Candice Klubb AI Influencer & Model

On Instagram and other social media pages, we come across Candice Klubb, an AI Influencer & model with a substantial following on social media. Featuring stunning beauty and an enhanced sense of fashion, Candice Klubb AI model has been in existence since 2019. Since then, she has captivated both social media enthusiasts and the industry by proving that AI influences work.

Candice Klubb AI influencer has wholly transformed how brands interact with their audiences by ensuring that she continuously produces quality content. The model has appeared in Mercedes Benz Russian Fashion Week, among other models such as Kim Zulu, Aliona Pole, Serah Reikka, and Ivaany. Like other AI influencers, Candice Klubb has remarkable features with expertly endowed body parts and complexion, making it hard to differentiate whether she is virtual or real.

Candice and Bambi also showcased Be.Li. Ve’s new offering – the Fall/Winter 2020 collection titled Concrete Jungle. As Candice Klubb AI model continues to captivate audiences worldwide, her impact on AI modeling and the future of influencers cannot be ignored. Compared to the human influencers, Candice Klubb’s capabilities and robot features allow her to overcome most challenges. Here is a detailed look at the world of Candice Klubb model/ influencer, and her success in AI modeling.

Who is Candice Klubb

So, who is Candice Klubb? Candice Klubb AI model is a virtual influencer featured on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, Elle Portugal/China, Harpers Bazaar Vietnam/Russia, among others. Originally from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, this model first appeared on July 18, 2019. Candice Klubb AI model and Bambi recently teamed up to deliver their debut digital collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Russia. 

This digital collection is created in collaboration with AliExpress. AI influencer Candice Klubb uses her unique sense of fashion to generate content appealing to her followers. Some of her outfits include lovely dresses, bikini, singlets, tops, and fashionable jackets, among others.

Apart from her influence, she is famous for some of the comments she has made on Instagram. For instance, in one of her posts, she asks her audience about their thoughts on her blue hair, which she quickly says is not permanent. She also asks about her earrings. By introducing an unmatched sense of fashion and unique but near-real dresses, Candice Klubb’s life is changing the AI modeling industry.

Is Candice Klubb Fake or Real

Candice Klubb, an AI Influencer & model, cannot be considered a real person since she doesn’t have a tangible body. She also does not exist in the physical world but only operates as a virtual being in the confines of computer-generated systems. Another aspect that proves she is AI generated is her minimal engagement on social media platforms or her lack of physical presence, maybe through an interview.

On Instagram, for instance, she doesn’t reply to any comments made by fans, revealing her fake nature. Plus, there is no information at all about her family, past life, friends, or even colleagues. Having a virtual profile of Candice Klubb fake without meaningful connections also speaks volumes about her unreal nature. Although she doesn’t have a physical presence, her impact goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Despite her fake nature, Candice Klubb real presence can be felt. She can behave or even dress the way she wants. Whether she wants to act as a Halloween who is bloodthirsty or an innocent, beautiful lady, the choice is hers. With these capabilities, she can easily adjust to any role. Although all these point to the fact that Candice Klubb is fake, she has a bright future, given that she has already appeared in events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. With her potential in entertainment, technology, or beyond, she is bound to succeed in the modeling and entertainment world.

Who Created Candice Klubb

So, who created Candice Klubb? Candice Klubb was created by Klubb Visuals, a company owned by Lucas Klubb. Lucas’s work is all about experimenting with concepts and new technologies. The creator has a passion for creating inspiring content and uses contrasting themes to enrich the content. A Melbourne-based company, the owner believes in questioning the established and turning the tables.

Once Lucas Klubb realized that there was a gap in the market and with a creative mind and graphic design skills, he started Klubb Visuals to offer online marketing solutions for brands. Besides his passion for 2D and 3D graphic design forms, Lucas focuses on filter-making, CGI avatar creation, and commercial graphic design. Klubb says he works with 3D avatar visuals, which are the most popular, as well as Instagram filter creation. 

He is inspired by underground 3D artist culture, which has its own aesthetic and set of rules. He also takes inspiration from core internet niches and technology themes as a whole. By mixing technology and artistry, Lucas has succeeded in giving life to a virtual being, roles only previously played by human models. For instance, it was not expected that Candice Klubb could turn out to be a powerful, bold, and confident virtual model known for her serious expression and sleek catwalk. 

Over time, Candice Klubb pictures and videos featured an impressive engagement with her followers. Lucas Klubb, Candice Klubb creator has also managed to showcase an extensive collection of garments such as Dainty Bralette, which has boosted the collaboration between the fashion and technology industries. She has also used her influence on audiences who now aspire to emulate her in the social media space.

Candice Klubb Images & Videos

Whether fake or real, one of the factors that make a model stand out is images and videos. Every influencer who wishes to succeed cannot ignore the importance of images and videos. 

Candice Klubb displays beautiful visuals and images that effectively showcase the different products. Tagging herself as @candice klubb and supported by various photos on Instagram, Klubb Visuals displays Candice’s personality and facial expressions that make her appear near real. Since Lucas has the ability to create and understand visual content, he effortlessly uses the images to give the model a human-like presence. 

Candice Klubb Images

Like human models, AI influencers’ images feature real face photos. Candice Klubb images involve provoking poses and offer a glimpse into the changing world of virtual influencers. The pictures, some of which have been posted on Klubb Visuals’ Facebook page, are so vivid that you are likely to believe they are real model photos. It is often said that a picture truly is worth a thousand words. This is because they create a profound connection between artificial intelligence and the human experience. 

By employing different strategies, Lucas Klubb has succeeded in making the images more appealing. Some strategies used include engaging captions, color schemes, and beautiful garments. Candice Klubb photos also serve as a source of fashion for her followers. In fact, on one of Klubb Visuals’ Facebook pages, they’ve advertised a virtual garment that most of the audience would love to own. There’s also this photo featuring Candice Klubb dressed in flannel and denim apparel with the caption, ‘What side do you prefer, flannel or denim?’

Overall, the images not only make her followers relate more with her brand but also help build deeper connections with them.

Candice Klubb Videos

Candice Klubb is yet to post any videos on her social media accounts. Compared to images/photos, which are static, videos possess motion and sound that always breathe life into the AI model. Since videos also tell a story, they would allow Candice Klubb to effectively pass information. Alongside these, videos could have also transformed the connections between the influencer and followers and left them with a lasting mark.

Remember, in the crowded world of modeling, the importance of Candice Klubb videos lies in their ability to entertain, boost engagement, and improve connections. That said, Candice Klubb has been tagged in a couple of videos, including the ones digitized by Graphic designer, Digital Mary, who digitized her real clothing. From the number of views attracted, we can conclude that videos are quite engaging. Going forward, we expect Lucas Klubb to incorporate at least a Candice Klubb video in his future creations, given that the influencer is just a few years old.

Social Media Sites

With today’s advancement in technology, social media platforms such as Instagram, X, Reddit, and Twitter stand out as the leading platforms of engagement. With this engagement, models can boost their visibility while increasing their audience. 

Due to the dynamic nature of social media, Candice Klubb has managed to develop an interactive relationship with her audience. She has also used social media to interact with her audience and convince them to buy certain products or adopt a particular lifestyle. While she has been in the public for only a few years, she has managed to gain an audience, thanks to social media.

Candice Klubb Instagram

On Instagram, Candice Klubb is a virtual AI model who captivates her followers with unique, beautiful photos, apparel, and captions. Just three years old and with eight posts, Candice Klubb Instagram has already amassed a substantial following. She has also maintained connections with some users who regularly engage her.  

Candice Klubb TikTok

Unlike other AI Influencers, Candice Klubb TikTok is non-existent. But this doesn’t mean you cannot connect and follow her. You need to check out her other social media accounts to get more information about her or access her content. 

Candice Klubb Twitter

Unfortunately, Candice Klubb Twitter doesn’t appear anywhere on the internet. Those who want to connect can, therefore, engage her on other platforms. In the alternative platforms, the audience can enjoy a captivating realm of fashion and style with unique apparel, including flannel, denim, Burberry Fair, singlet, and more.

Candice Klubb YouTube

Up to now, there’s no Candice Klubb YouTube channel online. This means those who want to engage her can stay connected through other social media platforms. With a regular stream of photos, posts, and comments, the audience can engage with her in real-time.

Candice Klubb Reddit

Since Candice Klubb Reddit account is yet to be created, followers who are eager to engage or know more about her can choose other alternatives. With social media platforms such as Instagram and websites such as Klubb Visuals and, they can easily explore everything about her. It’s also essential to continuously check out the Reddit community for any development or update on the model.

Candice Klubb Website

While Candice Klubb website doesn’t exist, followers can visit,, or Instagram page to discover more about her. Plus, the audience can get information about her partnerships, thus giving them room for further exploration.

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