Code Miko Vtuber

Who is Code Miko?

Code Miko is a South Korean-American streamer who stands out from other VTubers by creating her person using Unreal Engine and software & hardware for recording motions. It took her two years to become an award-winning VTuber. 

She is active on Twitch where she is mostly chatting and plays games from time to time. Code Miko does this daily at 6 a.m. PST,  9 a.m. EST, and  2 p.m. GMT. She introduced her channel that will discover the future of AI inside games. 

We can subscribe to any of those packages: Bob for $2.99/month, Super Bob for $14.99/month, Super-Duper Bob for $29.99/month, Super-Duper Mega Bob for $79.99/month, and Super-Duper Giga Bob for $149.99/month. Those packages provide unique loyalty badges, the possibility to write comments with unique emojis, a priority to receive a reply from her in comments, member-only polls, and a Discord channel.

She is represented on Twitter and Instagram where she posts funny content like cooking, poll dancing, memories from awards, videos where she showed how to develop clothes in Unreal Engine, and so on. She is hardly involved in educating people via chatting and explaining to them everything, providing detailed answers to their questions.

Code Miko VTuber

Code Miko works with many platforms as a VTuber to interact and chat with people. Let’s try to gather everything together in the following list:

  • She has a profile on YouTube that was created on March 17, 2020. There are over 603,000 subscribers. She uploaded 428 videos. The total views of all her videos were 117,878, 961 views.
  • She has a subreddit CodeMiko on Reddit that was created on July 15, 2020. It gathered 7400 members and we can expect to see from 50 to 100 people online anytime. The last post with a video was about if she is going to move to Alaska. We can find various funny videos which were posted only here like Code Miko dancing on the pole with another girl in real life. There are various AI-generated and AI-edited photos posted with almost no interest from the community.
  • There’s an upcoming project of hers that will be published on Kickstarter. We can subscribe for updates about it. It will be about Mikoverse. The upcoming game allows the creation of a new character with an absolutely different appearance, challenge, collaborate, and fight. The project is located in LA and was introduced by MikoVerse, Inc. as “Build, interact and play in immersive 3D worlds where creators and players collide in endless imagination.” There are 234 people subscribed for updates so far.
  • She posted private content on an OnlyFans-like platform – Passes. There are passes from $15 for Silver, $50 for Gold, $150 for Diamond, and $1000 for VIP. We can expect to receive in the ultimate package the following: ALL Content on Wall, Unlimited FREE Messages, Access to Request Custom Photos & Videos, VIP Priority Chatting, Access to VIP ONLY Content,  Custom VIP Welcome Video, and VIP Freebies.

What Does Code Miko Look Like?

Code Miko looks differently depending on the games she plays or if she chats in person. In chatting, she looks like a caucasian girl with a height of 5’4-5’7. She has a slim body type almost without hips, so she is most likely in her 20s in the digital world. If we talk about facial features, we would like to note that she has a cute face with big beautiful green eyes. 

Among all clothes styles, she prefers to wear black shorts and a short half-body jacket when in other videos she appears in a business style, wearing a grey blouse. Sometimes, she dresses in summer dresses, leather suits, shoulders-free tops, and so on. 

Her haircut varies from orange-yellow colored to purple, pink, deep purple. After several streams, she started wearing a blue-pink jacket that fit her well.

After two years of experimenting, she developed an in-game character which was called the next-generation Dora. She looks completely different, keep being Code Miko. She has a short haircut of chestnut color. Her facial features have changed too. The new Miko received wider cheekbones and much bigger breasts. She has accurate lips and blue-grey eyes with black pupils. Now, she prefers boots, shorts, and a grey top.

Code Miko Face Reveal

Code Miko has never hidden her personality from the community. She is Youna Kang, a Korean-American who lives in the US. Let’s talk about her personality and goals.

  • She is one of the few top streamers who focuses on chatting instead of only gaming.
  • Youna Kang developed Code Miko, using Unreal Engine and motion-captured gear like a suit, gloves, and helm.
  • She designed her using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Substance software.
  • She found herself in debt after being laid off and purchasing the software she needed to produce content.
  • Code Miko is a main character that doesn’t have a game. So, she is kinda glitching.
  • Youna Kang created an extra character name Mikoglitch to avoid the shadow ban of her main account.
  • She participated in a real chess tournament where she wasn’t able to acquire any victory.
  • Youna Kang was invited to promote the energy drink G-Fuel, the Mavix gaming chair, and Seagate Gaming.
  • As a real person, she prefers different dresses and avoids posting any kind of nude photos.
  • She likes cosplaying and posting absolutely stunning photos on Instagram.
  • From time to time, we’ve got various photos from different places in the US and from her vacations abroad.
  • Youna Kang published some posts of her character Code Miko on Instagram.
  • She is the one of few VTubers who posts not only screenshots or 3D models of her character but also some photos of herself.

Interesting Facts of Code Miko VTuber

Code Miko has a lot of interesting facts about herself because she is famous because of her tech inventions. We would like you to take a look at the following list:

  • She is a 3D Virtual VTuber who started working on Twitch in 2017 and on YouTube in 2020.
  • She told about herself that she is an NPC game character.
  • Code Miko travels around different game worlds.
  • She lives in the world of Sims.
  • She is afraid that she’s got Multiple Personality Disorder and she loves making friends across dimensions.
  • She runs various profiles across platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Code Miko has over 300,000 followers on Twitter where she posts shorts from streams. 
  • She uses Twitter as a personal blog for photos and real-life videos and as a platform for providing stream updates. She posted here a lot of flashback posts that she would like to remember.
  • She uses Twitter to connect with other geeks in discussing the current level of tech, AI, and digital world possibilities.
  • There are a lot of photos from different events and venues with various influential people.

How Old is Code Miko?

Code Miko is 34 years old. She started streaming on 31. She acts according to her age on the streams. In 2021, she was nominated for various awards: including SIGGRAPH Asia Award Winners in the category “Best in Show” which she won. She was nominated for The Streamer Awards in the category of Best VTuber Streamer and she won it. In the same year, she won the Streamy Awards in the category of Best VTuber. She was also nominated for The Vtuber Awards in the category Best Tech VTuber. In 2024, she was nominated for The Streamer Awards in the category Best Software and Game Development Streamer. 

Where is Code Miko From?

Code Miko is originally from South Korea. She came to the US to study and work. She is a former member of Nickelodeon who utilized data from a motion-captured helmet, suit, and gloves via Unreal Engine. She develops various interactions between her and subscribers that would lead to more entertaining experiences.

Where Does Code Miko Live?

Code Miko lives digitally in MikoVerse where she experiences the world, travels, and meets new people. In real life, Code Miko is Youna Kang who is a Korean-American who lives in the United States. She was born in South Korea in 1990 and moved to the US. She is a member of the Envy team. So, she can easily meet other gamers and streamers to create collaborations. In the digital world, she mentioned that she lives in Sims.

How Tall is Code Miko?

We don’t have clear information on how tall Code Miko is. She used to say something like any guy should be over 5’7 or she is just cute. This sounded insanely offensive and people on Reddit blamed her for this. If she keeps in mind this height, most likely, she is shorter. It seems like she is 5’5-5’7 tall, according to her photos on Instagram. As for an Asian lady, she can be treated as a tall girl. At the same time, we have no idea how tall her character is.

How Much Does Code Miko Make?

We have information about Code Miko’s profile available on Streams Charts. According to the data, she is placed #2031 among all streamers in the period between 4 and 10 March 2024. There are over 1407 active subscriptions. The estimated income from subscriptions is $1297-$3653. The most of the subscriptions are Tier 1 – 1258 (89%), Prime – 118 (8%), Tier 2 – 28 (2%), and Tier 3 – 3 (0.21%). Among all subscriptions, 97 (7%) of them are new subscriptions, 187 (13%) are resubscribers, and 1123 (80%) are gifted subscriptions. For the last month, the pike of of subscriptions was on February 27 and 28, 2024. 

As we can see, Code Miko has shown a positive dynamic of growing her community for the last several months, consistently rising in rates.

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