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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining the global fashion industry. According to Zippia, the industry was valued at $1.7 trillion as of 2023. To remain competitive, fashion brands are constantly finding ways to improve the customer experience and increase revenue. In today’s market, AI is one of the effective ways of accomplishing these goals.

Among the AI applications that are gaining traction in the fashion industry is computer generated imagery (CGI) models. While there is still space for human models, more fashion brands are entering into partnerships with virtual humans. This trend is getting even more refined as some companies choose to create their own models. In fact, this concept is what birthed Daisy Yoox AI influencer.

As opposed to getting into a partnership with the already popular virtual humans, her creator chose to make its own. In this article, we’ll look at what led to this decision and how it has impacted the brand’s operations. How does it ensure that Daisy Yoox model is relatable among the targeted consumers.

It will also be helpful to take a look at the social media platforms of Daisy Yoox AI model. Like any other influencer, her images and videos tell a story of who she is and what she’s about.

Who is Daisy Yoox?

The content on AI influencer Daisy Yoox Instagram page is rather different from that of other virtual influencers. In most cases, the model is the primary character. This is regardless of whether the posted content is sponsored or not.

With her, she appears to be part of a team and not necessarily the star. Even so, essential tips from her as well as images of her are constant and undismissible. So, who is Daisy Yoox?

She is an AI model known for dressing up and promoting fashion trends founded on elegance and modernity. Unlike most of the popular influencers who collaborate with various companies, Daisy is seen to work with one brand, Yoox.

 It is evident that she is not a one man show. She is part of the company’s marketing team. However, there is more to that. Daisy Yoox AI model has taken over the company’s Instagram account, which is a first in the global fashion industry. With that, she has secured a place in the history books.

 To strengthen her connection with the public, Daisy’s creator was keen on ensuring that the avatar has a life outside of Yoox. This is especially since the targeted consumers are Millenials and Gen Z; a population that is striving to get a balance between work and social life. She is seen hanging out with fellow models. She also enjoys traveling, whether for work or pleasure.   

Is Daisy Yoox Real or Fake?

On Yoox’s Instagram page, Daisy Yoox constantly appears with tips on how to style various outfits and look shape for different occasions. Besides, she is not hesitant to speak her opinion on pertinent societal issues; championing for courses like sustainable living, breast cancer awareness, and zero food wastage. So, is Daisy Yoox real?

The answer is no. While she can pass for a real face and has a huge number of followers who look up to her for fashion inspirations, Daisy Yoox fake nature is undeniable. Notably, her creator used the company’s user data and customer preferences to generate an AI model who was relatable especially to the Millenials and Gen Z.

In an interview with Vogue, Daisy creator through its brand and communication director, Manuela Strippoli noted that at the start of the model’s influencing journey, the goal was to make her more relatable to the targeted consumers. This has since changed and they are now “moving away from her initial image where she always seemed flawless and we’re humanizing her by giving her likes and dislikes as well as flaws”.

Like any other social media influencer, the success of Daisy Yoox as the face of the brand can be measured by her ability to offer customers a memorable and interactive experience. Every time she models an outfit or shows tips on how to pair different fashion pieces, the consumers see themselves through her. With this in mind, it is safe to say that Daisy Yoox is a fake being with a real connection with Yoox’s customers.

Who created Daisy Yoox?

Behind every robot or virtual human is a creative (s) with a particular goal in mind. The purpose of developing a CGI model may range from just entertaining the public to campaigning for a better world or bolstering digital marketing. This goal is usually evident through the content presented to the public.

A look at Daisy Yoox’s social media platforms highlight marketing as her creator’s main objective. In particular, she is presented as a fashion icon; a position that enables her to influence her followers’ preferences and purchases. So, who created Daisy Yoox?

 The AI influencer is a project of Yoox Net-a-Porter Group (YNAP); a well-established online fashion retailer. The company was birthed in 2015 following a merger between Yoox Group and Net-a-Porter Group. 

Like any other brand in modern society, the fashion company acknowledges the role that technology plays in improving the customers’ shopping experience. The creative and tech-powered intertwinning of virtual and real worlds has proved to be effective at attracting the attention of the public; especially the younger generation. This is what led to the launch of YOOXMIRROR; an AI-powered virtual styling suite.

At the center of this platform is Daisy Yoox. Speaking about the avatar and the broader concept of YOOXMIRROR on its website, Daisy Yoox creator stated, “We are so excited by the potential of this initiative that we will not limit our avatar Daisy to the styling suite – taking over our IG she is going to become the personification of YOOX…”

Daisy Yoox Images & Videos

Yoox’s objective when developing Daisy was to improve its customer experience. Seeing that it is primarily an online fashion retailer, the management was looking to make its outfits feel “more familiar and personal” to its customers. As an avatar who has been brought to life by and for Yoox, she is able to bring the store’s outfits to life and guide customers around the YOOXMIRROR interface. 

A look at the images and videos embedded on Yoox’s social media sites highlight the avatar’s relatability. Whether she is showing her followers how to look elegant in a small casual outfit or highlighting facts on Black History Month, her online content has yielded an active online community.

Daisy Yoox Images

As aforementioned, images are a crucial tool for a typical influencer, whether virtual or real. For Daisy Yoox, pictures are at the core of her work. As a fashion model for YOOX Net-a-Porter Group, she is tasked with modeling the retailer’s outfits. Subsequently, the target audience is informed of a particular fashion trend and they get to see how an outfit looks like on a model before purchasing it.

In one of Daisy Yoox photos pinned above, the AI influencer is dressed in an outfit that doubles up as a formal and casual ensemble. Attached to it is a caption reading in part, “It’s time to redefine office glam! Picture this: oversized elegance, sleek details, and unexpected pairings. Ready to level up your work style? Dive into the selection of #YOOX.”

Daisy Yoox images on various platforms are a perfect example of what social media influencing is all about. Through well-curated posts, the virtual influencer gets to push a particular fashion trend and entices people to purchase certain outfits;  raking in more revenue for the retailer.

Daisy Yoox Videos

Daisy Yoox videos bear a similar theme as her pictures. They tell the story of a fashion conscious young female. Despite being part of a larger group of models on Yoox’s social media platforms, she has an undismissable position; the face of the brand. Beyond that, she has her own opinions. These two aspects are observable in her online clips and have contributed to her popularity as a virtual influencer.

In a Daisy Yoox video pinned above, she is championing for the LGBTQIA+ community by highlighting the value of Pride Month. In another, she is reflecting on her best moments of 2023, which includes 8 BY Yoox events. It is this wholesomeness that has made her into one of the successful virtual influencers; both by name and works. 

Social Media Sites

Social media is an inevitable tool for any influencer, virtual or real. It is through these online platforms that the influencer gets to connect with their target audience and build an active community. For virtual humans, this is especially crucial as they have limited physical contact with their fans.

Unlike most AI influencers, Daisy Yoox does not have her own social media sites. She is part of Yoox’s marketing team which also has human models. Nonetheless, she is able to stand out as an independent model and influencer. 

Daisy Yoox Instagram

Daisy Yoox does not have an Instagram account as an independent influencer. However, she is at the core of her creator’s marketing team and has even taken over its social media platform. As she evolves, it will be interesting to see if Daisy Yoox Instagram page emerges as a separate entity.

Daisy Yoox TikTok

Just like in the other social media platforms, Daisy Yoox TikTok account does not exist as an independent entity. Instead, she is one of the models included on the retailer’s account. Perhaps this will change in the future as her brand evolves.

Daisy Yoox Twitter

Daisy Yoox Twitter page is non-existent at the moment. However, as a brand, Yoox has built a huge following since joining the site in 2008. A look at the embedded content further highlights that Daisy Yoox is part of a team rather than the star.

Daisy Yoox YouTube

Just like on other social media sites, Daisy Yoox YouTube does not exist as an independent entity. Instead, content on the virtual influencer is included on the company’s YouTube channel. For instance, in one of the videos, she shares some of her highlights of 2023. In coming years, it will be interesting to see how her social media presence evolves.

Daisy Yoox Website

Similar to the other social media platforms, Daisy appears on the company’s website as opposed to having her own. On it, she models outfits and helps shoppers navigate the YOOXMIRROR interface. Notably, her creator acknowledges that she is bound to evolve as an influencer. As that happens. The public will be keen on seeing if a Daisy Yoox website emerges as an independent entity.

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