Plusticboy AI Influencer & Model

Art is used to tell a story in a way that the society can understand. Depending on the target audience and the intended story, the forms of art that a creative use paint an already existing society. Combine art with technology and the result is a human-like robot capable of executing most human activities. This is the story of artificial intelligence (AI).  

Indeed, one of the technological advancements on everyone’s lips in today’s world is AI. Creatives are using this aspect to present art in the form of realistic human representations. Depending on their intentions, they are able to program a virtual human with the ability to thrive in the human world.

One of the human representations with numerous abilities and achievements under his belt is Plusticboy AI influencer. The team behind the existence of Plusticboy model has succeeded in presenting a virtual human who is more than just a robot. He is able to engage in most activities that define humans in addition to interacting with them.

In this article, the focus will be on how Plusticboy AI model has found his space as a virtual human among real humans. A look at his images and videos online will help us deduce his character and the story his creator seeks to tell through him.

Who is Plusticboy?

A look at Plusticboy’s Instagram page shows a young male with an array of interests. In one instance, he is photographed in a music studio with various musical instruments in the background. In another picture, he has a female and a Mercedes-Benz vehicle in the background with the caption, “Catch me in Copenhagen with @mercedesbenz and @ria-ria-tokyo”. Overall, his popularity online begs the question, who is Plusticboy?

In a nutshell, Plusticboy is a robot. He is the creation of Aww Agency, Japan’s first virtual human company.

AI influencer Plusticboy was introduced to the public in 2019. In an effort to humanize the robot, he is presented as the younger brother of Imma, who is also Aww Agency’s creation.

A look at Plusticboy’s content online paints the picture of a young Asian male with an edgy personality. Red hair and a hip fashion style are some of the aspects that define his character. In particular, fashion is more than just an interest for him. In fact, Plusticboy AI model made his debut as a professional model in 2020’s SLY * PUMA collection. He’s also featured in popular magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Uniform Magazine as well as Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2020’s key visual.

Is Plusticboy Real or Fake?

Plusticboy has been featured in major fashion events, appeared in top fashion magazines, and participated in more than one commercial partnership. At the same time, he has photos of him enjoying a meal, attending a music concert, and camping with friends during summer.

Based solely on this information, Plusticboy can pass for a model with a real face. While he is so real-looking, Publicboy fake nature is no secret. In fact, he introduces himself as a virtual human in all his social media accounts. Interestingly, some of his followers still ask; is Plusticboy real?

Just like other virtual influencers, the model is not shy to disclose that he is not real. Even so, he consistently sends the message that an AI model is able to compete with humans on so many fronts.

In an interview with Sonoko Mita, he highlights his intention to challenge himself beyond modeling by engaging in other art forms like singing and acting. Such aspects are what make his followers look past his fake nature. He has a realistic personality, human-like feelings, and ambitions. With these features, Plusticboy has had no problem gelling with real humans. As such, one can excuse individuals who are of the opinion that the model is real.

Who Created Plusticboy?

As a virtual fashion model, Plusticboy has made strides that some human models dream of. The robot has traveled to several countries and has pictures of himself enjoying human activities like camping. The existence and achievements of this virtual model raises the question, who created Plusticboy?

Aww Agency is the creative company behind the life of Plusticboy. The agency comprises a team of experts including its producer, Sara Giusto who was on 2023’s list of Forbes Japan 30 under 30. In addition to Plusticboy, the team has created other virtual humans like Plusticboy’s girlfriend, Ria and his sister, Imma. Others include Asu, Katie, Ayayi, Ella, Belle, and Coh.

On its website, Plusticboy creator notes that it has taken over a decade of research and development (R&D) to create realistic virtual humans. The three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG) technology and the broader field of AI has helped the team of experts generate realistic human-like representations.

In part, Aww Agency’s website states, “Our focus extends beyond virtual human creation…The rooms and spaces they inhabit are designed with unique functions beyond the scope of what is possible in physical reality. Through these strategies, we successfully captivate fans not only with the virtual humans themselves but also with the captivating world they inhabit.”

Indeed, Plusticboy’s creator has succeeded in building a computer generated model who is more captivating than some of his human counterparts. He may not have a real face but he has a steadily growing fanbase that connects with him. This interaction is what has attracted top brands like Mercedes-Benz.

Plusticboy Images & Videos

Just like their human counterparts, images and videos are the primary tools that AI influencers use to tell a story and connect with the target audience. As such, the creator of a virtual human can inform the public about the model’s personality and interests without using a single word.

With that in mind, we can learn a lot about Plusticboy by analyzing the images and videos available to the public. This includes the story he strives to tell as well as the demographic of his target audience. It will also be interesting to evaluate the model’s character and values just by looking at his pictures and videos.

Plusticboy Images

Plusticboy images on various social media platforms point to a robot thriving in the human world. For instance, in one of the pictures pinned above, the AI model is enjoying a bowl of noodles in what appears to be an eatery. As seen on this photo, it is becoming a reality that robots are able to engage in most, if not all, of the everyday human activities. Evidently, such photos are what make it possible for a large number of humans to connect with this AI influencer.

At the same time, it is interesting to see virtual humans influence humans’ tastes and purchases. The team behind Plusticboy photos have a specific audience in mind. Their target is millenials and Gen Z; an audience that can relate to a young male model with an edgy fashion style and interest in music, tech, and having a good time with loved ones.

As a result, several companies have shown interest in having paying partnerships with the model. For example, in 2022, Plusticboy and Ria were featured for the Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle creative project.

Plusticboy Videos

Plusticboy videos tell a similar story to his photos; the story of a virtual human successfully integrated in the human world. In some of the clips uploaded online, the AI model is seen engaging in typical human activities. For instance, in an Instagram reel pinned above, the model is in a huge music concert. In fact, there are several social media clips of him in such setups.

In addition to building on his character as a lover of music, such videos enhance interactions with his fanbase. His creator appears keen on using such a Plusticboy video to attract the younger generation from across the world.

Nonetheless, Plusticboy’s social media platforms have just a few videos of the influencer. Photos appear to be the primary tool that he uses to connect with his audience. Granted, the team behind this model has succeeded at curating images that are worth a thousand words.

Plusticboy Nude

Sexual content is considered to be one of the negative impacts of the Internet. Even before the rise of virtual humans, explicit pictures and videos online were a major concern for a large portion of the global populace.

Evidently, virtual humans have taken up the norms and practices already embraced by humans. Unfortunately, that includes sexualized content. Some of the popular AI models are those with endless photos and videos of them in provocative outfits or completely bare. In fact, there are various Fanvue accounts, which refer to AI models’ equivalent of OnlyFans.

Interestingly, Plusticboy nudes are unavailable online. It appears that sexuality is not part of the story that Plusticboy’s creator intends to tell through the model. His story revolves around fashion, tech, music, and the everyday life of a ‘cool kid’. As such, posting a Plusticboy nude picture may not be in line with his brand.

Social Media Sites

Social media has grown into a crucial tool for both real and virtual influencers. In addition to being a platform to interact with people from across the globe, it is an advanced marketplace with the ability to bolster one’s career.

Just like their human counterparts, numerous AI influencers have managed to find their niche and thrive in the social media space. Depending on the intent of the creator, various robots have been programmed into vixens, musicians, fashion models, and fitness enthusiasts among others.

In the ensuing segment, we’ll look at Plusticboy’s niche on social media. His online presence and projects have shaped him into an influencer capable of reaching a specific audience and earning heftily through commercial partnerships.

Plusticboy Instagram

Plusticboy Instagram page describes him as a ‘virtual human in a fake plastic earth’. This description offers an interesting insight on the world of robots. Just like humans perceive AI models as fake, Plusticboy views the human world as being ‘fake and plastic’. The images and videos posted on his Instagram present Plusticboy as a young male with an edgy personality. His interests and outlook is one that a large number of millenials and Gen Z can relate to.

Plusticboy Twitter

Plusticboy Twitter content is quite similar to his other social media platforms. Notably, since joining the site in 2019, his following has not grown as aggressively as on Instagram. Granted, he is not as active on X compared to Instagram. Even so, he has immense potential to gain enormous popularity on the social media platform.

Plusticboy Facebook

Plusticboy Facebook page has a similar theme to his other social media sites. In fact, most of the pictures on his Facebook page are the same as on Instagram. Even his bio is the same; introducing himself as a virtual human in the fake plastic earth. Either way, he has managed to gain a descent following on the platform.

Plusticboy Weibo

Plusticboy Weibo page has a decent following just like his other social media sites. In general, Weibo is one of the largest social media platforms in China. It is viewed to be a Chinese version of Twitter. Seeing that Plusticboy is of Asian descent, it makes sense for his creator to introduce the model on the social media site.

Plusticboy TikTok

Plusticboy TikTok page does not exist at the moment. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the model, through his creator, is more into photos than videos. Even so, it is likely that the creator will consider this platform in the future. At the moment, the likes of Instagram and Twitter work just fine for the AI model.

Plusticboy YouTube

Plusticboy YouTube page does not exist at the moment. Just like TikTok, his absence on this social media platform may have something to do with his preference of photos over videos. However, it may be a space that his creator will consider in future as his brand continues to grow.  

Plusticboy Reddit

Plusticboy Reddit page does not exist at the moment. Perhaps this is a platform that his team will consider in the future as more humans embrace virtual influencers. At the moment, one can still follow the model on his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo accounts.

Plusticboy Website

Plusticboy Website has a short description of the virtual model and the agency. On the website, the model is described as being very shy. There are also links to his social media platforms as well as an array of his pictures and emojis. Furthermore, the website has some foundational information on his creator, Aww Agency. 

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