Amano Serafi Vtuber

Who is Amano Serafi?

Amano Serafi is a VTuber who was associated with V&U company. She becomes the second generation ”Solstice.” The company is based in Korea and it provides agent services for VTubers from another world. They work with different releases of VTubers under various nicknames: Symphoria, and SolStice which includes Amano Serafi, Oracle, HelloLand, and Triple A Club which will be launched on March 16, 2024.

Amani Serafi’s YouTube channel has subscriptions that vary by price: $2.99 for a Preacher, $4.99 for a Priest, $14.99 for a Prophet, and $29.99 for Jesus God. All subscribers automatically receive various badges in front of their names and they are allowed to use a special pull of emojis. 

We can subscribe to other projects of V&U and the company’s profile directly from the page of Amano Serafi. We would like to note that if we start rating these projects by followers: the lowest is Penelope Wiseman Ch. V&U with 15.400 subscribers and the biggest is Kagekiri Maeve Ch. V&U with 45.200 subscribers. Amano Serafi with 32.600 is on the top of this rate.

Amano Serafi VTuber

Amano Serafi is a young VTuber who created her own channel over a year ago on January 27, 2023. It has been growing to 32.600 subscribers since then. There are uploaded 211 videos where we can find shorts among them. A regular video of performing a karaoke song gathered 2400 views and only 375 likes. She has to promote liking the channel more frequently during a stream to push her channel in YouTube’s suggestion list. During this karaoke session, she sang: Die in a Fire, Thriller, Somebodys Watching Me, Spooky Scary Skeletons, Warriors Call, Monster Mash, GhostBusters, Addams Family, Bring Me to Life, Bad Romance, Dark Horse, Paint it black, Through the fire and the flames, Baracudda, Love Rock and Roll, Nightmare, All I want for christmas is you, and The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country.

Amano Serafi has a great background as an angel outcast who was sent to Earth to punish sinners. All her behavior, character traits, and appearance work toward this goal. She acts funny, stubborn, and completely free from any dogmatism. Her model was designed cool and it has many noticeable features. She has beautiful white-blue wings and a light blue nimbus over her head. She puts on a short street dress with decolte and a black jacket which she likes to pull fully only on the right shoulder. She prefers walking in high-heeled boots with stockings. 

She grows her community slowly but surely, reaching a 30,000 followers milestone within the last year.

What Does Amano Serafi Look Like?

Amano Serafi looks like an amazing and cute girl of something like 15-20 years old if we don’t consider her mentioned age of 5024 years. She a female personality who is proactive and positive during streams. According to her voice, she can be 20-25 years old. She is an angel who was demoted from Heaven to our planet to punish all sinners. 

Amano Serafi’s skin tone is white. Her facial features look cute and just a bit teenage. Amano Serafi has a bit of blush on her cheeks. Her beautiful eyes are green-colored with some shades that go from green to black. Her hair color is shifting from white to blue in different mixes. Ыhe has a white heart-shaped curl sticking out. The wings behind her shoulders are white-blue. In addition, her right eyelid is pink-red while the left one is pink-red-blue.

Her appearance includes four stars that look like a tiara over her forehead. They are white in color with blue borders. Amano Serafi has a well-detailed blue nimbus over her head which is geometrically shaped. She wears an open-shoulder short dress of milk-white color with a black belt and blue Batman-shaped edging over the bust.

She wears a black, spiked collar that is chained with circles on the belt. Several chains go across her waist from the left to the right. 

Amano Serafi Face Reveal

Amano Serafi didn’t reveal her face. This can lead to good and bad possibilities in the future:

  • This can be a pro not to reveal a face and not to shift the community’s attention toward a real personality.
  • Also, hiding face can be a requirement from the V&U company.
  • Most likely, she is from the United States because her account was created on YouTube from there.
  • She is kind of a young streamer who didn’t perform in many real-life or online collaborations. So, she will have enough time to meet someone from this field in real life.
  • We don’t know for sure if her digital appearance and facial features mirror hers in real life.
  • As we mentioned before, She works through V&U company, so they must know her personality before investing some marketing power into the promotion of Amano Serafi’s streams.
  • Most likely, there will be an event like Comicon to reveal her personality or “revealing” stream. This will help to increase the number of followers on all platforms.

Interesting Facts of Amano Serafi VTuber

Amano Serafi has many interesting facts about her that we can find in her streams and fans’ notes that were united into her Wiki profile.

  • She insisted that she was several thousand years old. It was fun to figure out that she is 5024.
  • She belongs to the second generation “Solstice” of V&U.
  • Her nickname is Sera.
  • She was born under the Capricorn zodiac sign.
  • She came to Earth from Heaven to push all sinners. “Hide your browsing history boys!” So, how can this be real?! That is funny.
  • Amano Serafi received two core character traits stubborning and rebelling. That is ridiculous because Angels must be obedient, not rebelling. 
  • She can be mean from time to time but this never challenges her cuteness.
  • On the streams, she uses the UwU emoji often supporting it with her cute voice.
  • The song “Tot Musica” just several days after the launch of her YouTube and Twitter profiles.
  • In approximately half a year, her YouTube has grown from 10,000 to 30,000 followers in 2023.
  • There was a poll on Twitter about how Amano Serafi’s fanbase should be called. They voted for sinners.
  • She has a mascot of a winged sheep. She called it “P.O.O.T.” or Percival Ovis Oculum Tudd.
  • She doesn’t like humans and she is a lazy person.
  • Amano Serafi uses a baseball bat full of spikes which she owned after someone in the fight.
  • She is an energetic and quite loud person.
  • Her favorite color chema includes various mixes of blue, black, and purple.
  • She likes playing video games and watching anime.
  • As an angel who introduces the bad side, she likes bullying and teasing.

How Old is Amano Serafi?

Amano Serafi claimed that she is 5024 years old. So, she is an adult person who can be both: nice and mean. On her stream, she acts like a girl in her twenties, having fun with people in the chat and other streamers.  

Where is Amano Serafi From?

Amano Serafi as a crater is originally from the United States. She didn’t disclose details about her location or where she is actually living. This can be a pro and a con at the same time. Without mentioning the location, she can be a person who works worldwide without boundaries. She speaks several languages where English, Spanish, and Japanese are among them. So, she can be from the US, Japan, or any Spanish-speaking country in North or Latin America.

Where Does Amano Serafi Live?

We don’t have confirmed information about where Amano Serafi lives. According to the YouTube profile, the account was created in the United States on January 27, 2023. It is hard to predict without asking directly if she lives there and in which state and if her digital personality, Amaano Serafi, lives there. Amano Serafi’s location can be anywhere because she can travel digitally wherever she wants.

How Tall is Amano Serafi?

Amano Serafi has an average tallness among people in real life and models across the streaming platform. She is 5’4 or 162 cm according to her profile on Wiki. There are no extra explanations for that choice. The first reason can lay in the fact that it is her actual tallness and she just decided to move with it ahead without changing it to feel comfortable. Another reason can be that she likes to act cute like a good girl who has some fun. That is why she covers the expectations of boys as part of the fans to be tall enough to let boys be taller. Anyway, it is hard to predict this for sure, if you want to know, you would be better to ask for this information directly.

How Much Does Amano Serafi Make?

We can’t say for sure how much Amano Serafi makes. There’s no information about Amano Serafi on sites like Stream Chart. We can be sure that these numbers aren’t high because the YouTube profile has only 32,600 subscribers. It is not such a desirable result, taking into account that there are 211 videos uploaded. 

The average number of stream watchers is between 2000 and 3000. So, for now, it’s hard to monetize rewards from YouTube and Twitch to cover your life expenses. Anyway, the project keeps growing and in a year or so, the number of subscribers can be over one hundred if we keep the current dynamic. 

The price for joining a channel as a member costs $2.99 a month for a Preacher, $4.99 a month for a Priest, $14.99 for a Prophet, and $29.99 for Jesus God. The packages vary by loyalty badges and custom emojis in the chat. We wish this streamer the best of luck in growing the community because she is funny and her voice is amazing. 

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