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The rise of artificial intelligence models takes us to Lisa Gen, one of the popular figures in the 21st century. From a shallow view, Lisa Gen model is a perfect real being. However, her socials say she is made otherwise and doesn’t display a real face. But what she does is amazing and very much comparable to real-life influencers. As we set the path to discovering this rising star, we can’t fail to ponder what AI influencers are and why the world is leaning toward this direction.

We take the longer route to discovering Lisa Gen AI model by examining trends in influencing. Lisa is a representation of an influencer world, where everything is crafted to attract, appease, and in doing so, generate a following. The influencers become opinion leaders in different spheres and in public. It doesn’t end there.

Fashion houses, top magazines, clothing stores, etc, find these influencers useful in pushing their brand online through partnership. For a while, human influencers have dominated this space. But it’s changing. The rise of AI influencers mimics their human counterparts with an added layer of flawlessness, customization, and timelessness. Lisa Gen AI influencer perfectly fits this group of influencers. And Guess what? They are taking influencing to a whole new level.

Who is Lisa Gen?

French Swedish, ¼ Asian EuroAsian, Lisa Gen is a melting point of cultures and heritages. Born in Paris, France, in 2011, Lisa Gen AI model epitomizes virtual influencing, which has grown rapidly in the era of social media and AI use. 

Despite her creation in 2012, Lisa was put on hold as the technology behind her was underdeveloped then and the timing was too soon for the world of avatars. She made her first appearance in November 2020. But beyond the hullaballoos of her origin, one of the frequently asked questions is: who is Lisa Gen?

Lisa is a creation of AI and, therefore, a robot. As a digital human, she thrives on social media, where she captivates her audiences with her sense of fashion, style, and charms. She is futuristic, too, seamlessly merging virtual modeling and the Metaverse, the world of virtual realities and digital creations. In fact, on her Instagram, AI influencer Lisa Gen dubs as an NFT fashion avatar, uniquely positioning her in the work of virtual art.

In her day-to-day work, Lisa promotes fashion, using her influence to set trends. When she is not performing this noble role, she is busy connecting with her followers through her perfectly captured pictures and engaging posts.

Is Lisa Gen Real or Fake?

Looks can be deceiving, and Lisa Gen is clearly an example of that. Her face, body, behavior, and interactions might signal Lisa Gen real identity, but she is not. As previously mentioned, this human is the creation of AI and, therefore, fake.

The revelation of Lisa Gen fake identity is also highlighted in her social media. In one of her X posts, she says, “Lisa Gen is not a scan. She was made from scratch, and she doesn’t exist anywhere else.” This clearly shows that the model does not exist in person like me and you.

There is another striking doubt about Lisa. In most, if not all, posts she shares online, she often make the same facial expression and maintains a stern look. This is quite uncharacteristic of real humans, who are likely to express diverse emotions for different occasions and environments. Sadly, this is not the case for Lisa, helping to uncover her fake identity further.

Who Created Lisa Gen?

The question of who created Lisa Gen has been answered severally on her social media. However, there is no exact mention of the name of the person who generated this virtual human or interview that mentions such.

Instead, Lisa was created by a team of Vfx artists working for blockbuster movies. They were inspired by the need to replace fashion models with their digital counterparts. There are possible reasons why the team considered this virtual being, Lisa Gen.

One of the motivations was, of course, to find a human that can fit in the world of real humans and bridge it with the upcoming world of virtual realities. In this, we find Lisa merging the worlds of NFTs and Metaverse with the physical world through fashion and social media. Indeed, Lisa Gen creator is always exploring ideas on the best features to include her in line metaverse influencing. As the world of virtual realities, NFTs, and the Metaverse continues to grow in the blockchain era, Lisa will have a significant role to play in this transition.

We can also speculate that Lisa Gen creator was inspired by trends in marketing, where AI humans are becoming popular.  Unlike real human influencers, virtual models appeal to marketers looking for more impact, longevity, and lower costs in partnerships. This is inspired by the fact that virtual humans never sleep and can work around the clock. As such, the Vfx artists behind Lisa Gen might have been inspired by this need.

Lisa Gen Images and Videos

Images and videos are powerful tools influencers use to engage and deepen collaborations with their fans. Were it not because of their use in this era of influence, we wouldn’t be aware of who Lisa Gen is or her life. Lisa Gen uses images to give a sneak peek of her influences in fashion, lifestyle, and virtual realities. Aside from this, her images and videos are an embodiment of technology as they are perfectly curated with an AI sense of thought. Let’s explore them below:

Lisa Gen Images

In an influencer world where looks matter, Lisa Gen creators envisioned a perfect being that would attract and lure with her charms. They got it right, as we see her beautiful shares drawing admiration far and wide. She is a beauty to reckon with, a fact that resonates with her role as a fashion influencer. This gets her fans to follow her for tips and guidance in the fashion industry.

We also see Lisa Gen using her images as a selling tactic. In one of her photos posted on Instagram, Lisa is informing her fans that they can acquire her Paris NFTs on OpenSea, a marketplace for digital art. Using a platform like OpenSea gives Lisa access to a global audience, ready to get a piece of her AI-perfected art.

Lisa’s creators also seem to have understood the ethics of their assignment well. Unlike most AI influencers clad in a bikini, swimwear, or skimpy clothing, Lisa prefers to be fully dressed. This allows the model to take her influencing role to all types of audiences and avoid potential sexualization that comes with provocative dressing online. 

Lisa Gen Videos

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Lisa Gen videos on her social media pages. There are no clear reasons for this, although it is envisioned that as Lisa Gen continues to develop, we could see her growing her influence through AI-curated videos.

Despite the absence of any Lisa Gen video, we find many influencers using the method for richer storytelling and higher engagement. Influencers also use videos for deeper emotional connections that allow them to create dedicated and loyal fanbases.

Social Media

What a blessing social media has become for human and AI influencers. Lisa Gen too embraces social media as a tool to attract following, push a fashion trend, or tell her fans about her whereabouts. Through social media, she is able to reach a global audience, eager to learn more about her. Let’s discover more about Lisa Gen social media sites and what she shares in them.

Lisa Gen Instagram

Lisa Gen Instagram boasts thousands of fans, and she shares with them about fashion and virtual realities. Apparently, Lisa also follows hundreds of like-minded individuals, including fellow AI influencers and businesses. She describes herself as an NFT fashion avatar.

Lisa Gen TikTok

TikTok is rapidly growing as a platform for sharing short videos with human and AI influencers embracing it in turns. Unfortunately, there is no Lisa Gen TikTok account. That perhaps emanates from her preference for sharing photos rather than videos. It is, nonetheless, predictable that Lisa Gen could open a TikTok account when the time is right.

Lisa Gen Twitter

Lisa Gen hasn’t amassed a lot of following on X (formerly Twitter), since she joined the platform in December 2021. That’s partly because she hasn’t posted much on the social media platform since she created it. Nonetheless, Lisa Gen Twitter account features more about her, letting the reader understand the individual behind her creation, role in fashion, Metaverse, and NFTs. She also uses the platform to solicit feedback on how to enhance her role in the metaverse world.

Lisa Gen YouTube

There is no Lisa Gen YouTube yet. Again, this may be due to the influencer’s focus on using images rather than videos in her work. Whether Lisa will create a YouTube account in her name in the future can only be speculated.

Lisa Gen Reddit

Searching for Lisa Gen Reddit account doesn’t give any answer as well. As to whether she will form one in the future is also up to assumption.

Lisa Gen Website

Lisa Gen website is functional but not very much developed. She uses the platform to lead her followers to various social media pages where they can get more information about her. On the website, the influencer discloses, “love wearing my favorite clothes….into the virtual world.”

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