Best AI 3D Model Generators 2024

Best AI 3D Model Generators 2024

If you are looking for perfect three-dimensional models that are versatile and easy to create, you have come to the right place. In the past few years, 3D models have exploded in popularity due to their use in various industries. Their significance is further enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

One of the vital benefits of artificial intelligence is the generation of 3D models. Gaming, entertainment, and businesses in general find the models lucrative for many reasons. For one, they help provide an immersive experience for audiences by creating life-like characters and environments.  

Due to the precise model creation, a streamlined workflow and enhanced creative output are possible. The AI 3D model generator is an excellent tool that can provide multiple advantages with the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology. 

Animators, designers, and others requiring precise three-dimensional models will find the 3D model AI generator a valuable tool. It helps them showcase their product realistically. Other crucial aspects like evaluation of a project and optimization of the prototype are easier and simpler with the process.

What Is an AI 3D Model Generator?

Accurate and completely detailed models for specific styles or objects can be created easily and efficiently by a 3D model AI Generator. They are sophisticated tools using artificial intelligence to convert text descriptions, sketches, and two-dimensional images into 3D models.  

Why Businesses Need Them

  • They are cost-efficient as they reduce costs incurred for labor, long timeframes, and software investments.
  • When compared to traditional approaches, the use of artificial intelligence ensures quicker, more efficient, and more precise results in a shorter time frame.
  • Due to the versatility of the AI models, their application is diverse and across multiple industries.
  • Eliminates the need for technical expertise allowing individuals with diverse skills to undertake three-dimensional modeling tasks easily.
  • The use of artificial intelligence fosters unique ideas and creative excellence.
  • The process helps in integrating AI technology into existing models resulting in efficient and effective integration.
  • Consistent quality and sustainability are enabled resulting in high productivity and minimal resource wastage.

Top 3D Model AI Generator In 2024

The advancement in the artificial intelligence field has enabled the proliferation of AI-driven 3D models. Among the various options present, finding the best AI 3D model generator can be a daunting task. Here are a few considerations that you need to ensure before deciding:

  1. Understand the needs of your project, the skills you possess, and the software investment you need.
  2. Decide on the accuracy, intricacy, quality, and style of the model you need
  3. Consider whether the generator is easy to use and has the necessary editing tools to customize as per your needs.
  4. Consider the pricing options, presence of additional features, and customer support services offered.

When you consider the above-listed factors, you will be able to narrow down the available options. Finding the right 3D model maker will be easier with the above-mentioned tips. You will be able to ensure workflow streamlining and indulge in your creative potential. Here is a list of the best generators in 2024:


For easy and flexible 3D design Spline is a good choice. It is used by top brands like Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft. Designers find Spline AI easy to work with as it allows real-time collaboration making teamwork effortless and efficient. Feature highlights include

  • 3D modeling that includes polygonal editing
  • Make realistic animated models
  • Create interactive experiences with physics simulations and interactions
  • Include first-person and third-person experiences
  • 3D sculpting to form organic shapes


  • Suitable for newbies and experienced users
  • Efficient three-dimensional design with robust control
  • The 3D AI model Generator enables real-time collaboration


  • Advanced editing features require technical expertise
  • Textured sculpting has limited features

Spline 3D Model Generator AI Pricing

Four pricing packages are present namely basic, super, super team, and enterprise packages. The basic package is free while others are paid and start from $24/month or 1000 AI credits per month with an annual billing facility.

Masterpiece Studio

With a vision to make 3D effortless, Masterpiece Studio AI offers a user-friendly and efficient model designing system. It aims to provide users with over one billion three-dimensional creatives. The company uses sophisticated 3D creation software and is a reputed name in the industry.


  • Helps users integrate AI, create 3D models, and edit them in a streamlined manner
  • Ensures complex designs are accessible and easy to create.
  • Generates 3D from text prompts, images, or videos/
  • Has excellent remix and other editing properties.
  • Effective for app developers and virtual world creators 


  • Three-dimensional designs are limited
  • Cannot be deployed on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Does not have collaboration and VR design elements
  • Has limited support features.

Masterpiece Studio Pricing

Packages for Masterpiece AI, create 3D model range for free plans that are for personal use alone. Paid plans include $19.95 per month or $179.95 per year. The team packages cost $39.95/month. An enterprise and education plan is also present with flexible options and customized plans.

For individuals and organizations looking to create 3D models with AI, RenderPeople offers top- quality scans and a convenient-to-use application. Important feature highlights of this company include

  • Realistic 3D scans and 250 DSLR camera rig
  • Uses material templates that users will find simple and quick to use
  • A huge collection of over 4,500 3D people


  • Allows realistic 3D lighting with natural reflections and shadows
  • Effective in the three-dimensional workspace and fully accurate
  • Performing edits in the materials and textures is easy when you create 3D model with AI.
  • Direct editing can be done instead of post-processing, which takes more time and money.


  • Pricing is high when compared to competitors
  • Free models availability is limited
  • Digital downloads only and no physical products. Pricing

Different pricing packages and discounts are available for RenderPeople customers looking to use AI to create 3D models. Packages are divided into Single Models, Groups & Families, and Bundles. While the first two packages qualify for quantity discount, the Bundles have a separate Bundle Discount. Discounts range from 20% to 30% for the former and up to 35% for the Bundles Discount.

For designers and companies looking to use 3D AI models without prior experience in the technology, is a good choice. The initial 50 models made with AI are free for new users. The service allows efficient and effective transformation of text and 2D images into 3D models. Important features include:

  • Easy to use for users of all experience levels
  • Rapid generation of AI models
  • Compatible across many platforms including metaverse and VR.


  • Users who prefer 3D generation with AI, create model processes easily getting their product to market quickly.
  • Does not require specialist skills or knowledge.
  • Is an affordable solution when compared to conventional 3D modeling methods
  • Provides first 50 3D assets free.


  • The quality is mostly dependent on the input text or image description.
  • Limited product categories Pricing

A free trial that includes 50 AI-generated 3D assets and management is provided. The premium package starts from $0.99 per month. All plans use AI, create 3D model from image, and provide management of the assets. An enterprise plan is present with unlimited assets, support, and access to the Alpha3D API is present.

How Does 3d Model Generator AI Work?

The working process of an AI generator 3D model is simple. Here are the steps involved:

  1. You need to first upload a 2D image or use a text description of a product. 
  2. To create the mode, you can describe the object or scene you need in simple and natural language. 
  3. You can add details like the size, color, shape, texture, and the animation type you want. 
  4. The AI 3D model generator will automatically change the input image or text into a three-dimensional asset. 
  5. You can download the created asset, edit it, and use it instantly. 

How to Use a 3D AI Model Generator?

Using a 3D model AI generator is easy and does not require technical knowledge. Creators can use different methods for the process such as

  1. Converting text: This method helps create 3D models, AI being the core technology used here. Visually appealing content and the creation of prototypes are possible with this process. 
  2. Converting images: Deep learning processes in AI are used to generate 3D representations from images. Texture, depth, and geometry are accurately reconstructed.
  3. Converting video: Artists and designers can create visually appealing 3D environments from video using AI. Video frames are analyzed and given photographic effects resulting in three-dimensional movements.

Each of the above methods can be customized to form virtual assets and environments quickly. Most importantly, these methods use advanced technology but can be handled by individuals with no prior knowledge or expertise in three-dimensional modeling.  Many potential uses are present for this technology such as

  1. Creation of assets in metaverse environments and video games
  2. Formation of realistic and personalized 3D faces can be applied in marketing, education, and other sectors enabling better interactions via AR or VR experiences.
  3. Design product ideas for businesses
  4. Create a virtual representation of industry areas forming potential mock-up models of the workspaces.


The use of AI that can create 3D models provides immense benefits to various sectors that rely on three-dimensional models. Faster, efficient, and accurate model generation is possible with the technology. The ability to create diverse models is very useful in manufacturing and product design. Sectors like education, gaming, and training also benefit from the technology. 

By using the best AI processes companies and individuals without prior knowledge can incorporate the models in their presentations and designs. The various advantages associated with the process make it an ideal choice for innovative collaboration and creative efforts. Try out one of the platforms offering innovative 3D model generation and experience first-hand the enhancement and revolutionary changes they can bring to your business.