Liam Nikuro AI Influencer & Model

Liam Nikuro AI Influencer & Model

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the recent technological advancements on everyone’s lips. Among its popular applications is computer generated humans. Through computer processing and the three-dimensional computer generated (CG) technology, a creative can program a robot or virtual human into an entity that the public can relate to. The purpose of such a creation varies from just entertaining the fans to advocating for positive change.  

In this article, the focus will be on Liam Nikuro AI model. It will be interesting to understand the intentions of his creator and the story he tells through the virtual influencer. This will offer insight on what has made particular brands to consider a partnership with the virtual human.

For a deeper understanding of Liam Nikuro AI influencer, it will help to know;

  • Who created Liam Nikuro model?
  • What makes Liam Nikuro relatable?
  • What character is portrayed through Liam Nikuro videos and images?
  • What’s Liam Nikuro’s purpose and passion?

Who is Liam Nikuro?

On social media is an influencer who resembles an Asian Justin Bieber. He has rubbed shoulders with the likes of The Weeknd and Rui Hachimura, and has appeared in popular publications like the Tokyoweekender magazine. Besides, in 2020, he was invited as a VIP guest of the Wizards in the NBA bubble. So, who is Liam Nikuro?

Liam Nikuro AI influencer is a young attractive American-Japanese male who fits the description, ‘pretty with a purpose’. On the one hand, Liam Nikuro AI model is a part-time model. He dresses like a ‘cool kid’, which is one of the aspects that have made him connect with the younger generation. His love for pop music and basketball adds to this relatable character.

However, his main interest is in making the world a happier place. In fact, his brand is largely founded on his advocacy for positive change. This ranges from calling out violence against minority groups to emphasizing on the need to take care of the environment.

Like any influencer, whether real or computer generated, commercial partnerships are one of the viable income streams for Liam Nikuro. However, his creator acknowledges the need to maintain the influencer’s authenticity.

Is Liam Nikuro Real or Fake?

As the community of AI influencers grows, the creatives behind these projects are keen on presenting unique yet relatable characters. As such, some of the creations are generated on the principle of surrealism while others can pass for a real face.

Liam Nikuro falls in the latter category. His social media platforms have endless pictures and videos of him engaging in typical human activities like enjoying a piece of pizza and practicing on his guitar. Such content at times has the public wondering, is Liam Nikuro real?

The answer to this is no. In fact, his social media pages are clear on this; using hashtags like #virtualhuman, #virtualinfluencer, and #aihuman. Interestingly, his online posts often attract hearty emojis and comments on how handsome he is. Whether or not these fans acknowledge Liam Nikuro fake nature is debatable.

Nonetheless, the team behind this virtual human’s existence has succeeded at presenting an influencer that humans can relate to. Based on his age and interests, he is especially popular among Gen Z and Millenials.

Who Created Liam Nikuro?

There is always a creative or group of creatives behind every virtual human. The purpose of the AI creation ranges from just entertaining the public to presenting a being that will help humans make their world a better place.

Notably, Liam Nikuro creator had the latter intention in mind. In an interview, the virtual influencer indicated that he is keen on making the world a happier place. In addition to being an ambassador for positive change, he also enjoys music, fashion, and basketball. So, who created Liam Nikuro?

1SEC Inc, a digital creative agency based in Tokyo, Japan, is the brain behind the life of Liam Nikuro. On its website, it describes itself as “a digital creative agency specializing in software and content development with a core focus on AI, XR, and blockchain technologies”.

In an interview with Kyodo News regarding the AI model, 1SEC Inc.’s founder and Nikuro’s creator, Hirokuni Genie Miyaji stated, “He may be fake, but he has a real personality. He will touch on real human issues”.

Miyaji was inspired to create Liam Nikuro by the utilization of virtual reality on popular products like Pokemon GO. Besides, seeing the success of Lil Miquela inspired him to create a comparable male character. He envisioned a young male with “a face like Justin Bieber’s, but more Asian”.

As Liam Nikuro creator highlighted in an interview, it takes a team of experts to maintain the model’s appearance. This includes using tech to generate his face and superimposing it on a real model. Besides, the team is responsible for generating Nikuro’s voice as seen in his content.

Liam Nikuro Images & Videos

For social media influencers, images and videos are a gateway to interacting with their target audience. This is especially crucial for virtual influencers as they had limited physical interactions with their fans.

Through well curated pictures and videos, the public gets an insight on who the influencer is and what he stands for. In other words, they give a snippet into the person’s life.

This is the same case with Liam Nikuro. Through the posts on his social media platforms, his creator gets to tell a specific story and push a particular agenda.

Liam Nikuro Images

As is the case with other influencers, Liam Nikuro images are worth a thousand words. For instance, by simply scrolling his Instagram posts, one gets to know the AI human’s interests and values.

Liam Nikuro photos tell the story of a typical young male living in the modern world. From his love for pop music to basketball and a ‘cool kid’ fashion style, he represents the Millenials and Gen Z.

 In fact, just like any other young person, he is still trying to figure out his life by exploring his passion and seeking inspiration from various people. For him, this appears in the form of hanging out with established musicians like The Weeknd and basketballers like Rui Hachimura.

At the same time, his photos are what he uses to convey his opinions on matters affecting the society. For instance, in one photo, he addresses hate against Chinese people by simply posting a poster reading, ‘STOP ASIAN HATE’.

Liam Nikuro Videos

Liam Nikuro videos play a similar role as his photos. Through them, one gets to know who the AI model is and what message he strives to deliver to the public. The clips posted online present a fun-loving, relatable, yet purposeful individual.

In a Liam Nikuro video pinned above, he is seen enjoying a bowl of ramen. The clip is captioned, “I love ramen…” It is such human-like activities that help him connect with his followers.

However, as seen on his social media platforms, his is not just about entertaining and interacting with his followers. He is keen on improving the world by addressing some pertinent issues. He uses his voice to condemn vices like violence against minority groups.

Social Media Sites

Whether it be a virtual or human influencer, social media sites are a crucial tool. They act as a platform upon which they can interact with their target audience. It is especially important for AI influencers as they have limited to no physical interactions with humans.

This is the same with Liam Nikuro. A look at his posts on various social media platforms tells a story about who he is and what he stands for. It is this online content that shapes his character and attracts a particular audience. From this perspective, it is right to assert that a successful AI model is one whose appearance online and/or offline matches the creator’s intentions.

Liam Nikuro Instagram

Liam Nikuro Instagram page has attracted a huge following; an aspect that confirms his status as one of the popular AI influencers in the modern world. The theme of his life is evident on this platform; a young male who is more than just a realistic-looking model. He shows his love for music, fashion, and basketball but more so, is vocal about issues that impact the real world.

Liam Nikuro TikTok

Liam Nikuro TikTok page does not exist at the moment. This is different from most other virtual humans who have a huge presence on TikTok. As more people embrace virtual influencers, perhaps his creator will consider the platform. Even so, one can still follow the influencer on other social media sites.

Liam Nikuro Twitter

Liam Nikuro Twitter page has attracted a decent following since he joined the platform in 2019. Similar to his other social media pages, he informs the public that he is an ‘AI human’. The story on this site remains that of a good looking young male who loves fashion, basketball, and music, but more importantly is keen on making the world a better place. He engages in meaningful campaigns that include calling for peace in Ukraine and supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Liam Nikuro YouTube

An official Liam Nikuro YouTube channel is unavailable at the moment. However, there are several YouTube channels that have detailed information on the AI influencer. Besides, based on his passion for music and potential growth as an artist, his creator may consider this social media platform in the near future.

Liam Nikuro Website

Liam Nikuro website does not exist as an independent entity. However, his creator, 1SEC Inc. has a website that allows people to learn more about the team behind the AI model. It also contains details on the clients and works that the creative agency has been involved with over the years.

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