Moira Vtuber

Who is Moira?

Moira is a popular Japanese 3D VTuber who has been streaming since January 31, 2018 so far. She is a Goddess who rules the destiny of all living beings. She broadcast directly from Heaven to help us to be better people and improve our experience. She is an open-minded and welcoming person but can be a bit selfish. She does her best to act like a real Goddess which makes her spread mommy vibes to the audience.

She has a pet Kero-chan from Cerberus and she cares about it a lot and mentions it during streams. She streams for a period from half an hour to four hours. In addition to this, she has a Radio broadcasting project called “MoiMoi Radio.”

Moira VTuber

Moira is a Japanese VTuber who got started on January 31, 2018, according to the YouTube account creation date. She is a popular girl who sings, plays games, runs a radio, chats, and has fun. Her account has grown to 144k subscribers. The channel has 627 videos and a lot of streams recorded. So far, all video content has 11,485, 572 views and keeps growing. It’s such a great success for several years of streaming. The last video was strened three weeks ago and it was viewed only 8600 times which is not quite much.

Anyway, her growth is not outstanding. During every year of her streaming experience, she could grow her channel only to 20,000 more followers. Apparently, lack of content and its consistency stopped her from being at least 400,000-500,000 followers of VTuber. She switched to a 3D model in March 2021. She uses various hashtags to unite her content across various platforms. There’s a hashtag for MoiMoi radio, Fanarts, Voice impressions, Thumbnails, Suggest, Heaven Meal, Questions and Answers, and 3D distribution. 

What Does Moira Look Like?

Moira’s look is so simplified if we would like to count the details of her body & facial features and appearance. Let’s dig into them:

  • Moira is a goddess who was inspired by Greek Mythology that runs people’s destiny.
  • She is an adult girl of 25-35 years old with feminine facial features, an accurate and cute mouth, and a little nose.
  • She has human ears that look out over her haircut a little bit.
  • Moira’s eyes are big and lovely with yellow-brown-purple pupils with a light brown border.
  • Her eyes browns are big and brown-red colored. 
  • They contract much with her haircut color which is blue-light blue. Moira has a short haircut that includes several braids that go from the forehead hairs to the back of her head. The haircut is quite short, up to her shoulder and it looks like a haircut that is like married women when they cut the long hairs to care less about watching & drying them for an hour almost every day.
  • She has a beautiful pair of white wings with blue borders. 
  • Moira has a beautiful bust that can let her call herself a mommy if she needs this.
  • Her dress includes a part that only her shoulder, keeping them transparent. There are some jewelry customizations of it.
  • She has a little mole on her right boob.
  • She wears long white gloves which are over the elbow.
  • Moira has a long, fancy dress of a blue color with big white edging.
  • She prefers wearing fancy blue-white shoes.
  • Her wings are big and can reach her knees on their max.
  • So far, she has only one set of appearances. 

Moira Face Reveal

We could not google any information about Moira’s face or Moira Face Reveal. So, most likely, she didn’t do so. Let’s get into details about a revealing face case for VTubers nowadays.

  • Moira avoids revealing her face because this can be a part of the deal.
  • She was invited by the well-known company NIJISANJI which is the big player in the influence/VTubers market. 
  • They could request this as a term of a contract you must strictly obey to get your payments on time, including not having problems with lawyers.
  • Her Twitter account mentioned that she was born on February 10, 1975. So, she is almost 49 years old. This can be another reason not to reveal her personality.
  • We know few VTubers who reveal their personality and, in fact, this was a significant drawback because the fan base has to check twice more social network profiles. 
  • If you have one account on YouTube and one on Twitter, there could be added another account on Twitter and one or even two accounts on Instagram, one account on Facebook, and so on. Just imagine, how actually much this distracts people’s attention.
  • So, keeping everything “as is” is a good way to work in this business.
  • At the same time, when the popularity requires some boosts, it’s possible to reveal her personality during collaborations, and online, or offline events like Comicon or VTuber ceremonies that are going on a yearly basis.

Interesting Facts of Moira VTuber

We have an infinity of cool facts about Moira VTuber to tell you. Let’s take a look at them:

  • She is one of more than two hundred streamers who are supported by NIJISANJI.
  • Moira is a streamer of the first generation that includes other VTubers: Tsukino Mito, Higuchi Kaede, Elu, Yuki Chihiro, Shizuka Rin, Shibuya Hajime, and Suzuya Aki.
  • She uses three nicknames in communication: Moira-sama, Goddess-sama, and Moi-Moi.
  • Moira belongs to the secretarial department of Temple 221B in the Heaven Area.
  • Her Twitter profile is a very popular place for 215,100 followers.
  • There is a mention that she was born on February 10, 1975.
  • She does not follow anyone on Twitter which is weird because she has to follow the parent company and other VTubers of this company.
  • Her profile on Twitter was created in January 2018. 
  • She communicates proactively, supporting people who dra fanart on her.
  • Moira tries to answer even the most ridiculous questions in the comments.
  • She spends enough time promoting her own merchandise and merch of other projects.
  • There are various reviews and stream schedules published to keep people updated.
  • On the platform BiliBili, she runs under the MILFOfficial nickname.
  • The last streams were mostly focused on relationships and got topics like Let’s talk about a Life with the Goddess, Love topics, and The First Cute Goddess Come Back for a short period of time.
  • Moira wants to keep controlling people’s destinies.
  • She used to control destiny, but now she joined NIJISANJI to stream and educate people.
  • She started her career by promoting NIJISANJI’s application at the beginning of 2018. 

How Old is Moira?

Moira is a lot of years old. She claimed to be over 4.6 billion years old because she is a goddess. According to her voice, if it was not changed by any application, she is 18-30 years old and she tries to act properly. Anycolor Inc., the company behind the NIJISANJI brand has an open-source deal that covers all kids who listen to their channels. So, accepting it, they have to be sure that their parents or people who care about them provide their approval before a kid starts watching. There’s also a mention that kids can use their parents’ credit cards for payments only with their parents’ permission. Kids have to watch content only during a relevant period of time that does not distract them from daily activities like going to school, doing hobbies and sports activities, etc.

Where is Moira From?

Most likely, Moira is from Japan because she is fluent in Japanese and speaks it without an accent. She feels comfortable keeping her private information actually private. There can be several reasons behind this decision. One of them can be because she doesn’t want to split attention from her streams to her personality. It can be hard to manage not only Moira’s profile on social networks but also her personal information. She can prefer something that actually doesn’t work well with her personality. So, keeping a real-life and digital experience apart can be a good idea.

Where Does Moira Live?

It’s hard to answer the question “Where Does Moira Live?” because there is no information published on her official profile on NIJISANJI. Anyway, it’s rare to see no information about YouTube page statistics without a mention of what country the account was created. For NIJISANJI’s projects, it’s typical to be in Japan. So, there’s a field for investigation for those who want to spend time on this. She is quite an open-minded person, so there’s a chance that she will say something that can reveal her, but keep in mind that revealing this information can be restricted by a contract.

How Tall is Moira?

Moira is 165 cm or 5’4 tall. It’s a pretty standard height for a girl on Earth, but she claimed to be a goddess, so this height can vary if she wants. According to her stream, her vibes are so energetic and positive. As far as she acts in this way, there is no need for the community to discuss her height. At the same time, she has a big bust, so, this works better with her height not taller or shorter, and with tick feminine hips. She doesn’t act like mommy and can be proactive doing various activities during a stream. 

How Much Does Moira Make?

There’s no such information about the question “How much does Moira make?” People assume on Reddit that the company can pay them a competitive salary taking all profits from their digital activities like streaming, donations via superchat, and merchandise sales. People claim that most of the money should go directly to a stranger if you buy their voice packs. 

So, having 144k subscribers on her YouTube channel can generate up to $7,000 monthly. There’s only one package for people who want to join this project for $4.99 a month. It includes five badges: LV100, four badges with a dog with a different background, and a badge with her face on a heart-shaped background. We can enjoy fifteen custom emojis to comment on in the live chat. There are extra features like Live streaming for members only, Members-only chat, and Members-only videos. 

Just a month ago Moira’s birthday goods & voice 2024 package was released and fully sold. The prices vary from over $10 to $58 with taxes. They include Birthday Voice & Bonus Wallpaper Set, Can Badge 2 Type Set, Acrylic Photo Frame, or All Goods Set.

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