Mysta Rias VTuber

Who is Mysta Rias

Mysta Rias was a virtual YouTuber (VTuber) affiliated with Nijisanji. He was part of Luxiem, which is Nijisanji EN’s first wave of male VTubers. Other members in this unit are Ike Eveland, Luca Kaneshiro, Shu Yamino, and Vox Akuma.

Mysta Rias VTuber was described as a detective from the past whose eccentric nature stood out. Besides, he was portrayed as an inborn genius capable of solving various mysteries.

In this description and throughout the article, he’s largely talked about in the past tense. This is because he has since graduated. In the world of VTubing, a graduation has nothing to do with the talent’s academic progress. It is a special way of saying that the VTuber has left the agency. In the case of Rias, he purportedly solved all the mysteries in the city and felt it was time to move on to another city.

 Mysta Rias real name is not known. However, among his fellow VTubers and fans of this mode of content creation, he is popular.

As at the time of writing, his YouTube channel has over a million subscribers with the total views being over 90 million. Similarly, he has over a million followers on Twitter. His presence on Twitch and TikTok is also undeniable. Besides, while he is not officially on Discord and Instagram, several creators have content related to his existence. This is an indication that his fans focused less on Mysta Rias real identity and more on his works and the character he embodied.

Mysta Rias VTuber

As aforementioned, Mysta Rias VTuber left Nijisanji in 2023. Indeed, it is one of the aspects that has created a buzz around his name for a while now.

Prior to this announcement, he was popular and connected with an enormous crowd on various social media platforms. However, news on his graduation took  the popularity up a notch. His graduation live stream, which was his last stream and lasted for over 10 hours, garnered millions of views.

Interestingly, he announced his graduation before Nijisanji made the official announcement. In a live stream titled, ‘Let’s Catchup in Life!’ on 23rd July 2023, the VTuber indicated that the news was not a clout-chasing move. He stated, “I’ve solved all the mysteries and problems in this city, and I’m moving to another one. I haven’t felt the drive for, I don’t even know how long man…My candle has been burned all the way down to the base, and it’s been at the base for half a year.”

On their part, Nijisanji ‘s official statement on Twitter read in part, “We hereby announce that the NIJISANJI EN Liver Mysta Rias will graduate from NIJISANJI EN on August 27, 2023, JST.”

In terms of the protocol to be followed, the agency indicated that “after August 27, 2023, Mysta Rias will cease all Liver activities, his YouTube Channel, Twitter, and other social media accounts will be made private, and the sale of merchandise and voice contents will be stopped gradually.”

True to the announcement, the public cannot access posts on his Twitter page. Trying to do so prompts a notification indicating, “These posts are protected”. Granted, as at the time of writing, one can still view clips on his YouTube and TikTok Accounts.

What Does Mysta Rias Look Like?

Whether on his digital content, fanart, or cosplay costumes, he has a signature look. In the absence of an official Mysta Rias face reveal, it is hard to tell what he looks like in real life. However, his look as a VTuber consists of a white and orange hat that resembles a fox. On it are two orange ears, a tiny black dot for a nose, two larger orange dots for the eyes , and teeth on the base of the hat. On each cheek, highlighted in orange, are three silver spikes.

Underneath this unique hat is a chin-length flipped bob in a greyish blonde color. His blue eyes tucked behind round orange sunglasses are yet another defining feature. To further shape his hexagon face, he has thinly shaped eyebrows and upper canine teeth that are longer than the rest of the set.

In terms of his outfit, Mysta Rias VTuber is identified by his long white coat that he places over his shoulders. The piece has a black lining and black details on the sleeves and shoulders. Underneath it is a white pair of pants with orange details around the pockets.

He pairs it with an orange shirt that has multiple shades of brown and orange on it and silhouettes of dogs on the left side. To complete the look, he accessorizes with a black belt, black choker, black gloves, white and black shoes, and black  and orange socks.  Perhaps Mysta Rias irl has some resemblance to the VTuber described in this article.

Mysta Rias Face Reveal

The essence of VTubing is creating a character who has a different life, interests, and personality from their creator. This means that there is Mysta Rias VTuber and Mysta Rias irl. There probably are some similarities between the two entities. However, they are independent characters.

Seeing that he has already left Nijisanji, there likely will not be an official Mysta Rias face reveal. That makes it difficult to compare how he looks within and outside the craft.

 Having said that, it is evident that his connection with his fans was not founded on the attractiveness of Mysta Rias real face. Instead, it was founded on the character he embodies; an outspoken and funny individual who is a natural-born genius. In addition to his personality, his interesting live streams and captivating music also captured the attention of a huge audience from across the globe.

Interesting Facts of Mysta Rias VTuber

  • His first original song, Detect My Love rose to 5th position on the Billboard Trending Songs Chart.
  • He has a couple of nicknames including Mysta Beast, Grandpa, Dog Boy, Bo’om, and Mold Man.
  • Among his likes is sleeping, Rom-com manga/anime, rhythm games, and being stepped on.
  • Some of his dislikes are social meetings, cleaning, exercising, bubble tea, and moving around.
  • He was the 2nd Nijisanji EN VTuber and 6th Nijisanji Liver to reach one million subscribers on YouTube.
  • His fans were called Mystakes; stemming from the words ‘Mysta’ and ‘mistakes’.
  • He is half-Filipino, half-British.
  • While his parents are able to speak Ilocano, he’s not.
  • In the past, he strived to supress his Cockney accent.
  • He was diagnosed with ADHD.
  • While little is known of his dating life, he identified as bi-curious before changing to bisexual.
  • He has two cats called Tom and Jerry, and two dogs called Cloudy and Dusky.

How Old is Mysta Rias?

In general, a young content creator is able to relate with Millenials and Gen Z with ease. This explains why most agency-affiliated VTubers are in their teens or 20s. The entertainment companies understand this concept all too well and are keen on maintaining talents whose lifestyle, interests, and way of thinking is similar to the targeted audience. So, how old is Mysta Rias irl?

Mysta Rias age outside of the VTubing world is unknown. However, he made his debut at 21 years of age. According to Virtual YouTuber Wiki, his birth certificate indicates that he is 82 years while he is deluded that he is 18 years. These differing ages point to the same argument, a virtual being can be who you want them to be.

Where is Mysta Rias From?

LAs aforementioned, little is known of Rias identity irl. Understandably so, his fans often wonder, where is Mysta Rias from?

He is said to be half-British and half-Filipino. While his parents are able to speak Ilocano, a language spoken in the Philippines, he is not. Besides, he is said to have been keen on suppressing his Cockney accent. This is an English dialect spoken mainly in London and its surroundings. Based on this information, one can argue that the VTuber is from London.

Where Does Mysta Rias Live?

In this article, we have discussed where the VTuber is from. So, where does Mysta Rias Live?

It is unclear where the VTuber lives, especially after retiring. While he was still active in the craft, one would argue that he is in Japan; the same region as his agency. However, having exited that space, he likely is living in his ancestral area, London.

How Tall is Mysta Rias?

As a public figure who reached a huge audience, it is not surprising that some aspects of the VTuber’s life that his fans are curious about are similar to popular Internet questions on human celebrities. Among them is, how tall is Mysta Rias?

As indicated on Virtual YouTuber Wiki, the model is 177 cm in height. This equates to about 5’10” in feet.

The average height of a Japanese male is 5’75”. This is also the global average height for a man. As such, it is safe to say that Rias is pretty tall.

How Much Does Mysta Rias Make?

There are a couple of revenue streams for VTubers. They include donations on Patreon, sale of merch, membership fees, music streams on sites like Spotify, and monetization of YouTube content.

Similar to other influencers, it is also possible for a VTuber to go the OnlyFans route and create nude and NSFW content. The latter means of earning largely depends on the character the VTuber embodies. With that in mind, how much does Mysta Rias make? What revenue streams did he have?

To be clear, Rias has grown out of VTubing. As such, the correct question is, how much did he make?

Some of the ways he earned money was from memberships, monetization of his YouTube content, and merch sale. In terms of income, the exact amount is not public knowledge. However, if the available stats are anything to go by, he could have earned up to $1 million per annum. Granted, there have been some concerns raised on platforms like Reddit, indicating that VTubers affiliated with an agency are often subjected to hefty deductions from the agency and YouTube.

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