Maimoto Keisuke VTuber

Who is Maimoto Keisuke?

Maimoto Keisuke is a popular Japanese VTuber who is a member of the NIJISANJI team becoming the second seed with other streamers like Kanda Shoichi, Asuka Hina, Harusaki Air, Amemori Sayo, Takamiya Rion, and Naruto Kogane. 

He does not typical digital background because he is an adult, 34-year-old single farmer. We were surprised that he has a lot of subscribers on his channel. So far, there are over four hundred twenty thousand. This means that his case, life experience, and background fit well the community’s expectations. 

Maimoto Keisuke VTuber

Maimoto Keisuke has worked on his YouTube channel for almost six years. It was created on August 07, 2018. There are over seven hundred videos uploaded and a lot of them are collaborations between in-house NIJISANJI streamers and other livers to provide a more advanced experience to the community. As a result, his fan base is loyal and they care about not only his digital but real life too. People like rewatching those videos that turned into more than one hundred and eight million views.

He focuses a lot on watching and playing sports games, commenting on them, and having fun with folks in the chat. He is a soft-hearted person who is always ready to give a helping hand to everyone in need. 

Maimoto Keisuke has three sets of appearance which mirror his personality perfectly well. The first one is a kimono of a “gardening” color that shows that he is a real farmer and looks at all kinds of country activities. The second appearance, according to the description and fan art, is a fighting kimono that makes him look handsome and ready to act. The last set of appearance he uses right now is a business suit with a tie and cool “modern-dad-looking” glasses. 

What Does Maimoto Keisuke Look Like?

Maimoto Keisuke has several looks that fit him well and reveal his true personality completely:

  • Maimoto Keisuke’s weight is eighty kilograms.
  • We don’t have any photo of him in full body but it can be easily predicted by his top-body look.
  • He has calm and rather welcoming facial expressions/features. 
  • He has narrow cheekbones which are not typical for digital men nowadays because a lot of them work with wide cheekbones which is more favorable by girls.
  • Maimoto Keisuke has a noticeable nose which is more typical for Western drawing style.
  • He has small eyes with small pupils of a gray-green color.
  • Maimoto Keisuke has a free-style haircut with some locks of hair falling on his forehead.
  • There’s a trace of stubble on the face.
  • He has a wide neck.
  • He wears a classic olive-colored kimoto with a lighter shirt under.
  • There’s another version of him with a blue kimono with grey edging.
  • The final look was developed to introduce him as a city person. 
  • He has a bit darker haircut with hairs cut off from the temples of the head around the head.
  • He has much more stubble on his face.
  • Maimoto Keisuke wears a two or three-piece suit.
  • He puts on a flame red shirt with a navy blue tie with some blue stripes and a silver tie holder.
  • The jacket is gray colored with white stripes.
  • There’s a handkerchief of a milk-white color with navy-blue lines on it.
  • Most likely, he wears pants of the same color scheme and black or orange shoes.
  • During streams, he adds glasses with brown framing.

Overall, he looks handsome and stylish.

Maimoto Keisuke Face Reveal

There’s no such information as Maimoto Keisuke Face Reveal in Google. We watched his streams and didn’t find any hint of what we could look like in real life. This can be fine, taking into account that he doesn’t hurry to reveal his real-life personality.

One of the reasons lies in the fact that he is an affiliated streamer with the NIJISANJI company means that he may not be allowed to reveal his face in his streams or mention any personal information because not only he but also the company invested a lot of efforts into promoting his digital personality.

Also, he could want not to be recognized by people which could make him feel uncomfortable because he is not ready to speak but he doesn’t want to push people away. Another reason can be around the fact that he can not be a lonely person as he claims digitally. He may have a wife or girlfriend and enjoy life.

Interesting Facts of Maimoto Keisuke VTuber

We have a lot of interesting facts about Maimoto Keisuke which we found in his streams and on the Web.

  • Maimoto Keisuke was born on November 9 so his sign is Scorpio.
  • He works with NIJISANJI company to unite marketing efforts for promoting his channel and his personality digitally.
  • He was a part of the second-generation streamers of NIJISANJI.
  • He runs an outstanding YouTube channel and supports those streams and video uploads with text messages on Twitter.
  • Maimoto Keisuke mentioned in a Twitter header that “I am mainly active in-game commentary, sports distribution, late-night radio, etc.” For people of culture is more than enough.
  • His profile has a brilliant number of over four hundred seventy thousand followers.
  • There are funny streams where he recorded tipsy voices.
  • We can purchase his tie with some extra perks from the gear store.
  • There are a lot of collaborations with Shigure Ui and Oozora Subaru. They called the team the “Oozora Family.”
  • He minded about giving up VTubing but decided to keep running because of meeting Subaru in real life.
  • He open-minded and friendly person who doesn’t want to mess up with anyone.
  • His channel has been growing for twenty-thirty percent year to year.
  • Right now, he decided to take a break and since September he stopped producing and uploading content.
  • We have not got any explanation about why he decided to stop streaming right now and how much time he needs to come back to business to make his fan base happy.

How Old is Maimoto Keisuke?

Maimoto Keisuke is a thirty-four-year-old man. He joined the second generation’s first batch alongside Kanda Shoichi, Asuka Hina, Harusaki Air, Amemori Sayo, Takamiya Rion, and Naruto Kogane. During his streams he acts like an adult and wise person, still having enough fun with his fan base.

Even in the case of an adult and mature farmer with significant experience behind, his age actually doesn’t matter so much. The followers completely respect him because of his personality and the respectful way he runs the stream. If you want to ask him for more information about his age, you have to ask this question directly.

Being an adult streamer brings some profits like people can bring their life problems to you to look at them and provide a wise opinion. This can help people to feel needed and welcome. This can benefit everyone in a big way, so people can invite their friends just because Maimoto Keisuke has a big and caring personality.

Where is Maimoto Keisuke From?

Maimoto Keisuke is from Japan. He is a Japanese YouTuber with a huge life experience living in a country and a city. He avoids providing any extra information about where exactly he lives. This can be a term in a contract from the NIJISANJI company where it is not allowed to reveal personality or a place where the model is living. This keeps security at a high level allowing streamers to unleash all their potential. If we would like to know more we can ask him from which prefecture he is from. If he is comfortable to answer this question you can go ahead. Anyway, it would be better not to harass him with such questions.

Where Does Maimoto Keisuke Live?

There’s no direct answer to the question of where Maimoto Keisuke lives. The account of his was created in Japan on August 07, 2018. We have over one hundred million views on the channel where most videos are focused on chatting, playing games, and other activities. 

Many VTubers avoid providing information about where they actually live. There can be several reasons for this especially if you work with a company or you are accosted with one. Among core reasons, we would like to underline the fact that providing such information can drive people to meet him in real life. We are sure if he is not prepared for this, this experience can be confusing. At the beginning of their own career, the streamers may work on another job, so when someone knows your digital background and starts chatting with them about your work like in Starbucks or an office that can trigger a conflict. 

How Tall is Maimoto Keisuke?

Maimoto Keisuke has an average male height of 178 cm or 5’8. It’s quite common tallness for a male streamer nowadays. We don’t know if this height matches his in real life or if he just came up with it. As far as we’ve seen across his streams, no one complained about this. So, this for well for the community and his fan base because he is an interested person with a variety of cool skills and knowledge. In addition to this, he is funny and collaborates with other streamers of NIJISANJI. 

How Much Does Maimoto Keisuke Make?

A lot of fans would like to know an answer to the question “How Much Does Maimoto Keisuke Make?” There’s no such answer on the Web. It was a pity to note that we don’t have such information even looking at sites like SocialBlade or vidIQ. So, if we visit his profile on YouTube we can find that there are over four hundred twenty thousand followers with over seven hundred videos uploaded. So, there’s only one subscription package for $5.99 that allows us to get some extra emojis and icons in the chat and access to perks like members-only streams and so on. Of course, there should be a store with his merchandise that provides some extra profits for him and his mother company, NIJISANJI. 

So, taking everything into account we can predict that his monthly income can vary from two to seven thousand dollars.

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