understand Japanese, apparently, it would be hard for you to understand songs and communicate properly in the chats. Anyway, the channel keeps showing stable growth.

Where Does Yorumi Rena Live?

Yorumi Rena is a Japanese VTuber who is affiliated with the NIJISANJI brand and works under ANYCOLOR Inc. She started her streaming experience on July 06, 2019. She consistently grows her community and it is over half a million so far. We don’t know details about her travels or in what city she currently lives, but this can be not important compared to the content she produces.

How Tall is Yorumi Rena?

Yorumi Rena’s height is 154 cm or 5’1. There is no information if this height is her real-life one or if it is just for her character. Anyway, she is a teenager, so for those who like tall girls, everything will be possible. Her actual height doesn’t affect her performance in any way. At the same time, we don’t know her weight if someone is interested in this they could ask this question directly.

How Much Does Yorumi Rena Make?

We found some pieces of information about Yorumi Rena’s YouTube statistics. Her overall score which is based on video view consistency, subscribers/views ratio, upload frequency, engagement rates, and channel growth for views – B, for engagement – C, for subscribers – B. The subscriber’s growth is +0.6% for the last 30 days up to 505k. The engagement rate is low. It’s only 4.66%. This means only those people among all the viewers liked videos. The average video view from the last 30 days is 117.97M (+1.45%). An upload frequency is good, 5.75 videos a week. The estimated monthly earnings vary from $1200 to $3500. As an example on March 09, 2024, from 146.881 views she could earn from 102.82 to $308.45. When on March 07, 2024, her videos were watched 28496 times and this helped her to make from $19.95 to $59.84. If we take a short look at Monthly Gained Video Views, we can note that the peak was on April 2023 and after this went back to normal.

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