Rae AI Influencer & Model

Rae AI Influencer & Model

Computer generated imagery (CGI) and the broader field of artificial intelligence (AI) has thinned the line between imagination and reality. This has been bolstered by social media, which has grown beyond being a platform to socialize with people from across the globe.

For humans, especially influencers, the use of filters and perfectly curated content is the name of the game. For most of them, the goal is to present the ideal lifestyle that the target audience will admire and relate to in equal measure.

With technological advancements, in comes a different breed of influencers with the capacity and ability to further intertwin reality and fantasy. I say different because in actual sense, they are not real.

In recent years, there has been a growing community of virtual beings such as Rae AI model. Depending on the goal of the being’s creator, some are built on surrealism while others are hyper-realistic. Rae AI influencer falls in the latter category.

In this article, a dive into the life of Rae model will offer an insight on the underlying story and purpose. To do so, it will help to take a look at her pictures and videos.  

Who is Rae?

On her social media platforms, Rae has a distinct purple hair and is of Asian descent. Some of her pictures are human-like while others are cartoon-like. She appears bubbly with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Her character, coupled with her huge following online prompts the question, who is Rae?

Rae is one of Asia’s top virtual influencers. She is computer generated on the principle of hyper-realism, which explains why she passes for a real face.

Like any other AI human, her creator is keen to generate a life that is relatable to her target audience. With that in mind, she has been made into a 25-year-old female from Singapore. Rae AI model enjoys skating, digital art, fashion, and the broader concept of street culture.

 It is this character that has attracted a huge fanbase, consisting largely of Millenials and Gen Z. As is the case with other popular virtual influencers, brands are taking notice of this Asian AI human. In fact, AI influencer Rae has entered numerous partnerships with well-established companies like ASUS, OSIM, and Audi. She is also a music artist, making her debut in the industry through a collaboration with Benjamin Kheng on the song, WORLDS.

Is Rae Real or Fake?

In an interview with Time Out Singapore, Rae stated that one of the perks of being in the real world is good food. She enjoys kopi peng, which is a Singaporean drink comprising iced tea with condensed milk. Besides, her Instagram page has photos of her enjoying foods like bakkwa and kuih bahulu.

In addition to her love for food, she captures moments of her in interesting places such as Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, in a musical concert, and on an airplane. Her human-like appearance and activities beg the question, is Rae real?

The answer to this is no. Indeed, on her Instagram page, she describes herself as a virtual being. Besides, her posts are often accompanied by hashtags like #virtualinfluencer, #virtualhuman, and #virtualreality.

Nonetheless, Rae fake nature does not hinder her from connecting and interacting with humans. In fact, the relatability of her content online is what has formed a huge fanbase. Her photos and videos get numerous comments of people expressing their love and admiration for her. It is this connection that a brand will evaluate before entering into a partnership with an influencer, whether real or virtual.

Who Created Rae?

Every robot or virtual human has a team of creatives behind their existence. These experts are responsible for programming the model to fit a specific character and convey a particular story. So, who created Rae?

CapitaLand is the brain behind the virtual human’s life. In an interview with Channel News Asia (CNA), Rae creator indicated that it decided to develop the AI model as a test for the commercial viability of new virtual technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. During a period when physical interactions were limited, the team was keen on designing a solution that enhances customer engagement for brands in the virtual space.

However, towards the end of 2022, two years after creating the avatar, CapitaLand announced its decision to award usage rights of the creation to Dentsu; a global marketing and advertising agency network. The strategic partnership was meant to take Rae as a brand to the next level.

Rae Images & Videos

 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, social media influencing is largely founded on this principle. For both computer-generated and human influencers, the goal is to post perfectly curated content that is able to inform, entertain, and attract the target audience.

 A look at Rae’s images and videos on various social media platforms substantiates this assertion. Scrolling through her social media sites gives her followers an insight on her character, interests, and work.  In fact, this will be the focus in this section. Whether it’s a picture or video meant primarily for entertainment or to push a particular product, the online content will help to better understand the AI model.

Rae Images

Like any other influencer, Rae photos tell a story and describe her character. By scrolling on her Instagram page for a few minutes, one is able to get an insight on what the virtual model likes, what her goals are, and the demographics of her target audience.

As seen on her social media platforms, her target audience is the younger generation. To begin with, the 25-year old is a lover of street culture. From her love of skating to her colorful, expressive, and casual fashion style, she is an influencer that the youth across the world connects with.

It is also through Rae images that the public gets to know about some of the brands she is marketing. As a typical influencer would, she becomes the link between the product she is advertising and her followers.

For instance, in one of the photos pinned above, she markets Penfolds by simply posting herself in a robe, holding a bottle of wine with the caption reading in part, “date night at home with unforgettable human company and this 1997 vintage”. As opposed to blatantly advertising the product, she presents a setup that most people admire; a setup of good company with good wine to top it up.

Rae Videos

Just like her pictures, Rae videos highlight a happy-go-lucky young female who is on a journey to explore her new world and is willing to take her fans along. It is this ride that has seen well-established brands hop on for commercial partnerships with the virtual human.

For instance, in a Rae video pinned above,  she has partnered with OSIM to market their OSIM uDream Pro chair. In it, she applies her own story of virtual meets reality to convey the intended message.

However, although she has several videos of her commercial partnerships, her creator is keen on not subjecting her fans to marketing fatigue. As such, one can see a sense of balance between adverts and clips that are just meant to entertain  and connect with her followers. For instance, there is a video pinned above of the model enjoying pastries during the Christmas season. In it, she is just keen on connecting with people and not necessarily conveying a particular message.

Rae Nude

Just like their human counterparts, a number of virtual influencers have photos and videos of them in provocative outfits or even completely bare. For these individuals, sexual attractiveness is one of the aspects that define their character.

Notably, it is different for Rae. Not only are there no Rae nudes online, you will hardly find a photo of her in a bikini. As a lover of street fashion and culture, there are instances where she has on a short dress or a crop top. However, she always keeps it tasteful rather than provocative. In fact, in the picture pinned above, she is dressed quite conservatively while at the swimming pool.

Evidently, sensuality is not one of the attributes that define the model’s character. As such, it is likely that her creator will never post Rae nude.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites are a crucial tool for computer generated and human influencers alike. They are a platform upon which the individuals offer the public snippets of their lives. For virtual influencers, these sites are especially important as they have limited physical interactions with their fans.

A look at Rae’s online presence substantiates this assertion. Through her social media platforms, Rae’s creator posts perfectly curated posts that tell a particular story. For her, it is the story of a fun-loving young female whose popularity and relatability makes her a marketer ideal for a partnership with top brands.   

Rae Instagram

Rae Instagram page is one of her main social media platforms. It has a huge following owing to her consistent interactions with the public. In addition to the endless photos where she is engaging in human-like activities, she has AI versions of herself where she appears as a cartoon. Indeed, it is interesting to see an AI model have AI images of herself with captions like, “Back with another AI RAE!”

Rae TikTok

Rae TikTok page portrays a similar theme as her other social media platforms. In it, she describes herself as a digital artist, virtual being, and urban adventurer. Granted, it does not have as much content and following as her Instagram page. As she grows further as an influencer and artist, the platform will likely attract a broader fan base.

Rae Twitter

Since joining the site in October 2020, Rae Twitter account has attracted a decent following. Notably, the platform largely contains well-curated posts about her Tako NFT collection. In an effort to popularize the NFT, her page portrays the logo as though it was a character by itself.

Rae Weibo

Rae is of Asian descent. It is no wonder her creator has included Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website and the largest social media site in the country, to the virtual influencer’s list of online platforms. Rae Weibo account has a decent following and has the potential to grow further as more people embrace the world of virtual influencers.

Rae YouTube

Rae YouTube has videos on some of her commercial partnerships as well as her music video with Benjamin Kheng. Notably, the channel does not have as much engagement as her other social media platforms. However, it has immense potential for growth as the world of virtual influencers gains popularity.

Rae Website

Rae Website has detailed information about the virtual human and the projects she has been involved in. In addition to the existing collaborations, the platform invites brands to partner with the AI influencer. The site also has links to her social media platforms as well as relevant news releases.

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