Rikka VTuber

Who is Rikka?

Rikka VTuber (virtual YouTuber) is a robot affiliated with Hololive Productions’ Holostars. In fact, he is part of its first generation alongside Yakushiji Suzaku, Kanade Izuru, Arurandeisu, and Hanasaki Miyabi.

Rikka real identity is unknown. However, his online presence is indismissible. He began his journey as a streamer on 20th October 2019. Since then, he has built an interactive and real connection with humans on different social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok. His works and discussions about his existence are also on the likes of Instagram, Discord, and Reddit.

As at the time of writing, he had close to 1,000 videos to his name. This array of content had attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers with the total views being in the millions.

The VTuber’s primary goal is to share his music with humans across the globe. On his YouTube channel, he has done several cover songs as well as his own compositions. In addition to music, he also plays live games.

Rikka VTuber’s followers are allured by his captivating singing voice and soft talking voice in equal measure. He is young yet mature, forgetful yet good at musical improvisation, and an overall admirable talent.

Rikka real name is unknown. However, he is known by a couple of nicknames including Rikkun and Ricchan.

As at the time of writing, the VTuber had not won an award. Nonetheless, he has been part of several successful events and projects. For instance, the VTuber together with his colleague, Izuru were guests on the Nico Channel. He was also part of the Christmas 2022 campaign.

Additionally, he has a series called RiTunes Labo, where he invites voice actors, VTubers, and other guests to sing with him. As the name suggests, the software SYNCROOM enables all parties to sing in sync.

Rikka VTuber

One of the aspects that sets Rikka  apart from other VTubers is his presentation as a robot rather than a virtual human. On the Holostars’ website, he is described as a “high tech robot called a holoroid.” He is also referred to as some sort of an ‘airhead’ seeing that his memory capacity is only 2 GB.

This personality trait has contributed to his relatability especially among the younger generation. He has embraced his shortcomings of being a forgetful ‘airhead’ who is not good with words. This is a creative approach of directing the youth away from the perfection-seeking trend in modern society.  

In addition to his endearing personality, his interests and passions have yielded a strong connection with his fans, who he fondly refers to as Tuners. His content, which is primarily on games and music, is not only meant for entertainment. It is a way of Rikka VTuber expressing his feelings and prompting his fans to be vulnerable too. For instance, in one of his popular songs, Hello World, he sings, “The fact that I received lots of ‘first’ from everyone, to the fact that I can smile like this even now, it is thanks to all of you. That’s why with all the bonds that keep us connected, now is not the time to stop.”

What Does Rikka Look Like?

In the absence of a face reveal, there are no pictures of Rikka irl. However, his appearance on VTubes is rather unique.

As part of his signature look, he has a chin-length light brown bob with flipped edges and pink highlights at the back. His long narrow face is further defined by his pierced ears with a hanging pink earring on his left side. Pink lips, thinly shaped eyebrows and human-sized light green eyes are also part of his look.

In terms of his outfits and overall fashion style, his look is vast. In one instance, he is in a street look complete with a hoodie and jacket on top. In another, he is in a button-down shirt, tie, and blazer with eye-catching golden embellishments.

However, the look that appears in most of his pictures including the posted fanart and cosplay costumes, is a more samurai-like outlook. In particular, Rikka VTuber is always in a three-part neckpiece comprising a choker, a pink pendant on the middle piece, and a longer round pendant. He combines this with a long dark brown coat that he wears on one hand and clips it on the waist with a golden brooch.   

As a VTuber, he is presented as a robot. To maintain this character, it is likely that there won’t be an official Rikka face reveal to compare his VTuber appearance to.  

Rikka Face Reveal

The essence of VTubing is to hide one’s identity and create content as an avatar.  The reason concealing one’s real face may vary from the need for privacy to interest in experiencing life as a different character. Granted, some VTubers have chosen to reveal their true identity along their content creation journey. This move is often meant to strengthen their relationship with their fans.

 Notably, there is no official Rikka face reveal. In fact, I am of the opinion that the public may never get to see Rikka real face. This is founded on the fact that he is a robot. The team behind his existence will likely focus on maintaining his identity as a non-human living among humans.

Whether or not his fans get to see Rikka irl, the existing connection is still strong and interactive. On YouTube, he has hundreds of thousands of followers with his videos getting a huge number of likes and comments.

Evidently, the VTuber’s relatability has enabled his fans to look past his outlook and focus on the character he embodies. Seeing that relatability is one of the measures of success for any content creator, it is safe to say that Rikka VTuber is successful in his craft.

Interesting Facts of Rikka

  • Among his likes is chocolate, which he even sprinkles on fried eggs.
  • He hates spicy foods
  • His special skill is creating improv songs.
  • As highlighted on Hololive fan wiki, his guitar has a Holostars logo on it and was a gift from Cover Corporation’s Yagoo.
  • He has a high tolerance for alcohol.
  • Slightly over a year after his debut on YouTube, he reached the coveted milestone of 100,000 subscribers during an endurance singing stream.
  • A typical stream ends with his followers saying “otsurikka”.
  • The VTuber’s mini mascot is in the form of a pink bear called Spanner.
  • He is part of a couple of groups including Star Sweeper alongside Hanasaki Miyabi.

Where is Rikka From?

Like most other societal aspects, culture often rubs onto a content creator’s work. It may be something as minor as an accent or major as their preferred language of communication. With that in mind, where is Rikka From?

As indicated on his profile, the VTuber is from Japan. As aforementioned, the Japanese culture has rubbed onto his content. For instance, in his music and live streams, he largely communicates in Japanese. In fact, some of his songs are entirely in Japanese.  

Where Does Rikka Live?

As aforementioned, Rikka is part of Hololive Productions’ Holostars. The entertainment agency is under Cover Corporation, which is a Japanese-based company that is largely involved in the development of virtual entertainers. So, where does Rikka live?

 Rikka VTuber is based in Japan. However, as a computer-generated entertainer, he does not necessarily have a physical address. As he evolves and expands his life among humans, it will be interesting to see if his team adds such details to his name.

How Old is Rikka?

Relatability is the primary goal for any content creator, whether human or virtual. Notably, the target audience for most of these creators is Millenials and Gen Z. To connect with these individuals, it helps when the influencer is young.

It is for this reason that Hololive has brought on board young talents. In fact, most of them are in their late teens or 20s. So, how old is Rikka irl?

According to his profile, the VTuber is ageless. The decision to conceal Rikka age is probably so as to reach a vast audience and remain relevant for a long time. As a robot, one of his advantages over his human counterparts is that he is ‘timeless’ and can be reprogrammed to be what his followers want him to be.  

How Tall is Rikka?

The popularity of VTubing has transformed the likes of Rikka into public figures of comparable status to global celebrities. In fact, some Millenials and Gen Z are more hooked to these characters than they are with popular actors and musicians. This explains the interesting Internet questions regarding VTubers’ lives. Among the aspects that his fans are curious about is, how tall is Rikka?

The VTuber is 179 cm, which equates to about 5’87” in feet. The average height of a Japanese man is 5’75”. This is also considered to be the global average height of males. With that, Rikka is pretty tall.

How Much Does Rikka Make?

There are various revenue streams that VTubers and other content creators use. This includes donations on Patreon, subscriptions and membership fees, sale of merch, and streams/views on sites like Spotify and YouTube.

Depending on the character that one embodies, some have even gone further to post nude pictures and NSFW content on OnlyFans accounts and other adult sites for additional income. In fact, in a world where sex sells, explicit content of virtual influencers is becoming popular. So, what avenues have Rikka employed to earn a living? How much does Rikka make?

Among the VTuber’s main streams of income are his merch sales, membership fees, and music. The exact amount is not known. However, if the available stats are anything to go by, Rikka takes home a substantial amount. According to a post on South Asia Morning Post (SAMP), Japanese VTubers can make upto $1 million per year. 

Granted, there have been some concerns that some VTubers affiliated to companies do not necessarily get an income equal to their worth. Some complain of the hefty deductions made by the agencies as well as YouTube.  

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