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Have you heard of virtual humans? Encountered a personality that refers to themselves as a virtual being online? Undoubtedly, we are in the era of AI and virtual influencers. Their popularity and influence are rapidly gathering pace. A recent Virtual Influencers Survey shows at least 58% of respondents follow a virtual influencer. 35% have bought a product or consumed a service marketed by a virtual influencer. Dear reader, let’s roll our sleeves as we uncover the life of Ayayi AI influencer. 

She looks like a real human, and her encounters are human-like. But guess what? Ayayi model is crafted from the depths of engineering and AI. And now she is out to do what she was meant to do – influence. Ayayi is also a brand, using her big name for partnership and advertisement. 

Ideally, Ayayi AI model is a representation of virtual influence in which businesses are turning to technology to grow their brands. As curated beings, AI influencers like Ayayi are capable of being recreated, transformed, and customized to unique needs. They don’t age or get tired as real humans would. This allows them to effectively influence their specific niche areas, becoming attractive to brands looking for visibility online. 

Who is Ayayi?

The search for answers on who is Ayayi leads us to a unique discovery of her origin, life, and brand. We find that Ayayi is originally from China and was born from social media, a fact that identifies her as a digital creator. Her exact birth date is not given, although Ayayi AI model made her first appearance on May 20, 2021. Besides this, she is a meta-human, out to connect virtuality and reality through her envisioned utopia dreamland. 

Ayayi has made a name for herself, disrupting the Chinese fashion industry through her high-end partnerships. The model has worked with top names such as The Middle House Hotel and luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton. Top magazines also leverage her beauty by featuring her on the front pages to attract readers. 

While AI influencer Ayayi is Chinese, she also communicates in English. That allows her to reach English audiences across the world, a factor that make her outwit human counterparts. But why has Ayayi become so influential?

Becoming one of the most followed influencers is not by accident for Ayayi. The perfectly curated photos, sense of style, and fashion displayed in her images are meant to create lasting impressions. No wonder many of her loyal fans are eager to meet her in person. As this little girl’s short life has demonstrated, a lot awaits her as the world of virtual influencing broadens.

Is Ayayi Real or Fake?

Picture perfect, blond hair, and hyper-realistic details, Ayayi real identity is almost easy to confirm. But beyond the glamor and attention of this model, she is not human like us. 

Ayayi fake nature is confirmed by the fact her creators are known. One of them, AWW Inc., is a Chinese company known for bringing other virtual influencers to life. Thanks to this revelation, we can confirm that Ayayi is a robot and, therefore, fake. 

There is also something amiss with this influencer that lets us question her identity. Ayayi refers to herself as phygital brand, which essentially means the use of technology to connect the physical and digital world. She wants to build an utopian dreamland, “where virtuality coexists with reality.” In this superhuman attribution, Ayayi transcends human limitations, challenging any conventional wisdom that what she displays is her real face.  

She even features a phygital wardrobe collection, where users can shop for her various collections inspired by her otherworldly heart desires. In this, we see Ayayi challenging real humans to break boundaries and pursue their most fearful heart desires and dreams.

Who Created Ayayi

The brand/personality who created Ayayi is identified as the Chinese company Ranmai Technology. The company made the AI model in collaboration with Aww Inc., a Japanese company famous for generating cutting-edge virtual influencers. Aww Inc. has created influencers such as Imma Gram using the same realism and style used to clone Ayayi. 

Ayayi creator hoped that the creation of this being would unlock infinite possibilities as the world continuously evolves towards virtual realities, digital art, and the Metaverse. This is exhibited in the influencer’s phygital orientation. In one of the public encounters shared by Ayayi on her X (Twitter) page, the model engages in a surreal interview with The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget. The Sandbox is one of the blockchain platforms taking brands to the world of virtual realities, the Metaverse. 

Regardless of whether the Ayayi creator had other ideas in mind when they built her, one thing stands out – they endeavored for precision and beauty. Adored in unique and masterful wear, Ayayi is a fascinating being, which allows her to attract followers and take her influence to the next level. Top brands looking for her to broaden their online visibility and reach are obviously capitalizing on her high-quality aesthetics that tend to provoke attention and action.

Ayayi creators also seem to have reimagined the future of marketing to generate this virtual being. This is informed by more Gen-Z consumers receptive to the idea of virtual influencers. Sara Giusto, a producer at Aww Inc., acknowledges this transition in an interview. She is quoted saying, “I think there’s importance in virtual humans, because why not? It all goes back to the way we consume media and build our own realities from it.” As such, Ayayi creators were out to capitalize on this trend and be future-ready. 

Ayayi Images and Videos

Were it not because of imagery and videography, perhaps we wouldn’t be aware of virtual influencers. Through pictures and videos, AI influencers open us to their world, permitting deeper connections and creating long-lasting emotions. Ayayi has used this tactic, generating captivating photos and videos that resonate with her audience and her niche of fashion and digital art. Images and videos also welcome the fans to her world of virtual realities, which this key opinion leader has embraced. Let’s discover more of these below:

Ayayi Images

Gorgeous, fashionista, and futuristic are the perfect descriptions of Ayayi’s images that she shares with her fans. Her blonde hair seamlessly fuses with her spotless face and glowing skin tone. Her flawless photos have been a topic of discussion online but always elicit reactions that they create unrealistic expectations in real life. However, it is an embodiment of modern influencing, where audiences are attracted to models who supersede what is considered normal.

As a fashion and phygital brand, Ayayi photos also come in multiple dimensions and attires, all pushing a narrative around clothing and explorations of the virtual world. Most, if not all, of Ayayi photos exude her professional stance, and rarely will you see her posting herself in a bikini or skimpy attire. This might have been intentionally aimed at keeping her followers glued to her type of influence in fashion and virtual realities, thus taking influence to greater heights in the fields.

Ayayi Videos

Videos have become effective tools for connecting with audiences as influencers can capture multiple aspects through time and space. Ayayi uses the video approach to target her audiences, taking them through her world of fashion and virtual space.

Each Ayayi video tells a story that only motion can effectively capture. She particularly uses videos to take the fans through her utopia dreamland of endless wonders and aesthetics. Ayayi videos are integrated with background music to elicit emotions and reflections. 

Additionally, through videos, Ayayi is able to walk fans through her virtual encounters with other meta-humans within her dreamland. This challenges her fans to dream beyond their imaginations by exploring the unthinkable. We definitely know that her images are AI-generated, but they inspire us to break barriers and go for the extraordinary.

Social Media Sites

Social media is the medium through which Ayayi fans can connect with her. Due to the geographical reach of social media, Ayayi can target her worldwide fans, both young and old. We see her posting engaging content, images, and videos and selling her brand through social media. As we walk through various social media pages that this virtual being embraces, we can’t fail to notice one thing – Ayayi lives to the mantra of simple living and “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” 

From time to time, she takes time out to declutter her mind and enjoy the freshness of life outside her virtual and fashion fields.

Ayayi Instagram

Ayayi uses her Instagram to post photos of herself and short-reels. Each of Ayayi Instagram photos or videos focuses on a specific aspect, such as a fashion trend, virtuality, places she has been to, or simply her enjoying herself. She prefers to call herself a digital creator and uses Instagram to sell her @ayayiofficial Phygital wardrobe collection. 

Ayayi TikTok

Despite multiple sharing of Ayayi on various TikTok accounts, there is no official page for her fans. Given her liking for short videos, Ayayi TikTok account might be created in the future to build deeper connections.

Ayayi Twitter

Ayayi Twitter isn’t as busy as one would expect. She has posted very few articles, images, and videos, and perhaps that is the reason the followership is low. Nonetheless, she uses the platform to share her experiences and push her brand.

Ayayi YouTube

Unfortunately, there is no Ayayi YouTube account. Fans can still connect with the influencer through alternative social media platforms.

Ayayi Reddit

There is no official Ayayi Reddit account. She might create one in the future, but this is all speculation. 

Ayayi Website

Ayayi website is her one-stop-shop for her community. She uses the platform to showcase her utopia dreamland and her interactions with other humans. Ayayi also uses her website to sell her phygital brand and challenge her fans with deeply thought postings about pursuing dreams beyond one’s imagination. Her website is also a landing page for her other social media pages. 

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