K/DA Seraphine AI Influencer & Model

Technological advancements in the modern world are such that occupants of the real world can be transported into virtual space and vice versa. Riot Games is one of the entities that have understood and ran with this concept.

As a video game developer with several successful projects to its name, it is keen on placing its gamers in a world of fantasy and making it ‘real’ for them. This concept is what has birthed characters like K/DA Seraphine AI model.

In the gaming universe, League of Legends to be precise, she is a champion with heroic abilities. To further thin the gap between the virtual and real worlds, the developer’s goal has been to pull out the characters in popular games into the human world.

Computer generated imagery (CGI) technology, through the principle of AI, has made it possible for the company to develop avatars that are able to engage in various human activities. In the case of AI influencer K/DA Seraphine, the focus was to make her into a successful musician with a ‘normal life’ both on and off stage.

In this article, it will be interesting to look at the journey of K/DA Seraphine model. Her social media content will offer insights on how her creator was able to humanize a character in the fantasy world.

Who is K/DA Seraphine?

On Spotify, Seraphine’s music has millions of streams. Her Instagram and Twitter pages also have an enormous following. So, who is K/DA Seraphine?

She is an avatar made on the principles of AI. She has been programmed into a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Interestingly, she appears to be from two different universes. In the League of Legends game, she is a champion with the ability to hear others’ souls. In contrast, she starts as an aspiring musician in the world of Riot music. Prior to collaborating with K/DA, she had a day job. She has since grown to perform at big stages including a tour to Shanghai.

 Seraphine AI model and members of the K/DA music group have the same creator. Indeed, their appearance, and works are comparable. However, they are different in that Seraphine’s life does not only revolve around K/DA. In addition to the collaborations she’s had with K/DA, she has other music projects that have garnered a huge fanbase.

Besides, her creator presents her as being more than an artist. She is a ‘cat mom’ who once enjoyed skating and who is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. With this relatability, AI influencer Seraphine has the potential to enter into partnership with an array of brands.  

Is K/DA Seraphine Real or Fake?

CGI and the broader field of AI helps creatives introduce ‘perfect’ virtual beings to the public. For instance, listening to her music without considering her appearance may have one wonder, is K/DA Seraphine real?

The reality is, she’s not. In fact, the answer is in her appearance. Unlike some virtual humans who can pass for a real face, she has a cartoon-like appearance.

Nonetheless, K/DA Seraphine fake nature has not hindered her from gelling into the real world and connecting with humans. For instance, she may not have a voice of her own. However, through the vocals of talented humans like Lexie Liu and Jasmine Clarke, she has grown into an artist with an enormous following. Songs like All The Things She Said and POP/STARS have raked in millions of listens on Spotify and YouTube.

Besides, her social media platforms have images and videos of her engaging in typical human activities. Being a ‘cat mom’, having a skin pampering session, and expressing that she is overwhelmed are part of the character that her fans relate to regardless of her fake nature.

Who Created K/DA Seraphine?

Behind every robot or virtual human is a creative(s) with the intent of telling a particular story. Through the computer generated being, the creator builds a character whose interests, values, and works are relatable to the target audience.

In the case of Seraphine, the story told is that of a young female avatar who is following her passion in the human world. Music and her cat occupy a special place in her heart. So, who created K/DA Seraphine?

Riot Games, the game developer behind the League of Legends is the brain behind the AI model’s existence. It is the same company that created the four members of the K/DA pop music group namely; Kai’sa, Akali, Evelynn, and Ahri.

 Just like the four K/DA members, Seraphine is associated with the company’s popular game, League of Legends. As a champion in the aforementioned video game, she is a playable character with unique abilities.

While Riot Games is K/DA Seraphine creator, there have been assertions that the company ‘stole’ the idea from a blogger. In 2020, a blogger called Stephanie claimed that Riot Games developed the AI influencer after she had a conversation with one of its employees. According to her, everything from the avatar’s cat to her appearance and name proves her case.

Riot Games refuted these claims stating, “Seraphine was independently created by Riot Games and was not based on any individual”. It further notes that the mentioned employee “left Riot more than a year ago and was in a department and role that has no input whatsoever into the creative design process”.    

K/DA Seraphine Images & Videos

Artists of all kinds use their craft to tell a particular story and connect with their target audience. Even without explaining the content, a creative is able to generate and present a specific visual for the public to consume. For musicians it’s their songs while for photographers it’s pictures.

For influencers, both virtual and human, their story is told through the images and videos on their social media pages. A look at Seraphine’s online platforms will offer insight into her life; the past, current, and future. Besides, this online content is helpful in understanding her target audience and the kind of partnerships she is likely to attract.

K/DA Seraphine Images

Since the conception stage, Seraphine’s creator had a particular character in mind. This includes her childhood, physical appearance, target audience, origin, and interests. While the character was clear to the creator, it was ill-defined to most people especially at the beginning. It is this disparity that highlights the need for well curated images.

K/DA Seraphine photos play a crucial role at summarizing how the model’s life has been since her introduction to the world. This includes snippets on what defines her, her works, thoughts, and engagements.

In one of K/DA Seraphine images pinned above,  she has a picture of herself as a child holding a guitar. Through the picture, her followers understand that music has been a major theme in her life since childhood. Besides, it is an effective approach to connecting with her fans as everyone has childhood memories.

In another photo on Instagram, she pins a board filled with encouraging messages from her followers. She uses the emotional post to assert that virtual influencers are a part of the human world and that they experience life in a similar way as humans. It is yet another opportunity for her creator to bolster the connection between the AI model and her audience, thus thinning the gap between the virtual and real worlds.

K/DA Seraphine Videos

The theme of K/DA Seraphine videos is similar to her images. Through the well-curated clips on her social media platforms, it becomes evident that music has been a major part of her life.

In a clip pinned above, she is a child holding a guitar, her face beaming with joy. She captions the video, ‘childhood dreams’. Without many words, the K/DA Seraphine video tells the story of a young girl who dreamed of becoming a successful musician and grew to fulfill those dreams. Seeing that her audience majorly comprises Gen Z and Millenials, it is a way of encouraging the youth and proving to them that their dreams are valid.

In addition to her social media posts, the public also gets to connect with the AI model via her music. Indeed, the popularity of her music is proof that humans see past her appearance and focus on her abilities.

Social Media Sites

Social media has grown into an integral part of the modern world. Over the years, it has evolved from platforms meant primarily for socializing with people from across the world, to a marketplace that every successful brand believes in.

As part of the aforementioned evolution, there is a large number of influencers who act as an interface between a product or service and the target market. With AI, these individuals can be virtual or human.

Seraphine is an example of an AI model thriving in the human world. Through her social media platforms, one gets an insight on her character and works. It is these online interactions that have formed the foundation of her success as an artist and influencer.

K/DA Seraphine Instagram

K/DA Seraphine Instagram page is one of her primary social media platforms. The well-curated content on this site is helpful in connecting with the avatar beyond her music. In one of the posts pinned above, she gets vulnerable with her followers with the caption, “I keep wondering when everyone’s going to figure out I don’t actually know what I’m doing”.

K/DA Seraphine TikTok

K/DA Seraphine TikTok account does not exist at the moment. However, one can still get snippets of her life and works via K/DA music. She may not be a member of the K pop music group but she has collaborated with them on a couple of projects.

K/DA Seraphine Twitter

K/DA Seraphine Twitter page has a similar theme as her other social media platforms. On several instances, she gets vulnerable with her fans; an aspect that further strengthens the existing connection. It is this relatability that has raked in an enormous following on Twitter since she joined the site in mid- 2020.  

K/DA Seraphine Spotify

K/DA Seraphine Spotify account is yet another social media site where the AI influencer exhibits her works. Her popularity as an artist is evident in the numerous streams that her songs attract. Among her popular songs is POP/STARS, which she collaborated with K/DA. In the latter, Seraphine’s voice is that of Jasmine Clarke.

K/DA Seraphine YouTube

K/DA Seraphine YouTube channel does not exist at the moment. However, one is able to enjoy her music through Spotify or League of Legends’ YouTube channel. As she continues to thrive as an artist, her creator may consider posting her works on the platform.

K/DA Seraphine Social Media Platforms

K/DA Seraphine on Instagram

K/DA Seraphine on Twitter

K/DA Seraphine on Spotify

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