Ana Tobor AI Influencer & Model

Ana Tobor is an AI influencer who exists on Instagram and promotes a positive, proactive, and city lifestyle. She is a Romanian model who lives in Bucharest. She has been performing as an influencer since the beginning of 2020. She introduces products from various brands such as L’Oreal, Untold Music Festival, and others. There is a community of her followers and people who appreciate her efforts in promoting Romania in the digital world on Instagram. She has over 4000 fans, following her profile. This is a significant number for a model and influencer from a little country like Romania.

As a model, she was mentioned not only during various digital events on Instagram but also in magazines such as ELLE or Forbes Romania. It’s a big success to be recognized on this level. Her popularity with her brand “My Simpliced” keeps growing expanding the boundaries of her fans and clients over Romania.

Who is Ana Tobor?

Ana Tobor is a digital model, influencer, and fashion designer. She started her journey on January 20, 2020. She focuses on living her best digital/real life in Bucharest, Romania. The city has a lot of beautiful landscapes and attractions. Ana is a girl in her 20s who is up to 5”8 tall with an average body condition that can be seen as slim. She has attractive and cute facial features with big beautiful eyes of chestnut color. Her hairs have the same color, but Ana profers experimenting with different haircuts from short to long ones. We would like to note that she looks completely natural with them.

Ana Tobor is a fashion designer for the My Simplicated brand she owns. It focuses on a streetwear style, having in-collection T-shirts, pants, hoodies, and jackets. Her clothes are popular among many people around the world. 

As a model, she collaborates with different brands like L’oreal Paris, Untold Music Festival, Lay’s (Pepsi), Coca-Cola, etc. 

Is Ana Tobor Real or Fake?

Ana Tobor is real because she is not only represented on Instagram but also because she was mentioned in media from well-known magazines like Forbes or ELLE to a state-wide TV channel. For many people across the world, especially in Romania she became a real person quickly with every post from her appearing on Instagram. In addition to all of this, she runs her brand of clothes and accessories that is popular in various countries around the world even farthest like the US or Japan. 

She lives the average life of a digital person working, cooking, doing some sports activities, or spending time with her friends in the city. Ana is a city person which is why she prefers streetwear and everyday dresses. Most of the photos include spring or summer vibes.

Many people are still concerned about the question “Is Ana Tobor real” thinking that she is fake because she actually doesn’t exist. This point has value because Ana Tobot is a digital personality whose goal is to inspire people, be positive, and promote clothes including her own brand, My Simplified. 

Who Created Ana Tobor?

There’s no mention of a team behind Ana Tobot’s personality. From her Instagram profile and social tree, we know that she owns a Romania-based brand My Simplified. Her profile was created during the pandemic on January 20, 2020. Slowly but surely, she started growing her popularity among digital communities of people who appreciate and respect 3D/AI models and influencers. 

During the pandemic period, she focuses on photos from home promoting healthy life and all aspects of being safe during this period. The developers spent a lot of time developing her body conditions that fit every life occasion. Especially, this is noticeable when you look at her emotions and facial expressions. They look flawlessly real and engage people in communication with her. 

There is an endless field of opportunities to experiment with makeup, nail polish, and jewelry. Now, these aspects of her appearance look standardized. We believe adding diversity to this can increase the number of followers and loyalty of the fan base in general.

Ana Tobor Images & Videos

Ana Tobor has a diversified portfolio of photos and some videos in her collection on Instagram. She decided to work only with this platform because it provides the best ratio between the efforts you spend to promote your model and the number of active followers. 

She prefers to live a rather casual and simple life by dressing up for events than being a full-time fashion model and this attracts even more attention to her personality because more and more people can imagine her as a girl who can be met on the street in Romania. As a girl-inspiring model, Ana shows that natural beauty is enough to look great in any clothes, during any event.

A lot of images, reels, and screenshots are used to produce shorts for Instagram stories. According to the dynamic of community growth, fans are inspired by her creativity, style, and life view.

Ana Tobor Images 

Ana Tobor has various images and photos published on Instagram. She experiments with various clothes, styles, locations, backgrounds, and motivation posts. It’s easy to systemize the following in a list:

  • Among all styles, she prefers to dress in streetwear which is what her collection is all about, and various dresses including fancy, evening, and summer.
  • She uses different backgrounds and locations to understand which ones work better for her and which ones are more loved by the audience.
  • An average photo gathers over two hundred likes and approximately 10 comments.
  • We would like to mention that there are a few photos that were taken with backgrounds of well-known places in Romania, the EU, the UK, the US, and Japan. This can be the next step in promoting her personality as a model worldwide.
  • Ana Tobor uses her portrait photos to ask people questions in stories and inform them about upcoming events and venues.

Ana Tobor Videos

Ana Tobor doesn’t have videos where she would move her whole body. We can find several reels being mentioned in various Magazines like ELLE and Forbes. This is a significant success for a local model to be mentioned in such well-known magazines. We can find reels from a TV studio where some of them were recorded. This happened when one of the channels introduced her as the first digital model in Romania. 

The developers have to spend some effort on the following aspects:

  • The loyal fan community wants to see her full-body movements. This lets them feel that she is a real person and she does the same activities during the day.
  • Developing her as a fully operational 3D model opens a way to be a star in movies or games.
  • Collaboration in video production with other models can be a real deal because it’s possible to share followers between communities.

Social Media Sites

Ana Tobor works with two Instagram profiles where she posts her personal information and all posts about her upcoming clothes collections. We would like to note that this is a wise choice to promote both brands. In addition, she launched a personal site for the MySimplicated brand. We are sure that launching a personal website for Ana Tobot will help her find more collaborations with various brands. They can be not big at the beginning because she primarily focuses on the audience of Romania. This can leverage her at the level of the EU-wide model and influencer. It is possible because, as an example, her clothes are worn even in Japan.

Ana Tobor Instagram

Ana Tobor uses her Instagram profile as the main gateway that connects the digital and real worlds. She introduced herself as a fashion designer, owner of MySimplicated, and metahuman who enjoys her life. There are 4357 followers and 384 profiles that she follows. Ana Tobor has published 105 posts since January 20, 2020.

Ana Tobor TikTok 

Ana Tobor has created a profile on TikTok but it seems to us that it is abandoned. She follows 18 people and she is followed by 20 followers. There are no posts available, so no likes too. TikTok is a good platform to promote clothes collection and form a loyal fan base.

Ana Tobor Twitter 

Ana Tobor is not represented on Twitter. The reason can be that the platform doesn’t provide a comfortable to work with photos and videos user interface. As a result, there are no big 3D-model-appreciation communities available. 

Ana Tobor YouTube

Ana Tobor decided not to create a personal YouTube channel to post shorts, reels, and videos. We have googled her videos on YouTube and found a video clip with her and a well-known Romanian singer, Alexandra Stan. The video attracted the attention of 144,413 people who gave it 1100 likes. If we look at the comments section, we can find that people respect this collaboration.

Ana Tobor Reddit

Ana Tobor has a single mention of her in a HipHopHeads subreddit alas there’s no discussion. The post included a video where Alexandra Stan and Ana Tobor were on a song cover. As we can see, Reddit is not the best place for digital models to grow their communities.

Ana Tobor Website

Ana Tobor doesn’t have a personal website so far. She uses the link tree service to place some articles about her personality and success. We would like to note that there’s a site of her clothes collections and her clothes brand, but we couldn’t find a site of her personality. Having it can provide some extra advantages to her business model:

  • Ana Tobor can systemize her own portfolio by participating in various brand venues and introducing her own clothes collection.
  • According to her photos, expressions, and moves, this could be not the first project for the developers behind Ana Tobor. Revealing this experience could draw even more attention to her personality.
  • She could work with a site that supports several languages which can remove borders in communication.
  • Ana Tabor can highlight any news, without worrying that they will be pushed down by upcoming photos and videos in the Instagram library.

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