Kizuna AI Vtuber

Who is Kizuna AI?

Kizuna AI is a pioneer of digital streaming on platforms such as YouTube. She started her career in 2016, being among the first generation of VTubers. She is a girl from Japan who is curious about everything new, talking to people, chatting, singing, traveling, and playing computer games. In 2019, she joined the upd8 agency which helps her with the promotion of her goods, selling merchandise, and scheduling various events. 

During those years she hosted various shows and participated in many more events and collaborations. After finishing her collaboration with Activ8, she graduated and kept running her own career. 

Kizuna AI decided to stop streaming in 2022. The company behind this project announced an upcoming anime about her. Those two seasons showed that the rate of them is below average.

Kizuna AI VTuber

Kizuna AI is a popular VTuber and the second digital personality to reach three million followers on YouTube. For many years she has focused on two fields. She streamed chatting, talking, and having fun on her main channel when the second channel was completely about playing games.

She participated in various collaborations, charity streams, and music contests which showed that her community is loyal to her interests, personality, and hobbies. She grows as a personality showing love and care to everyone.

There were four looks designed for different occasions. Two main ones are for streaming from the main channel and for playing games. Another two for Birthday occasions and Merry Christmas. His design was developed by En Morikura who provided a concept and Tda who supported her with modeling. 

What Does Kizuna AI Look Like?

We would like to answer the most common question after checking all her activities: “What Does Kizuna AI Look Like?”

  • Kizuna AI looks like a girl of sixteen years old with a proper complexion but with a little bit big bust.
  • She has a cute face with an accurate anime-styled nose.
  • She has big blue-green eyes with black eyelashes and black brows. 
  • There are two types of haircuts brown long and brown short hair with some pink locks of hair.
  • She wears a big hair hoop with two bunny ears on the top.
  • Kizuna AI has five pieces of appearance where only two look a bit familiar.
  • Her main style includes an open-shoulder shirt of the gray-white color with some pink and gold features shorts of gray-white color with black cuts and a black belt.
  • She wears long stockings with black lace edging and two pink stripes on the feet with light-black toes.
  • She wears finger-free long gloves with lace edging on both sides.
  • There’s another version that was designed for gaming. She wears a collar with a heart and headphones of black with a mix of pink and white colors.
  • She wears a gray-white open-shoulder top with pink & black edging.
  • There’s an azure short jacket with a zipper and white lining and some pockets.
  • She wears light-black shorts with pink straps with a leather box attached to the belt.
  • She puts on cool sneakers of azure color with white shoe toes and white strips around the ankle.
  • There’s a Happy Birthday dress which looks flawless. It starts as a fitted dress with heart-shaped support for the bust and ends as shorts with big fabric “wings” attached to her waist. They are gray-white colored from the outside and pink colored with blue and yellow triangles inside. There’s a pink-black ending outside. 
  • She wears a garter belt heart-featured from metal on her left leg.
  • She puts on stylish gray-white, shoes with a little heel with black edging and pink lining.

Kizuna AI Face Reveal

Kizuna AI for a long period of time avoided revealing her face for many reasons. Usually, this is involved in various aspects of security. All popular streamers have not only positive experiences from being connected with the audience but also some negative or even creepy experiences when a person can be shaded, stalked, or interrupted from daily life. That’s why many streamers including Kizuna AI preferred to keep the relationships with the fan base and followers in a digital way.

Anyway, a lot of folks from her fan base suspected that Kasuga Nozomi could be an actress behind the digital personality of Kizuna AI. After a significant period of time she made a post on Twitter on April 24, 2020, that this was right. “I am involved with Kizuna AI Co., Ltd. as an advisor, and I am able to help my beloved Kizuna AI-chan, who has incorporated my voice! Although I am working hard in my own activities, I will do my best to help Kizuna Ai-chan and the Kizners with all my heart! Thank you.” On the Kizuna AI account, this information was posted four minutes before.

Interesting Facts of Kizuna AI VTuber

We have to talk a lot about Kizuna AI personality and the content she produces. She is a talented person from Japan who streams chatting, communicating with followers, and playing games.

  • Kizuna AI was one of the first generation of Virtual YouTubers who started her career eight years ago.
  • She can gather around herself up to three million followers on YouTube.
  • Kizuna talks about a lot of topics she is interested in.
  • She is a good singer with some songs released on YouTube.
  • Her appearance was changed several times shows that she is a great character to invest in.
  • Her profile was created a long time ago, in October-December 2016.
  • In 2017, she decided to split content between her Main channel and Game channel
  • She was part of an upd8 agency that manages some of her money activities like merchandise and so on.
  • The last video “Hello, world 2022” was attempted by over 1000 virtual friends.
  • There was an announcement of the production of Kizuna AI anime.
  • Anime was released on April 02, 2023, under the name “Kizuna no Allele.”
  • There were many collaborations, invitations, and appearances during those years.

How Old is Kizuna AI?

Kizuna AI would like to be a young girl of sixteen years to avoid any dirt or harassment toward her personality. Her digital age is eight years so far. In real life, she was born on June 30. This means that she is Cancer according to Zodiac Sign. This means in ten years she become a digital adult. It’s a pure way to build a healthy community with her fan base.

Growing a community this way shows what accents Kizuna AI wants to focus on. As for a young girl, she is aware of a lot of cultural events and holidays in Japan. This shows that she can be actually more mature than she wants to people think about her.

Where is Kizuna AI From?

Kizuna AI is a girl from Japan who streams playing games on one channel uploading music videos and chatting to another one. Being Japanese makes her a person who knows a lot about culture specifics like news, celebrities, events, and venues of pop culture like ComiCons, deep knowledge of various masterpieces in different genres of anime and manga.

She formed a big fan base around herself who appreciated her a lot and were ready to follow her on any platform she pointed out. Kizuna AI is a strong influencer who, even being absent for a short period of time, can ask people to wait for her appearance. This strong bond is a good reason for any streamer to build a carrying about each other community.

Where Does Kizuna AI Live?

It is a challenge to answer the question “Where Does Kizuna AI Live?” for sure. Her account was created on March 14, 2017, on YouTube in Japan. There are a lot of descriptions written in Japanese where she explains what this channel is up to, what content she is going to stream, and what the main schedule is for all streams every week.

There’s a lot of content introduced in Japanese and English to catch a much wider audience of people from around the globe. There’s information provided that Kizuna AI took a break in her streaming experience but we are still allowed to watch any uploaded videos without restrictions.

There are no big explanations about why she decided to stop streaming and spend more time for real life, relatives, and other activities.

How Tall is Kizuna AI?

Kizuna AI is 156 cm or 5’1. This means she is a short girl, but she is insanely cute. This tallness represents her digital personality really well. People are attracted by her voice, overall cuteness, and all kinds of positive vibes.

Among other streamers, she is not that tall. Other girls are 5’4-5’6 usually. We sought any kind of explanation as to why she decided to set her height to this and could not find any answer.

How Much Does Kizuna AI Make?

Kizuna AI runs several channels like A.I. Channel and A.I. Games where is different content placed. AI Games channel was ranked as “B-” compared with other familiar channels. It is so far from being the top profile for people who would like to watch game streams. It is almost top 98% of the channels which places it at 1219th spot. If we look at video views rank, there’s information that it is top 97.6% which allows it to be top 85,880. The country rank shows that AI Games is in 244th place, being top 99%. Among other games, the channel is placed in the 726th spot which is 97.2%. 

As far as we see, the channel lost approximately 10,000 subscribers in the last 30 days. Average monthly earnings are from twelve to almost two hundred dollars a month. We believe that this data is not quite accurate, because it is actually too low for a channel with 1.4 million subscribers. During the last month, all videos were watched almost forty thousand times which is twelve percent less than during the previous period of 30 days. An average view count is approximately one thousand a day which is not a lot.

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