Top Asian AI Models

In recent times Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a transformative and dynamic change in industries all around the globe. In the case of digital marketing, one such transformation is the rise of top Asian AI models. These are AI-generated characters having a massive follower base on social media platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook, among others. The AI celebrities are capturing the platform user’s attention with their real-life looks and using that to promote brands and services. Not only do they provide state-of-the-art technology, but they also present themselves as influencers marking a new era in the marketing space. With this let’s investigate how AI has changed the digital marketing landscape in the modern world. 

Meet the Top Asian AI Influencers

Before diving into the perks and shortcomings of working with AI in the marketing space, we shall first be looking at some of the big names in the lineup. The lineup consists of Asian AI influencers covering a vast range of topics and niches enabling them to cover a wide base of audience. They actively connect with their fans and some even have their own set of merchandise allowing for partnership revenue. Below is a list  showcasing the top Asian AI models-  

1. Apoki

A renowned music artist from Asia, Apoki is popular for her unique rabbit-like appearance. She is a virtual artist with singing and dancing skills. Originating from Seoul, Korea, she made her first appearance in 2019. She has a huge following across different social platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Known primarily for her powerful music persona, she also attracts fans with her attractive looks and conservative behavior. She is featured with purplish hair and was created by Afun Interactive, a real-time 3D content production studio. 

2. Le Chat

Featured with cat ears, brown hair, large eyes, and a pretty face, Lechat is a native of M-City, a faraway planet. She is created by AFun Interactive, a Korean 3D production company. Lechat resembles a tiny human girl with a flawless complexion and charming personality. She is popular for her various dance challenges on TikTok and Instagram. Here social media images show her performing activities like cleaning, swimming, dancing, and dressing. Her choreography is unique and dynamic.

3. Thalasya Pov

Thalasya Pov is a travel influencer who promotes various exotic destinations, including Bali, an island in Indonesia. She is popular for her fashion sense and traveling hobby. She appears in advertisements for restaurants, resorts, health pills, and hotels. Created by Magnavem Studio, she sports varying styles and aesthetics. Her videos on social media are all about beauty, advertising, and fashion. Thalasya appears in dresses, trousers, shorts, bikinis, etc. in her visuals. She has a good number of followers on TikTok, where she is seen sharing her travel photos and videos. 

4. Imma Gram

Imma is a popular AI model working with top brands like Valentino, Fendi, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Dior. She appears in the Japanese event that identifies and promotes emerging talent, the ‘New 100 Talent to Watch’ program. Imma is famous for her gorgeous looks, perfect skin, unique Kawaii style, and petite stature. Her personality and voice make her stand apart from her peers. Besides her beauty, she grabs attention with her interest in social causes related to the environment, race, and gender. Created by Aww Inc., a Tokyo-based firm specializing in virtual humans, Imma’s social media images show her hobbies, routines, friends, and favored destinations.

5. K/DA Seraphine

As a prominent member of the K/DA music group, Seraphine has exceptional musical talent. Her music projects have amassed a big fanbase. Besides her musical journey, she is also known for her role in the League of Legends game where she appears as a champion who can hear others’ souls. Seraphine is also a cat mom, and her social media images show her having fun skating, undergoing a skin pampering session, and engaging in other routine activities. Developed by Riot Games, Seraphine has a considerable following on various social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

6. Rozy

Rozy works with top brands like W.Concept and Calvin Klein. She is a Korean AI influencer with multiple talents. She can sing, dance, and model. Surfing, skateboarding, golfing, and tennis are the sports activities she enjoys indulging in. Rozy is also a travel enthusiast. Her social media images reveal her as a confident and fit individual who is passionate about fashion, adventure, and environmental issues. Rozy fulfills Gen Z traveling concepts like space and time travel by traveling to the past and future virtually.

7. Sua

With flawless beauty and natural dance moves, Sua is an AI influencer with a huge following on Instagram and other social media platforms. She is a South Korean model with a preference for formal dresses as well as street wear or casual attire like sweaters, T-shirts, and jeans. Sua promotes a healthy lifestyle by showing images of her diet and exercise routine. Her long and silky hair adds beauty to her cute face and excellent body contours. Sua’s impressive beauty and intelligence have fetched her many awards and nominations.

8. Rina

A popular model from Seoul, South Korea, Rina portrays a sophisticated style that is chic and modern. She works for prominent luxury and fashion brands and has won ‘The New Face of Korean Air’ as shown in the Korean Air Safety videos. She has partnered with various fashion and luxury brands like Nylon Korea. Rina has also appeared in popular K-drama and K-pop videos. She has collaborated with clothing brands like INSTANTFUNK. A fun-loving personality, Rina exhibits quirky and adorable behavior in her posts.

9. Reah Keem

Reah Keem is a Korean AI model and songwriter. Created by LG Electronics, Reah Keem is part of the marketing team of the company. She is a lively and natural personality with an exceptional singing talent. Reah is a virtual musician with a huge following on Instagram and other social media platforms. Her marketing activities are focused on millennials and Gen Z. She is active on Instagram, provides consistent content, and interacts with her followers. In her social media images, Reah Keem is shown as a friendly and adventurous personality with a beautiful face and an adorable smile. She is seen shopping, enjoying the outdoors, and interacting with people.

How to Create Your Asian AI Model

If the idea of having your own Asian AI Model intrigues you then you are in luck as creating an Asian AI model has never been easier. There are a lot of tools and sites out there which can help you create your best Asian AI Model but here are a few general steps to create your perfect Asian AI Model. 

  • The very first step is figuring out your goals and target audience. You need a precise idea of what you are going to achieve and the purpose of your model. For example, for educational purposes, fashion purposes, or marketing purposes, you also need to figure out your target region, preferences, demographics, etc. 
  • The next step involves selecting your platform and niche. Where do you want your Asian AI influencer to focus? It can be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch or other platforms. You also want to focus on the type of content you want to produce. For example: – Gaming, Music, Fashion, etc. 
  • After figuring out the basic things we can now head into the designing part. For this, we can look out for various tools available in the market such as Zepeto, Spark AR Studio, PromptHero, etc. These tools allow for rich realistic 3D models with plenty of creative freedom such as customizing the skin, hair, and accessories of your Asian AI model. Alongside this, the model also requires a name, voice, and backstory with compliments your purpose and audience. 

Post designing your Asian AI model, the only thing left is the creation and distribution of content. For creation using tools such as Adobe Character Animator,, FaceRig, 

Why Should Brands Work with Asian AI Influencers?

Now there is plenty of upside for brands to be working with Asian AI models. Asian AI Influencers can help improve the brand’s creativity while making the content much more appealing to their audience base. They are also cost-effective as it saves time and money in comparison to hiring human influencers and training them. AI models help support various social causes leading to an increased sense of inclusivity and diversity. 

On the flip side, there are a few potential downsides as communication barriers and authenticity being one of the major challenges. Brands may end up finding themselves facing legal and ethical issues due to privacy while AI might sometimes struggle to display the right set of emotions to deliver the message. As companies continue to seek and innovate new ways of connecting, AI can be a powerful tool in the present and the future. In this era of cutting-edge competition if a company can juice out the capabilities of the best Asian AI models then it may well be on its way to marketing success.