Aia Amare Vtuber

Who is Aia Amare?

Aia Amare is a popular Japanese VTuber who is originally from Japan. She belongs to the sixth seed of “ILUNA” of one of the leading companies on the market, NIJISANJI. After joining the team, she focuses on producing English-speaking content, but widely supporting Japanese content, culture, traditions, and events. 

Aia Amare is an angel who descended to our world to make people happy and help them to bear their daily routines. She likes to act silly and lightly bull the followers to start a conversation or gently push them to do the right things in their lives.

Her debut was introduced by the song “Let’s Get It Started” which was produced by MATZ. This allows her to grow quickly up to hundreds of thousands of followers across YouTube and Twitter. Any post gathers hundreds of likes and reposts.

Aia Amare VTuber

Aia Amare is an angel that went or descended to our world to have fun with us chatting, reading, singing, cooking, playing games, and having fun. She started two years two years ago and proved that investing in her personality was a great decision for NIJISANJI.

She has formed a loyal fan base who likes to be lightly bullied and teased. That’s why she has two sets of appearances where one is more conservative as for an angel and the other one is absolutely pin-up with a big decollete and a great top that opens her belly with an amazing dress that is cut out to the shorts size on the front, showing her stocking all the way up.

What Does Aia Amare Look Like?

Aia Amare looks like an adult girl with a lot of interesting facial features and clothes style details. We have four pieces of art to discuss. Let’s start with her casual full-body look:

  • She has the gorgeous face of a mature woman with a cute mouth and a little nose that is not quite remarkable. 
  • Aia Amare received middle-sized eyes with blue-green iris & dark green borders, and black pupils. All of these colors at once look absolutely amazing.
  • She has waist-long hair that is united in one big right-sided braid with a beautiful gold-agate colored locker.
  • There’s a piece with a white start-shaped hairpin.
  • She has a beret of milk-gray color with a burgundy colored bow. The beret has three styled stars that can be a sign of Heavenly background of her.
  • Aia Amare wears a pince-nez with a transparent “top” that does not hide her eyebrows and eyelids.
  • She wears a long milk-gray colored dress with long sleeves and fancy shoulders. There’s a light-dark dress collar with the cross sign of agate color. 
  • We have another bow on her chest with a little cross. This is styled in a way for people not to stare at her boobs which are middle-sized.
  • She wears a light-dark corset and a belt chain with a talisman. 
  • Aia Amare puts on stylish shoes that match the color and style of her appearance.
  • She got a book in her left hand.
  • In her angelic appearance, she has her hair fall freely over the knees.
  • She has a top with open shoulders, a belly, and a big decollete which is well-stylized by stars and gold edging and agate-colored stones. The tip has two beautiful burgundy bows on her forearm.
  • She wears over-the-ankle leather grey gloves with some rings and a lot of bracelets on her left hand.
  • She wears a long white-gold colored dress with an open front side that makes it look like a skirt. 
  • She wears a dark short leather belt around her waist which includes holders for a book and talisman. 
  • She puts on black stockings with white holders which are featured by a little and cute red bow on the left leg.
  • Her black shoes are made from leather with a gold cross sign.
  • She wears a black collar with a connected talisman that lies on her chest.
  • There’s a huge gold-colored nimbus behind her.
  • Her room looks heavenly and “orders obedience” during the day and at night.

Aia Amare Face Reveal

We googled for Aia Amare’s face reveal photos but we couldn’t find any of them. There’s another VTuber who works with the same name but she is not affiliated with NIJISANJI company. So, this can be a part of the contract where the VTuber associated with NIJISANJI has to focus on promoting the digital character/personality rather than mix everything up and spread people’s attention.

At the same time, some of the subscribers may not like the streamer in real life, so, this will damage a digital personality and decrease popularity and revenue. So, most likely, Aia Amare must receive approval from the mother company but this is actually not real for a business model. There can be in-house baked events that allow the fans of NIJISANJI to do something important and viable for the company and streamers to reach a possibility of the fave reveal of some streamers.

This can be a part of a more massive event like the Comi Con in Tokyo or any of the same size and influence venue. Anyway, there are always hints and some extra information in the chat if you have a strategy for how to disclose a person, asking the right questions.

Interesting Facts of Aia Amare VTuber

Profiles of Aia Amare on various social networks are full of funny facts and interesting details. Some of them could be found only from streams while others from posts on Twitter:

  • Aia Amare is a VTuber who is accocicated with NIJISANJI EN.
  • She belongs to the sixth wave of “ILUNA” with five other digital personalities.
  • Her account on YouTube was created on July 05, 2022, a day after the US Independence Day.
  • The profile has a huge popularity with many million views that will overtake a milestone of ten million views.
  • So far, the channel has over a hundred views.
  • She hasn’t streamed for a significant period of time.
  • Aia Amare has various hashtags to increase the engagement of her audience in various activities like drawing fan art on Twitter.

How Old is Aia Amare?

There’s no clear information about the “How Old is Aia Amare?” question. We have only two dates on the plate. The first one is the date of her birth which is May 27. Her first stream date was on July 25, 2022. Listening and watching her streams provides us with the information that she is an adult girl who just streams to have some fun. Her behavior shows that she understands a lot of things around her, but from time to time makes something silly. 

This is exactly what a person of an angelic background needs. She should not be flawless or her comment will be simply not interesting. Having some flaws makes her a real person with her pros and cons. People can feel connected because she acts and makes mistakes like everyone else around.

Where is Aia Amare From?

Aia Amare is originally from Heaven if we talk about her angelic personality. So, she descended to Earth to have some fun and help people to be better. Her personality includes teasing, having fun, bullying cheerfully, and everything that doesn’t damage people. She is up to every activity that brings joy and fun to chat like singing in karaoke or chatting, discussing some preferred in anime, manga, TV shows, food, and so on.

Anyway, she acts like a Japanese girl in her 20-30s. Aia Amare knows local culture which is impossible to keep in mind and answer quickly if you are a foreign person. Most likely, she lives in a metropolitan area of a big city because she likes city activities over country ones.

Where Does Aia Amare Live?

Aia Amare came to Earth from Heaven. This was an all-around decision to make humankind a bit better. Most likely, she is currently living in Japan where her account was actually created on YouTube on July 05, 2022. We have both several pros and several cons about hiding the real place of living. Among the pros we would like to underlain that Aia Amare may not want to split attention between her and her YouTube personality across various accounts in social networks, keeping in mind that the number of subscribers is going down during the last year to date. There’s a single mention on Twitter that she is in the Institute of Mystics.

How Tall is Aia Amare?

Aia Amare is a female who is 158 cm or 5’2. We could not find any mention of why this height was chosen for her digital personality. Most likely, it’s her tallness in real life and she decided not to change it at all. Don’t forget, she is a kind of an angelic being, so, Aia Amare can change her height from 5’2 to even a thousand feet in a matter of seconds. Keeping this as a mystery part of her personality that can be changed in a moment is a great move. 

How Much Does Aia Amare Make?

There are several sites like SocialCounts or PlayBoard where we can find some actual information about how much Aia Amare makes. She is among one of almost five thousand streamers in Japan according to the subscribers rank and she is on the downward trend. The same is based on the data from worldwide streamers. Her popularity decreased to twenty-thirty percent within a year. Now, she is around the top two hundred thousand streamers. The average video view is low, compared to the number of subscribers, and it amounts to less than ten thousand.

According to the data, she has had a huge problem with inviting new subscribers for the last several years. If we talk about profits from super chat donations, average donations during one stream vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. The platform mentioned some videos deleted like “DRUNK CHRISTMAS KARAOKE TIME!【NIJISANJI EN | Aia Amare 】” was successful by the amount of donations, but received few likes.

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