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Sua AI is an influencer who runs a cool and entertaining profile on Instagram. For several years, she has united over an 83,000 people fan base around her personality and these ages weren’t even trading for digital models. She could reach such results because she is so natural, her moves are almost flawless. There are various locations that can be found in her photo library on Instagram and on her personal site. She shares the best expressions of visiting them and enjoying life.

In addition to her lifestyle, Sua AI is a model who works for various brands and promotes their products. So far, she is a well-known and successful digital model in South Korea. As a model, she prefers evening, business, and commercial dresses, but she never skips opportunities to dress in streetwear like jeans with a sweater or T-shirt or something like a summer dress, etc. There are various photos where she promotes a healthy and proactive life, eating the right meals and running or riding a bicycle, So far, she prefers simplicity in her makeup that gives her a completely natural look.

We are so inspired to go ahead with analyzing Sua’s portfolio. Let’s take a closer look at her profiles on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Who is Sua?

Sua is a digital model and influencer from South Korea. She is currently living in Seoul which is the capital of the country. According to her vision, she is a person who will connect our real world with a virtual reality like social network platforms, messengers, Metaverse, etc. 

She is an Asian lady who is about 5”5 tall with slim body condition. She has an hourglass body shape and a cute face. It seems to us that she has to be 22-27 years old. Sua received silky and long hair which she can braid.

According to her photos, she is a city person who enjoys traveling around not only Seoul but also well-known places in our world like the Golden Bridge in San Francisco or LegoLand Korea. She wears various clothes changing her look from photo to photo. Most of the styles can be split between various dresses and citywear. 

For several years, she was nominated and received awards as a Korean digital model and influencer who actually let this project grow quickly, covering upcoming needs like representing brand-new products without a need for real-life models. The main reason is why you need to digitalize a real model if you already have a digital model that can be loyal to your brand for generations.

Is Sua Real or Fake?

Would you mind thinking about the question “Is Sua Real?” The short answer can be yes because she lives a real life posting some fun photos of her travel around Seoul, visiting memorable places. She spends time like everyone, cooking, working, creating, having fun, drinking coffee, or petting a dog. Sua has consistently shown for years that every human activity is interesting to her. 

There are a lot of people working on every aspect of Sua’s personality to make her as real as possible. They develop every aspect of her personality such as behavior, hobbies, body and facial features, moves, etc. We can claim that they have reached great success, working on this project for many years.

Some of us may think that Sua is fake because she doesn’t exist in real life. This opinion has a point because you are not able to meet her in person with the current state of human knowledge but our world changes quickly and everything can be possible in the future. Even now, she has an outstanding level of how realistic her movements are, and all of these aspects are increasing every day. Our world and, especially, digital companies like well-known brands, fashion companies, magazines, etc. are ready to unite their effort in promoting products and solutions in both worlds. Nowadays, all information about upcoming products comes from devices, not from printed brochures.

Who Created Sua?

Sua was created by a team from OneMind Inc. Their office is located on Banpo-daero 12-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. We couldn’t find a LinkedIn page of the company to figure out how many followers it has and how many employees work there. The company’s portfolio includes various nominations and honorable mentions that were received for the last four years. The site received a language switcher so we can work with it in English and Korean. 

Let’s talk about their features:

  • The devs claimed that they connect our world with virtual reality. 
  • Sua is the first Korean real-time virtual human.
  • They support access to the products through IP and AI services.
  • The company’s goal is to create a unique experience where a model can talk and think on her own.
  • There are various reels of Sua’s expressions that show how well she is developed.
  • One Mind hires various talented people to keep this project going.
  • It has a great studio to take photo sessions to create an unforgettable experience.
  • They have already worked with such companies as Hana Bank, Neptune, and SK Square.
  • The company has the possibility to do 3D scanning of a person by providing a well-sculptured model.
  • We have noticed a stage where they can capture real motions and recognize them finishing this with the final product at the end.
  • The focus is on developing as smoothest and most realistic models as possible investing a significant amount of resources in this.

Sua Images & Videos

Sua shares a lot of different content across the most viable social network for modern AI incidents and models. The developers put her in different positions doing a lot of various activities that we can repeat to have some fun like eating a cupcake or playing basketball. There are other pros of posting that kind of content on Instagram:

  • Sua works perfectly well with posting photos and short videos, confirming that she is a great digital model and can be invited to a marketing promotion company for any well-known brand. 
  • She focuses on promoting local brands, teams, culture, food, location, attractions, and so on. So, she can be a good fit.
  • She deeply understands what content people would like to watch, see, and experience. 
  • Working with different styles and life situations, Sua could bring us the best emotions.

Sua Images 

Sua consistently posts various photos on Instagram where she communicates with a wide-range audience. Among all activities, she promotes positive thinking, exploring duties, visiting friends, and going out with buddies. Many images show that she likes not only fashion, and commercial clothes but something more casual like home clothes or stream wear. 

In many photos, Sua cooks or eats something delicious. This is a positive one for those who prefer something real over fashion exhibitions or club dresses. She shows how much she loves something real that everyone can experience. 

Sua posts photos of herself on various Seoul backgrounds, memorable places, and city attractions. We could find not only photos of her on the magazine cover but also working in the office or doing some chores. 

She likes to eat healthy and play with dogs. It’s great that Sua spreads positivity and healthy life basics among followers. Among modern AI models, she received much more likes than other people because she knows how to keep the advice loyal and ready to talk. 

Sua Videos

Sua published a lot of videos on three platforms: YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. This engages a lot of people around the world because 3D models have been popular for the last several years. So, let’s talk about some positive moments of posting videos across platforms:

  • Sua works not only with shorts/reels but also with one-two-minute videos that vary depending on the topic. If she wants to share something about her mood, music, and feelings, Sua uses shorts. 
  • Videos are essential for growing as a digital model and introduce her skills as a model and influencer. 
  • Shorts are great for communication through captions with followers on Instagram. As a result, the Instagram profile has been growing rapidly. 
  • There are shorts grouped depending on the occasion that helps fans to navigate them comfortably. People love to answer open-ended questions. 
  • The developers keep working on creating brilliant shorts, and videos, understanding based on feedback what people want to watch. 

Social Media Sites

Sua works with various web resources like Instagram, and TikTok, and there is a mention of a website in her profile on Instagram that leads us to the profile of a mother company. There’s an email attached to it, so we can contact her developers directly. Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of being represented on various sites:

  • Sua focuses on posting content mostly on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. We are sure that it is a wise decision to limit the number of places to post because all of this is up to the growing community not just represented. 
  • It would be a significant con to have a profile on Facebook and cross-post some core information from Instagram in one click. It’s not a big effort but the rewards can be significant. 
  • We would like to note that having a 3D model of Sua could produce more videos with a schedule of 1-3 every week to engage people. 
  • A subreddit would be a great place to work in the form of question/answer so people feel that she is a real person who wants to communicate. 

Sua Instagram

Sua runs a well-developed profile on Instagram. It attracted the attention of more than 83,000 followers. She has published over 250 posts for several years so far. We would like to note that she is actually a proactive user who consistently pleases her fan base with new photos. 

Sua TikTok 

Sua runs her profile in TikTok gathering around herself a community of 18,000 followers. The profile is popular among people of various ages who would like to watch dance shorts and some stories from her daily life in Seoul. Even having this huge fan base, she follows only eleven accounts which is apparently not enough to be in touch with current market trends. 

Sua Twitter 

Sua doesn’t have a profile on Twitter which can limit the dynamic of growth of her community. Anyway, many AI and 3D models skip creating pages on Twitter because this platform doesn’t provide the relevant UI functionality for photo and video content, especially stories. 

Sua YouTube

Sua created a profile on YouTube to publish promo videos. There are twenty-eight videos and shorts released. The last one was a video of SK Telecom from Korea. The community grows slowly compared to her Instagram profile. There are only 1070 subscribers and a significant part of them can be companies that would mind working with her and people who appreciate this type of content. 

Sua Reddit

Sua decided not to create a Reddit profile or subreddit. There are some fans of 3D & AI models available, but actually, this community is not as big as Instagram. Supporting several platforms at once without receiving proper growth doesn’t look like a smart decision. That’s why the developers skipped working with Reddit.

Sua Website

Sua doesn’t create her own personal website where her portfolio could be systemized but she has a page on the On Mind Inc. site. Right now, all the latest updates can be found only on her Instagram profile. Let’s discuss the possible cons of not having a website:

  • It is hard to search for her on Google without having even a simple website.
  • The site allows people to do search engine optimization to be shown to people who use different keywords like AI model, 3D model, etc.
  • Most of the companies behind those models use a personal website to introduce services they can provide with the collaboration of companies with their models such as introducing clothes or jewelry collections, being a fashion ambassador in Metaverse, introducing new tech and car products, and so on.
  • Usually, it’s the best place to publish mentions and article links from well-known media companies. The company can systemize them in any order to make the right expressions about their business model.
  • At the same time, the site allows to use of keywords in describing all photo content to Google. This increases the organic traffic of visitors to the site.
  • There are many possibilities to systemize content based on your personal preferences instead of the time of posting on Instagram.
  • The personal site provides you with the possibility of posting full-length videos from YouTube.
  • The most important for fashion models and agencies behind them is to make the site look however they want without any limitations from Instagram.

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