Essentialxo AI Influencer & Model

Essentialxo is an AI influencer who was born on April 6, 2020, in the digital world with her first post on Instagram. She has great facial features such as big blue eyes and, a cute face with accurate lips, nose, and eyelids. She prefers long haircuts of different colors. She is a tall person without big breasts or huge hips. All of her look seems to be cute and inspiring. It’s a common way to create a new AI model.

Her facial expressions were taken from Alexis Stone who is her original developer. He has outstanding experience as a drag queen in the UK. He develops different characters mimicking them in easy. He has significant experience with dressing up, cross-dressing, makeup, wig choice, and applying it, skin care, face masks, and so on.

All of this will be transferred to Essentialxo model extending her experience and attracting more attention from the digital model’s favorite audience. She can perform photo sessions for various brands, taking into account that actual clothes can be delivered digitally which simplifies the preparing stage a lot. Her look increased a fan base quickly. She grew up to 22.2k followers quickly and keeps growing. 

Who is Essentialxo?

Let’s answer a question who is Essentialxo. The simplified answer is that she is a 3D digital influencer and model who runs her own profile. The person behind her personality is Alexis Stone who decided to promote her as a future digital 3D-developed model that can work with online magazines. This can be the way, if we look at it in complex.

He has access to people who made a decision on many well-known brands and magazines. He can cover them by participating at a venue in person and supporting it digitally, using Essentialxo for this purpose. It’s important because a lot of those brands think about how to digitalize their experience of working with various audiences. To make it real, you need 3D models that could represent collections and brands in the digital world of Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and, of course, Metaverse. 

As the experience of H&M showed, people were eleven times more engaged in the venue in Metaverse and memorized the brand and its clothes collection perfectly well. This opens doors for creative people like Alexis to work in both worlds, doing what they like, and bringing people joy.

Is Essentialxo Real or Fake?

Essentialxo is a real person because of many factors. First and it is fundamental, people interact with her like with a real person, liking her posts, commenting, and inviting her to conversations. She likes to dress in fancy dresses and something more street casual. There are big library of photos were many of them were collaborations with various digital artists to make her look great for well-known magazines and brands.

She focuses on growing her community, receiving over 1000 likes almost on every post. Even without using hashtags, she gathers attention to her personality. This means people seek cooperation with her and want to receive even more content.

At the same time, she is not a real person, but a digital footprint of Alexis Stone who decided to digitalize his facial features to engage in digital marketing companies of well-known brands. We’d like to note that this moment started in the first part of 2020. A lot of accounts were created to cover the needs of fashion brands and digital magazines. 

We would like to note that Essentialxo needs more videos and reels to promote herself in the best possible way because a lot of people consume information through shorts that save their time and allow them to understand what’s going on in several seconds.

Who Created Essentialxo?

Essentialxo was created by a successful drag queen, crossdresser, and public figure, Alexis Stone. He was featured in various magazines, participated in well-known events, and inspired people around the world. His YouTube profile has over 190,000 followers which shows that the appearance of Essentialxo was welcome. One of the most recent events was where he created an absolutely realistic face mask of Lana Delray and he managed to completely turn into this personality. He has a flawless look, dress, makeup, and so on. 

His channels include various videos that teach others how to apply makeup, choose a wig correctly, introduce themself, work on camera during photoset, pick jewelry and accessories, and so on. An average video on his channel gathers from fifty thousand views, and a lot of comments in which he engaged, answering the most important questions. As with any digital model, he provides information about products that were used during the makeup session with direct links that gather even more respect for him.

With all of his influence, he decided to invest in developing a digital AI model that would inspire people, never get older, and be much more adaptive to the request of the modern digital world.

Essentialxo Images & Videos

Essentialxo has over fifty photos on her profile on Instagram. Her appearance with different looks allows her to stand out from other 3D or AI-based models on the web. She likes long dresses and fancy clothes that can be worn at a venue or for photo sessions for any major brand. Alas, there are no photos that could show that she likes sportswear, something more casual, or home clothes. It can be a disadvantage because there are different kinds of people. Some of them prefer cool parties, while others prefer the coziness of a home. But both groups like to see her shining and growing. This is called “fan service” to show different aspects of the personality, and styles to the fan community.

She doesn’t like to interact with people in the comments under her photos we actually don’t know why because it looks weird, Answering fans’ questions is one of the typical jobs for  any celebrity, especially for those who want to work with big brands and well-known magazines. This is because those companies want models to work for them not only because of their appearance but also because of their communication skills.

Essentialxo Images 

Essentialxo has over fifty photos on Instagram profile and more than half of them are collaborations with other artists, working for magazines and brands. Any professional (business) photo includes the work of eight people who provide dresses, wigs, styling & hair features, and so on. They are such big collaborations because the amount of effort applied to make her look outstanding is overwhelming.

We can find something casual in her photo library. She applies different looks to herself, wearing different makeup, but various clothes from evening dresses to shorts with tanks. There are even photos where she wears a business suit. 

We would like to note that most of them look like something business or night-out-related, there’s still a lack of cozy clothes that all of us put on during our daily home life. There are many brands that work with such looks and can provide an infinite row of possibilities for models.

Essentialxo Videos

It looks like there are no videos of Essentialxo published on Instagram. This is a significant disadvantage even with such an extraordinary person behind this project:

  • Videos are a great part of any Instagram reel.
  • They make people feel that a person is real and can do & feel what they can and there’s no actual difference between them.
  • Such content like short videos can be useful for promoting her personality, model skills, and influencer capabilities on YouTube.
  • TikTok is another platform where consuming short video content is overwhelming. A lot of accounts show several times quicker growth on this platform than on all others combined.
  • If there’s an actual 3D model behind Essentialxo, Alexis Stone can invest in producing some visual content to keep the promo company going.

All of these facts show that it’s about time to increase her socializing skills by creating some shorts where she can be voiced to introduce her personality, hobbies, and interests.

Social Media Sites

Essentialxo works only with Instagram to collaborate with brands and magazines, engage the audience, and cooperate with other artists like 3D models and influencers, stylists and hair stylists, etc. The overall result shows that it’s the correct way to promote a new model in such a brand-new field as digital modeling and influencing. 

Anyway, there’s not enough presence of Essentialxo across various platforms. There are still a bunch of opportunities like creating a YouTube channel and making some shorts to post them twice or three times a week, to lead the people to her main account. TikTok is another almost-must-have social network because people highly tolerate such content there and don’t overthink if a person is real or only exists in a digital world.

Essentialxo Instagram

Essentialxo posts content from her on Instagram. The first photo appeared on April 20, 2020. It gathered over 1400 likes and several comments. She likes experimenting with various looks, keeps people engaged, and guesses what she will wear next.  Through this platform, she collaborates with fashion brands and other involved professionals such as stylists, photographers, etc.

Essentialxo TikTok 

There’s no TikTok profile for Essentialxo. This is a con because of two aspects. The first one is based on the fact that she doesn’t have videos that could introduce her to the audience. The second one is all about the TikTok community. People like digital models and influencers there. Even without videos, there’s a huge potential for consistent growth. 

Essentialxo Twitter 

Essentialxo doesn’t have a profile on Twitter (X). This can be acceptable taking into account that there are no big communities that support 3D/AI models and influencers. This is because to see the photo in full size you have to click on it. This lack of usability pushes people toward more comfortable for promotion platforms, such as Instagram.

Essentialxo YouTube

Essentialxo decided not to post content on YouTube. Anyway, we have a profile of a person behind her, Alexis Stone. He has a well-developed profile with 190K subscribers. The content includes photo/video sessions and videos of makeup & dress-up processes with explanations. In those videos, she shows step-by-step how to transform into another celebrity in a matter of hours.

Essentialxo Reddit

Essentialxo does not work with Reddit. There are various subreddits where she could promote herself as a digital model. Those groups are consistently looked at by various decision-makers of fashion brands. Nevertheless, there’s a topic where people discuss Alexis Stone’s personality and his experience in cross-dressing.

Essentialxo Website

Essentialxo doesn’t run any site outside of her profile on Instagram. Alexis Stone, the person behind this project, has a website that is actually hard to find. It was only mentioned on Facebook. It works as a store for T-shirts that are a bit overpriced. There are Slasher, GTA, Gaymer, Blood Bath, GCI, and Blade Runner styles. In addition, we have a link to his contacts.

There are still many opportunities available to promote not only Essentialxo digital personality but also to promote himself, providing some extra links, photos, videos, and, first of all, mentions in media where he was featured. 

Essentialxo should create her own site where she could land some details about her personality, preferences, hobbies, and other essentials. Many AI models do so, simply because the function of Instagram doesn’t allow them to create and manage portfolios, and various links.

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