Miori Celesta Vtuber

Who is Miori Celesta?

Miori Celesta is an American-Korean VTuber who works from the United States where she was born. She is a twenty-two-year-old talent who debuted on December 20, 2020, on YouTube. Since then, her channel has been growing to half a million subscribers.

She is a guild receptionist in the Asekai world. Miori Celesta decided to explore her world and become an adventurer on her own. After coincidence and some magical effects, she was thrown into our world. This didn’t pull her back. She kept exploring our world and after a short period of time she managed to become a VTuber. Celesta grows her guild bringing valuable resources and investing in further research. She likes to drink some cold beer when she is not up to quests.

Miori is a positive and welcoming girl who always helps others with their stuff and goals. She used to ring a bell during the stream if she said something inappropriate and at the beginning and the end of the stream. She has outstanding vocal capabilities which are widely respected by the fan base.

Miori Celesta VTuber

Miori Celesta works on several platforms after launching. The main one is YouTube where she uploads streams from StreamLabs, especially gaming, various cuts of funny moments, and some other content. There are a lot of music videos and clips with decent animation with cool effects. Such videos can grab people’s attention providing from several hundred thousand views to up to a million views.

This channel was created on November 17, 2020, in the United States. It has united over four hundred thousand subscribers who viewed her videos more than fifty million times. There were uploaded almost eight hundred videos and shorts which are quite popular among the community.

There’s a possibility to join the channel for $4.99 a month and get the name “Rookie Beerpal,” for $6.99 we can be “Apprentice Beerpal,” and for $14.99 “Journeyman Beerpal.” As we can see, she works with an audience who likes to drink with a beautiful girl with an insanely cheerful voice. 

She runs a Twitter account with just only forty thousand followers which is ten times less than her YouTube account. She likes to repost content from different creators without any limitation that could come from the parental company where you should repost and comment only content from in-house VTubers. So, those limits don’t affect her.

What Does Miori Celesta Look Like?

Miori Celesta has several looks from common anime-styled to chibi ones.

  • Miori Celesta has a wide but cute face with a natural blush.
  • She has a cute mouth and a little nose.
  • Her star eyes are a mix of yellow and green colors with big eyelashes and brown eyebrows which are mostly covered by forehead hairs.
  • She has a curly haircut over the shoulder long with a red-pink ribbon in рук braid on the right side of the head falling down. 
  • There’s a music sign pin on her left forehead.
  • She wears a pink-light rose shawl with a lot of gold stars attached to its edging. 
  • She puts on a shirt with a middle-sized decolte which is mostly covered by the shawl. It covers her arms fully with a holder on each hand. 
  • Miori Celesta puts on a skirt with a wide belt and beautifully music-notes-customed edging. 
  • There’s a microphone belt (like a sword belt) that goes from the left shoulder to the right hip.
  • She’s got a coll-looking and well-designed microphone with a holder ended with a star and the mic half covered.
  • There’s a Rose of the Wind sign on her mic belt.
  • She puts on overknees stockings and long boots of cream color with  Rose of the Wind signs on each and some gold features including the toes of the boots. 

Miori Celesta Face Reveal

Miori Celesta decided not to reveal her face. There can be various reasons behind this decision. The most obvious is that she avoids being recognized and treated improperly in real life. So, for many streamers, it becomes a new normal not to reveal their face at the beginning before they decide how to commercialize this in the best way. 

Being behind the veil is another pro because it is much easier to manage the community’s attention to direct it on what exactly you need. So, people don’t split their time between real-life and digital social network accounts, keep appreciating the efforts as a streamer over her look or anything from her real life. 

As a result, we can see a huge discord community who consistently seek conversation with her and people who just have fun talking with each other about daily routine and a variety of topics such as girls/boys, games, cars, travels, food, clothes, anime & manga, and so on.

Interesting Facts of Miori Celesta VTuber

There are a lot of interesting facts about Miori Celesta’s personality because a company’s requirements do not limit her.

  • She is an American/Korean streamer who lives in the United States.
  • She works through YouTube where she posts her streams and songs with clips. 
  • Miori Celesta has a lot of cool emojis and “drink” badges for membership on YouTube.
  • She has a huge fan base who consistently draw fan art on her and promote her streams across the Web.
  • A lot of streams with games we can find on her StreamLabs.
  • There’s a Discord channel that united over six thousand members under various chats where at least a third of them are online which is a lot. This shows that the number of members is real without bots and fake accounts.
  • If we subscribe for the ultimate package on YouTube we can expect to get: Access to high-quality audio & acapella files, Access to high-resolution art & illustrations, and Sneak peeks of future covers that deserve asked money.
  • She provided us with her account on Spotify where we can listen to her songs with our smartphone locked, alas this is not allowed on YouTube without Premium.
  • The most listened-to song on Spotify is “Love Me, Love Me, Love Me” with almost three and a half million plays. 
  • Her Spotify community amounts to over one hundred and twenty thousand listeners which makes her a quite popular singer.

How Old is Miori Celesta?

Miori Celesta is twenty-two years old. She was born on March 04. So, her Zodiac Sign is Pisces. For this short period of time, she is a former streamer for Tsunderia and MyHolo TV. This is an outstanding result to be in those teams and have collaborations in a short period of time. 

Her fan base adores her life experience and the thoughts that she shares in her streams. That’s why it has grown quickly from the beginning to almost half a million loyal viewers. In a short period of time after the debut stream, she opened her personal merch store where we can find deskmates, acrylic stands, glasses cleaners, keychains, blankets, eye masks, Mogu Shot glasses, oppai mousepad, signed prints, and water bottle. We don’t know why the catalog doesn’t include voice packages. Maybe they will be added anytime soon.

Where is Miori Celesta From?

Miori Celesta is originally from the United States. There’s no information about what coast and what city. She can travel around the country, doing her job and streaming in her spare time. Some of the streamers have 9-5 jobs or working under late shifts. This means that security reasons can prevail. 

She avoids providing the community with many details about her personality and what she is up to in real life in order to avoid problems. Let’s imagine someone shows up to her 9-5 jb and starts acting in a way like he (or she) knows her. All of this can go out of hand in a matter of seconds. This person will bring his experience to the chat, sharing it with others. Even if the community stands on her site, they will have some negative experiences as a result.

Where Does Miori Celesta Live?

Miori Celesta is a Korean-American VTuber. Her account was created in the United States on November 17, 2020. Even not currently connected to any parental talent company, she avoids introducing information about herself and where she lives.

It’s the best for her security because there are a lot of weirdos who could easily make the life of a streamer unbearable. Such behavior can trigger health and mental problems which immediately affect the quality of the stream. So, avoiding providing such information is the est. The maximum, she could easily go can be telling what state or what city she lives in.

Anyway, the final decision is completely up to her. She can tell about herself more in a charity or subscriber stream.

How Tall is Miori Celesta?

Let’s answer a common question “How Tall is Miori Celesta?” She is a tall girl of 160 cm or 5’3 height. Is this good for a VTuber? We would like to answer that these are quite descended body conditions for a girl but this actually doesn’t matter much because her streams are popular and she is a funny person.

People gathered around her in a monolithic fan base that has been growing for almost four years. Followers and subscribers appreciate her way of talking, chatting, playing games, and having fun together.

How Much Does Miori Celesta Make?

A lot of people google the question “How Much Does Miori Celesta Make?” but couldn’t find the right answer. We would like to answer this question indirectly based on the data from quite well-known sites like vidIQ. So, what we’ve got? 

Miori Celesta has an overall score of for her channel “A” which unites some indices based on video view consistency, subscriber/views ratio, upload frequency, engagement rates, and channel growth. The Views rate among similar channels is A. The Engagement rate is A and the Subscribers rate is A too. The subscribers’ growth dynamic has been over one percent for the last 30 days which is excellent. An Engagement rate is overwhelmingly high; it’s almost twenty percent. Her videos were watched almost fifty million times which is almost four percent of growth. The frequency of uploading videos is almost 10 which is better than for similar channels. Monthly earnings vary from over one thousand to almost four thousand dollars. An average video length is over twenty minutes which is good.

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