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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on everyone’s lips in recent years. One of its applications that are quickly gaining traction is the creation of virtual humans. From a robot who can take commands, creatives are now able to make virtual beings who look like a human, act like a human, and live the life of a human.

Interestingly, even within the industry of virtual humans, there have been some noteworthy advancements. In addition to AI models who market an array of products, some companies are developing their own virtual influencers. Besides, some individuals are also choosing to create their own avatars for an array of reasons. The latter concept is what birthed Satiko AI model.

Her existence is inspired by a Brazilian celebrity, Sabrina Sato. According to the TV host, she sought to reach new audiences and create new experiences. Her decision to create an avatar of herself was further boosted by the statistics showing Brazil as the second largest consumer of virtual influencers worldwide. With that, she acknowledges that opportunities surrounding Satiko AI influencer are endless.

In this article, it will help to analyze the avatar’s images and videos. This will lay the foundation for a discussion on who is Sabrina model and what’s the purpose of her existence.

Who is Satiko?

Satiko is constantly sharing snippets of her everyday life on her social media platforms. From posing for pictures on the red carpet to sunbathing next to her apartment in a bikini, she is constantly showing the glam and mundane aspects of her life. The captivating nature of her social media posts have earned her a huge fanbase and several commercial partnerships. Besides, she describes herself as a public figure and the CEO at P.H. All this begs the question, who is Satiko?

Satiko is a CGI model whose appearance and background is inspired by a human celebrity, Sabrina Sato. In fact, the two influencers have several similarities.

While that is true, Satiko AI model has a life of her own. She is an independent virtual influencer who markets various products, hangs out with friends, and even has her own apartment. Besides, when interacting with her followers, she does so as the Brazilian digital character she is programmed to be as opposed to Sabrina Sato’s avatar. 

AI influencer Satiko first ever Instagram post was on 22nd November 2021 with the caption reading in part, “Not a fan of labels. I don’t fit into predefined settings. I’m a constantly changing being. I adapt as the world evolves Growing and learning all the time…My passion is meeting new people and hearing what others have to say. I enjoy learning and exchange with people. Pleased to you, my name is Satiko!”

Is Satiko Real or Fake?

On her social media platforms, Satiko is seen advertising brands like Aiwa and TRESemme Brasil among others. Besides, she has attended popular events such as a Taylor Swift concert, Rio Carnival, and the 2023 Digital Awards Brasil. So, is Satiko real?

The truth is, she’s not. She might have a huge following of humans online, pass for a real face, live in her own luxurious apartment, attend top events, and hang out with friends, but Satiko fake nature is undeniable.

In fact, the team behind her existence does not hide this fact. On her Instagram bio, she is described as a Brazilian digital character. Furthermore, seeing that she can be in several places at the same time proves that she has been generated in a computer lab.

Nonetheless, her fake nature has not hindered her from having a real connection with her fans. She relates to her followers , especially the younger generation, on various fronts.

On the one hand, there are Gen Zs who are into celebrities’ lives and related events. There are also those who are into a rather subtle lifestyle, enjoy sports like tennis and swimming, like hanging out with friends, and are into a calm day at the beach. Then there are those who are attracted to influencers who are more than just a pretty face and a well toned body. The team of experts behind this avatar have succeeded at ensuring that her social media content, persona, and opinions are relatable to this broad fanbase.

Who Created Satiko?

For those familiar with Brazilian TV host Sabrina Sato, she is exceptionally similar to the popular digital character, Satiko. From their appearance to online content, the two influencers are comparable. This prompts the question, why the resemblance? Who created Satiko?

Yes, Satiko’s existence is inspired by the appearance and life of celebrity Sabrina Sato. This goes as deep as the beauty mark on her forehead and her love for glam fashion. Furthermore, she was involved in building the avatar’s persona. While she wanted an independent model, she was also keen on the creation of an influencer with a personality and physical traits that are similar to hers. She reinforced this aspect that stating, “It is plural, it will be my way of exploring self-expression, unique,cool.”

However, Sabrina Sato is not the avatar’s actual developer. Satiko creator is tech startup, Biobots. 

According to the company’s CEO, Ricardo Taveres, the avatar is their first major project. In an interview with Forbes Brasil, Tavares acknowledged the challenges his team faced in generating an avatar of a well-known celebrity. He indicated, “It was a great challenge, precisely because she is a great personality with very striking characteristics. And the most interesting thing is that right at the beginning we defined that Satiko would be totally different from Sabrina. While she is 40 years old, a mother and married, Satiko arrives with a different lifestyle, being younger and more adventurous”.   

Satiko Images & Videos

As aforementioned, the public figure who inspired the creation of Satiko wanted a being that would have physical traits and a personality that is similar to hers. However, she was keen on ensuring that the model has her own life.

A look at Satiko images and videos indicate that the involved experts succeeded at realizing this goal. In addition to resembling Sabrina Sato, there are endless pictures of the two influencers in a commercial partnership, event, or just hanging out. At the same time, Satiko has her own friends, living in her own apartment, and often markets products by herself.  

Satiko Images

Like any other product being introduced to the market, creators of AI humans seek to generate beings who will be relatable to the public. Seeing that Millennials and Gen Z  are largely the targeted consumer segment, it is crucial for the creatives to find a balance between entertainment and purpose. This means developing a CGI model who will attract the attention of the youth while feeding their desire for purposeful living.

Satiko creator understood this concept since inception; an aspect that has boosted the avatar’s popularity. In one of the initial Satiko images on Instagram, the virtual influencer states, “I wish to encourage you to play towards your goals. I want to see people happy, breaking new paths. I don’t want to be an influencer. My dream is to be an encourager of people”. This post alone has garnered a huge number of likes and comments with her fans sending hearty emojis and lovely comments like ‘wonderful’ and ‘it’s being very encouraging’.  

There are numerous Satiko photos of her advertising for brands and showing off her glamorous lifestyle. However, as aforementioned, she also has many pictures of her being an ‘encourager of people’ rather than an influencer.

In one of the pictures pinned above, she champions for inclusivity of the LGBTQIA+ community. On it, she is wearing a top with the community’s flag colors with the caption reading in part, “Let’s remember that love knows no barriers and that everyone has the right to be who they are…”

Satiko Videos

Satiko videos bear a similar theme to her photos; one of a young Brazilian female who is a combination of beauty, style, and positivity. In one clip she is inspiring the youth to aim higher, in another she is dancing to a Beyonce song. Whether she is in a glamorous event or doing the everyday human activities, she is a social media influencer that most young people would want to interact with or emulate.

In a Satiko video pinned above, the avatar gives her fans a tour of her ultramodern apartment. In fact, there are a couple of such clips on her social media platforms. The ability of such videos to capture the attention of the public, especially the younger generation, is founded on the fact that most youths aspire to have a steady life. A nice home in an equally nice neighborhood is a key desire for most of them, thus they can relate with Satiko through her house tour videos.

Social Media Sites

Real or virtual, social media is crucial to all influencers. In fact, a look at both Satiko and Sabrina Sato’s online presence substantiates this assertion. Individually and collectively, they have built a brand that has captured the attention of the public and brands in equal measure.  

To reach these heights, the involved team of experts has made sure that their social media platforms comprise well-curated images, videos, and captions. The content tells the story of the avatar’s character, interests, background, and engagements.

Satiko Instagram

Satiko Instagram page is one of her major social media platforms. As expected from a typical influencer, she posts snippets of her life; both the glamorous and the mundane. The result is a relatable virtual human with a huge following, influence in the society, and several commercial partnerships.

Satiko TikTok


Quando a música é boa, a gente se arrisca! 🎶💃 A aula de hoje foi ao som da nova música do @JÃO e @Anitta. Quem mais adora dançar? 💜 #dance #fy #tiktokavatars

♬ Pilantra – Jão & Anitta

Brilho Lamelar de @TRESemmé fazendo o meu cabelo brilhar mais que uma estrela de Hollywood! ✨ Honrada e feliz em fazer parte dessa campanha linda ao lado da @sabrinasato.

♬ som original – SATIKO

TikTok is known for fun short clips of its users dancing, singing, or engaging in comedy. Satiko TikTok account exudes this vibe even as she maintains her persona. Just like in other social media platforms, there are several clips of her and Sabrina Sato advertising products or just hanging out.

Satiko Twitter

Since joining the site in November 2021, Satiko Twitter page has garnered a decent following. Just like in her other social media platforms, she has numerous pictures of her in events, hanging out, or advertising products with Sabrina Sato. Evidently, the celebrity’s lifestyle is imprinted on her avatar.  

Satiko YouTube

Satiko YouTube account does not exist at the moment. However, there are some content creators who’ve posted details on the virtual influencer. As she evolves and her brand expands, perhaps her creator will consider this site.

Satiko Website

At the moment, Satiko website does not exist. Nonetheless, one can still interact with the virtual influencer on other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. With time, the team behind her existence may consider this platform.

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