Houshou Marine VTuber

Who is Houshou Marine?

Houshou Marine is a Japanese VTuber who consistently streams pirate-vibe content on YouTube and supports it with shorts in TikTok and various messages on Twitter where she posts pools, discusses stream ideas, has fun, and so on.

She is a member of the Hololive brand which allows her to have nice collaborate with other VTubers to make their streams even more interesting. As a result, she has become the most subscribed VTuber on YouTube in Japan. In four years, she achieved such an outstanding result that turned not only into a loyal fan base but also into one billion views of her videos on YouTube.

Igarashi Houshou Marine VTuber

Houshou Marine is a funny, modern, cultural, and cheerful VTuber who has been running her channel for over four years. It was created on July 22, 2019. There were uploaded over one thousand and two hundred videos so far which were viewed one billion and twelve million times. These numbers were a result of her popularity in Japan. 

As a Japanese VTuber, she has a Pixiv profile. This platform focuses on promoting 2D and 3D artists who draw anime, manga, and illustrations, including adult ones. She posts some content there to grab even more attention. Her Twitter profile is followed by over one million and seven hundred people and she follows a thousand and two hundred profiles which makes her profile a popular place to stick around and chat in the comments. She posts a lot of invitations to her streams and the most memorable moments. As we can see, all of this works perfectly in growing her popularity. 

What Does Houshou Marine Look Like?

Let’s talk about the outstandingly designed appearance of Houshou Marine. She has seven different looks which make her feel flawless. A lot of people in the chat are admired by them. We are going to start from her default look with which she started her streaming career.

  • She has a body shape of short shoulders, a bit thinner waist, and big hips, compared to her shoulders.
  • Houshou Marine’s facial features anime-styled include a cute mouth and a little nose.
  • She wears a sailor’s eye patch with a heart & arrow print on it.
  • Anyway, she can see us with both her eyes. They are brown-yellow colored with a brown-shaded edging. 
  • She has eyelashes and brows of the same color.
  • Her “default” haircut is shaded-pink colored and it is short with two locks of hair fallen aside off the shoulders.
  • She puts on a captain hat of dark gray color outside and burgundy color inside. There is a gold edging on the front side. There are also two arrows styled with big gold edging that goes to the heart emblem.
  • The hat includes a flock of hair of creamy-orange color fallen from the left side.
  • She wears a stylish fabric collar of bourde color which falls on her bust. There’s a stylish gold pin with azure stone.
  • She wears a jacket of two pieces. The top one covers her bust and has a white collar.
  • It covers a belly zone with almost transparent black fabric, ending with a stylish skirt with a leather belt that has a marine-styled plaque.
  • She puts on over-knee stockings of a black-brown color.
  • She wears a captain jacket that is over knee long. It has a mix of blue and black color outside and it has red and burgundy strips lining.
  • There are two gold-colored shoulder straps with marine text and an anchor.
  • She puts on stylish leather boots of stocking color with red lining.
  • There’s a New Year look where she wears an open-shoulder & open hips up to the ankle-long kimono-styled dress. It has wide big shoulders up to hands, covering them fully. It’s stylized by an ornament that came from milk, lilac, sky blue, pink, brown, and gold colors. 
  • It has a white fur collar that covers her back but keeps shoulders and decollete wide open. It is held by a pin of gold-colored fabric with an azure stone.
  • She wears over-knee purple-pink-creamy colored stockings.
  • She puts on geta (traditional Japanese footwear) of the color of the stockings.

Houshou Marine Face Reveal

A lot of people search for an answer to the question “Houshou Marine Face Reveal.” Alas, there are no real answers on the Web that would be 100% confirmed by a streamer of the parental company. Houshou Marine doesn’t reveal her face even after people’s requests. It’s quite a typical behavior for modern VTubers because they may not want to be recognized in public. 

In addition, this can be a reason for weirdos to stalk or shadow her during the day. Some of the VTubers have an absolutely confusing experience that was triggered by people from the fan base who came to their 9-5 job or to the university/college. So, separating real life from digital life is a good way for many VTubers nowadays.

Interesting Facts of Houshou Marine VTuber

We have plenty of interesting facts about Houshou Marine personality, streams, preferences, and so on which we systemized in the following list:

  • Marine Houshou is a very successful VTuber who is associated with Hololive.
  • She has debuted with the third-generation members Usada Pekora, Uruha Rushia, Shiranui Flare, and Shirogane Noel.
  • Houshou Marine works on YouTube and supports her streams on Twitter, BiliBili, and TikTok which is the right choice.
  • She has a pirate vibe because she likes money, treasure, and jewels.
  • To get her own ship and become a captain, Houshou Marine gather money on YouTube. So, far she is not even halfway to it.
  • She has vibes of an elder sister but she can easily go wild and start seducing folks in the chat.
  • Houshou Marine is able to be extremely horny which triggers her scream “I’m horny” with the usage of horny bonk in the chat.
  • In one stream she mentioned that she was about to turn 17 again which could mean that she was about to become 27.
  • People have noted that she knows a lot about the culture of 2000-2010. This means she had to be mature enough to memorize this.

How Old is Houshou Marine?

Houshou Marine was 17 years old during the explanation stream in 2020. She was born on July 30 under a Leo Zodiac Sign. This means she is 20 years old right now. We would like to note that many streamers start their experience in those ages. It’s right in many ways because she is an adult person right now which allows her and people from the chat to discuss a wide variety of topics like cultural events and holidays in Japan. There’s an endless field for talks about manga and anime and what people like the most, what genres in anime are the most popular right now, and which TV series of those genres are must-watch.

Reading chats and watching videos, we have never seen any complaints about her age. So, this means that the fan base is completely loyal and caring.

Where is Houshou Marine From?

Houshou Marine is a girl from Japan who is 20 years old right now. She is a popular streamer with over one billion views on YouTube and more than three million one hundred subscribers to her channel. She speaks Japanese natively and knows English very well. She likes playing games, chatting, having fun, and mocking people from time to time because she is a captain.

Where Does Houshou Marine Live?

Houshou Marine lives in Japan where her account on YouTube was created. During her streams, she speaks Japanese and discusses a huge variety of topics like culture, events, parties, watching anime reading manga, playing various games, etc. She shows everyone how much she loves Japanese culture and traditions which is why she had a set of appearance in a moden-styled kimono. 

At the same time, she doesn’t disclose information about where she lives like what city or what district. It is noticeable according to conversations and how she chats that Houshou Marine is a girl from a big city. 

There are various reasons behind such privacy because the more popular a streamer is the more people would like to interact with them in real life. Such activities can be prohibited by a parental company based on their experience. Many bad people can want to stalk or do some emotional damage to a streamer in real life.

How Tall is Houshou Marine?

Houshou Marine is 150 cm or 4’9. This information was mentioned in her debut stream, but without an explanation if it is based on her real height or if it is just right for her digital personality. She can adjust her tallness whenever she wants, but there’s a way when you can ask her about her height preferences in the chat.

Houshou Marine works with a huge fan base of people who appreciate her because she is funny, and plays games well, people can discuss various topics with her in the chat, making the overall experience even more fun. Frankly, the height difference can be seen only during collaborations with other streamers, especially boys. 

She has a great personality and can easily mock herself, the audience, or her bosses. Houshou Marine is very easy to make friends and communicate with them.

How Much Does Houshou Marine Make?

It’s hard to find a direct answer to the question “How Much Does Houshou Marine Make?” but we would like to give it a try. According to the SocialBlade platform, the account has a B+ rate among similar accounts & content on YouTube. The overall rank is over twelve thousand which is quite a solid result that means that she is ahead of nighty nine percent of streamers. The subscribers rank is a bit over one thousand which is nighty eight percent. If we talk about how often those videos are viewed the channel is on fourteen thousand rank. The “Country” rank is high and equals ninety-nine places among Japan-based channels. The “Games” rank is a bit over five hundred fifty. SocialBlade shows that the monthly profit can be from thirteen to two hundred twelve thousand dollars. During the last thirty days, videos were viewed over forty-one million times which is almost a five percent growth. If the dynamic stays the same way, she could easily reach a result of four million subscribers in several years. This can add even more profits to her personality and her parental company.

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