Ryushen VTuber

Who is Ryushen?

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have made it possible for creatives to realize the broad fantasy of humans and non-humans coexisting in the real world. Among the virtual creations that are in everyone’s lips is VTubers (virtual YouTubers).

Content creators under this category are humans who choose to hide their identity behind avatars. With that, their followers get to interact with the character the avatar embodies while quenching their fantasy of interacting with a non-human.

Ryushen VTuber is one of the popular virtual YouTubers in modern society. They are a member of Nijisanji, a VTuber agency owned by Anycolor Inc. On its website, Nijisanji describes itself as a “VTUBER/Virtual Liver project in which influencers of many different kinds take part. Through events, sales of goods and digital content, music creation and in other ways, we accelerate the next generation of entertainment.”

The agency prides itself in having about 150 VTubers on video streaming sites like YouTube. These content creators are also active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitch, and Discord.  

As highlighted on Virtual YouTuber Wiki and their personal website, Ryushen real name is Sengawa Midori. Some streamers also refer to them casually as Midori. In fact, their Twitter handle is @Midori_2434.

While Ryushen real identity is hidden, at least for now, they have managed to build a strong community of fans online. Since joining Twitter in May 2018, they have garnered a huge following. This is the same case on YouTube and Spotify.

Ryushen VTuber

As aforementioned, Ryushen VTuber is a member of Nijisanji. Formally, they were the part of the first generation of Nijisanji SEEDS along the likes of Sister Claire, Izumo Kasumi, Uzuki Kou, Yashiro Kizuku, and Dola among others.  However, towards the end of 2018, Nijisanji SEEDS and Nijisanji Gamers merged to form Nijisanji as it is known today.

Ryushen is presented as a young adult. In fact, they debuted as an 18-year-old high school senior.

In terms of personality, they have a rather cool and calm demeanor. However, they can be overconfident and often portray some narcissistic traits. Actually, Najisanji’s website indicates that the VTuber “is narcissistic and believes one can do anything”.  

In addition to making music, Ryushen joined social media with the aim of making friends. Their live streams have become a proper platform upon which they connect with a broad audience.

In addition to connecting with their fans, they have also succeeded at collaborating with other VTubers. In fact, they are part of several musical groups; some that have been signed to well established labels.

The most popular musical group that Ryushen is part of is Rain Drops. It is a six-member group that debuted in 2020. Other members of the band are Suzuki Masaru, Joe Rikiichi, Elu, Warabeda Meiji, and Saegusa Akina. The group released their first mini-album, Synesthesia in 2020. Some of their accomplishments are performing at the Nijisanji Anniversary Festival of 2021.

He is also a member of Le Jouet together with Yumeoi Kakeru and Kagami Hayato. Their original songs include P.F.M. and Playtime Magic.

What Does Ryushen Look Like?

Most artists, both human and virtual, have a look that sets them apart from the rest. It is part of the strategy of leaving a lasting impression among the targeted audience.

For Ryushen VTuber, part of their signature look is their long teal blue hair. They often wear it into a braid that reaches their bosom and ties it at the end with a scrunchie. On the front, they have bangs styled to cover most of their forehead. The hair style is complete with a ‘fly away’ piece of hair stylishly hanging from the top of their head. Seeing that there is no official Ryushen face reveal yet, it is unclear if the avatar’s appearance is comparable to the content creator in real life.

Besides their unique hair, their big purple  and yellow eyes, long chin, thinly shaped eyebrows, and multiple pierced ears define their long face. They often accessorize their outfits with gold and red- tassel earrings on their left ear.

In terms of outfits, they tend to express their gender fluidity through what they wear. In one instance, they are in an outfit with a traditional Chinese style, in the next they are casually rocking a shirt and a tie.

It is also evident that the panda is their favorite animal. In fact, they are often seen holding a stuffed panda next to their chest. Perhaps Ryushen irl is also a big fan of the animal.

Ryushen Face Reveal

The essence of VTubing is posting content on various social media platforms, especially video streaming sites like YouTube, anonymously. The content creator hides behind an avatar. It is an effective way of building a totally different character and feeding humans’ fantasy of a world where humans and non-humans coexist.

That said, there are VTubers who have chosen to reveal their real identity as their avatar brand grows. For such individuals, the decision is a way of connecting deeper with their fans.

However, for the likes of Ryushen VTuber, the thought process is different. Granted, a Ryushen face reveal may occur along the way, whether intentionally or through a leaked picture(s). For now, hiding their real face has led their followers to overlook their appearance as an avatar and focus on the relatability of their character.

That said, it would be interesting to get a glimpse of Ryushen real face. How does Ryushen irl look like? Do they have any similarities with the avatar that has been gracing our YouTube accounts? Is their personality and interests anything close to that of the VTuber? Perhaps these are questions that we’ll get answers to as the VTuber grows and evolves.

Interesting Facts of Ryushen VTuber

Music is at the core of Ryushen’s existence. In fact, if they were to win a VTuber award, it would most likely be in a music category. Their love for singing is so intense that in September 2018, they sung 500 songs non-stop. It took three days, on three four-hour streams to fulfill this goal. He also did another endurance stream in May 2021.

Another interesting fact about Ryushen VTuber is that they neither identify as a male or female. As such, pronouns they/them are used on them. However, little is known about their dating life.

How Old is Rushen?

For digital content creators, relatability is a crucial aspect.  While this is not always the case, a young influencer connects easily with Millenials and Gen Z.

In the case of VTubers, the younger generation make up a huge portion of the audience. This explains why most VTubers are young adults. So how old is Ryushen?

The VTuber made their first appearance on 27th May 2018. At that time, they were 16 years.  This places their birthday on 16th April 2002. As at 2024, Ryushen age is 22 years.

Where is Ryushen From?

Whether intentionally or subconsciously, a content creator’s background rubs onto their craft. For VTubers, can be something as small as an accent or major as conducting a lifestyle that exudes a particular culture. That said, where is Ryushen from?

Their appearance does not necessarily show it but they are of Japanese descent. In fact, their live streams and music are primarily in Japanese.  

Where Does Ryushen Live?

Among many other issues, their fans are curious about; where does Ryushen live.

As aforementioned, Ryushen is a virtual talent affiliated to Nijisanji. The VTuber agency, together with its parent company, Anycolor Inc. are based in Japan. Granted, it has since expanded to China, South Korea, and Indonesia. Besides, on its website, it indicates that it has taken the overseas VTuber project to “English-speaking area and China”.

Seeing that Ryushen is a member of Nijisanji as opposed to Nijisanji EN, it is safe to conclude that they live in Japan. 

How Tall is Ryushen?

One of the interesting Internet questions about Ryushen VTuber is, how tall is Ryushen? It may look inconsequential, but it is actually an indication of the strong connection that the model has with their fans. In fact, people often search such questions for top human celebrities.

There are several channels on YouTube and Instagram whose main content is of celebrities answering Internet queries about themselves. This goes to show that VTubers are growing to be public figures with the same influence as their human counterparts if not more.

Back to Ryushen; they are 164.3 cm. This equates to 5’39” in feet. The average height of a Japanese female is  5’2” feet while that of a Japanese male is 5’7”. Ryushen does not identify as either a male or female. As such, one may state that they are rather tall for a woman but short as a man.

How Much Does Ryushen Make?

There are various ways that content creators, and VTubers to be precise make money. Patreon donations, subscriptions and membership fees, advertisements, and sale of merch are some of the popular revenue streams for the virtual YouTubers.

In addition to these revenue streams, some VTubers have decided to enter into the vast pornography industry. Some have chosen to leak their nudes in addition to posting nsfw and cosplay pornographic content.

In light of these numerous ways of earning a living, recent stats indicate that top VTubers can earn over $1 million a year. That said, not everyone gets to enjoy such earnings. In fact, there are concerns that some agency-affiliated VTubers go home with relatively low earnings.

A corp VTuber took to Reddit to complain about this matter. According to her, donations to VTubers which are one of the major sources of revenue, attract  50% deduction from the agency and a further 30% by YouTube. With that in mind, how much does Ryushen make?

The exact amount is not known. However, it is evident that they earn from merch sale and membership fees. Donations, collaborations, events, and streams of their music on Spotify also bring in some revenue.

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