Uki Violeta Vtuber

Who is Uki Violeta?

Uki Violeta was a part of wide and high-competitive auditions for male VTubers in 2021, organized and managed by an English department of NIJISANJI company. He has released two songs: “Stuck in the Abyss” and “Deja Vu” so far. 

His YouTube channel was created on February 07, 2022, and it has over six hundred thousand followers so far. It was deployed from the US and many people rumored that he could live in New York City. It can be true because NYC and California are the two best places for LGBTQ people to enjoy their lives. There are around half a thousand videos that include his streams and shorts. There are tens of millions of views on his channel. There’s a possibility to join his fan base on YouTube which is called Ukiverse for $4.99 a month only. We can operate with seven loyalty badges in the chat and 57 emojis. The number of emojis is overwhelming. It’s several times more than the other channels have. Also, we can watch Members-only live streams.

He consistently updates his weekly schedule, so people know what game he is about to stream, at what hours, for how long, and when it is time to chat with the community. The time is mentioned for three time zones, so everyone feels comfortable without calculating.

Uki Violeta VTuber

Uki Violeta is a widely popular VTuber who is a physicist from the future who promotes open gay relationships. He has a great and friendly personality that unites people of all cultures: Asian, especially people from Japan, South Korea, China, and the US. He speaks mostly in English on streams but knows several Asian languages like Japanese and Cantonese in addition to Latin. These speaking and chatting skills are overwhelming for his age. This makes him a man of culture and a digital celebrity.

Her personality is well-developed, so he is a bit shy which adds charm to him. Uki Violeta communicates many hours a day with people from streaming chat and followers under Instagram posts. He mentioned several times that he can swear but doesn’t like to do so. 

What Does Uki Violeta Look Like?

Some people google the question “What Does Uki Violeta Loo like?” The answer is simple and, at the same time, it is a bit complicated.

  • When you look at him for the first time, you can note that he may look gay. When you dig into his personality, it is easy to find that this is true because he openly claimed this.
  • Uki Violeta looks like a tall guy of 25-30 years old with smooth facial skin and calm facial features. 
  • He has an average nose and mouth with a mole on the neck.
  • His hairstyle is curvy which slightly covers his gaze and it is purple-pink colored. 
  • Uki Violeta’s eyes are not big. The pupils are colored in blue-purple-pink with black borders. His eyelids are black and his eyebrows have the same color as his haircut.
  • He wears a hoody or hooded shirt of heavily-gray-purple color. Three straps cross his chest from the right underarm zone to the left shoulder and one strap is connected and it goes under the left arm to the back. Three big circles manage this piece of clothing.
  • He wears a cyber-punk jacket which is up to knees long. It doesn’t close fully, keeping his chest open. His hands are overcovered. There are three colors used. The main one is shades of black, a mix of pink and purple for a quite big edging, 
  • There’s a big strong fabric belt of orange color with a typical bag-styled locker.
  • He wears purple pants which are pink-colorized on the right leg from the knee to the bottom. There’s a familiar belt and a stripe from a belt holder that falls down splitting in two, going around his knee.
  • There are six straps connected to his jacket that fall down freely.
  • Uki Violeta puts well-designed leather boots with two purple straps on each to hold. 
  • There are different customizations of stargazers which are a mascot that identify people of his fan base.
  • According to his room background, he runs an atelier.

 Uki Violeta Face Reveal

We are not aware of Uki Violeta Face Reveal. There can be several reasons, both positive and negative, about this:

  • The contract of NIJISANJI EN can prohibit to disclosure of his personality, especially, his face. 
  • There can be several reasons behind this because his personality or sexuality may not match his digital look/character traits.
  • He can be not as attractive physically as his digital personality is.
  • He may have concerns about how good he looks.
  • There can be a lot of other reasons.
  • Uki Violeta may decide not to spread a fan base attention across many social networks, which is noticeable right now when he has only official Twitter, 
  • Revealing a face can be a part of the NIJISANJI EN’s hosted event that should increase the engagement of followers in the real life of Uki Violeta.

There are some investigation on the Web about his personality, but this is not confirmed. 

Interesting Facts of Uki Violeta VTuber

Uki Violeta has an endless wall of cool facts to talk about his behavior, personality, preferences, and so on.

  • He is an open gay who claimed “Everyone moves, I’m gay” during one of his streams.
  • Uki Violeta has some cool quotations like “Um, I have heterophobia.”
  • He belongs to the team of Noctyx that started its career by launching five streamers: Sonny Brisko, Alban Knox, Fulgur Ovid, Yugo Asuma, and Uki Violeta.
  • He uses nine nicknames in his streams and grab more attention.
  • There are only two platforms where he is widely represented: YouTube and Twitter.
  • She prepared a lot of hashtags that work flawlessly well for any occasion and they unleash all the potential of the creative process.
  • He is a psychic from the future who came to the present time to have some fun and meet new people.
  • He likes straps, stuffed animals, fashion, and wine.
  • Uki Violeta likes growing and caring about flowers and plants.
  • We can pronounce him as he/him or they/them. So, there’s no limitation.
  • He got some fun features like a piercing and a tattoo of a magnolia.
  • He loves animals that’s why he has a cat which was mentioned as Ukinya.

How Old is Uki Violeta?

Uki Violeta has to be from 20 to 30 years old. He acted like an adult with some great psycho features that allowed him to stand out from others. There’s a claim that for him his age doesn’t matter anymore. That can allow him to be flexible and always be mature enough be promote being an open gay without blame from other people.

His age is just right to grab the attention of the audience, inviting them into conversations under his various posts on Twitter. For purpose of promotion and being in touch with his fanbase needs, he uses the following hashtags: General – UkiVioleta, Live – UkiLive, Art – VioletAtelier, Assets – VioletAssets, Meme – uwukiVioleta, NSFW – UKinky, Thumbnails – UkiThumb, Clips – Ukilipse, His symbol – Violeggta, Cute – Fuwauki, Drinks – Violatte, Cos – Ukiform.

Uki Violeta is involved basis in what his community is up to and what new ideas can be used for future streams on a daily basis. 

Where is Uki Violeta From?

We don’t know “Where is Uki Violeta From?” because there is no such information mentioned in his streams. He can be from any place on Earth or beyond. This allows him to be flexible in how he can react to different events around the globe. As a member of the fifth wave of NIJISANJI EN, he can interact with other streamers in collaborations. It means that Uki Violeta can travel across different places in the digital world without any restrictions.

His YouTube account was created on February 7, 2022, in the United States. It is highly likely, that he is from here because most of the accounts of NIJISANJI were created from Japan. So, his streaming has to take into account both time zones: Japan Standard Time and one of the US time zones.

Where Does Uki Violeta Live?

There are no mentions of where Uki Violeta lives both in real and in his digital life. According to his channel which was created in the US on February 7, 2022. So, this can mean he is from the United States. It’s hard to be convinced of this without asking such a question directly to him. We would like to note that he knows Japanese and US culture specifics very well. We should forget that his digital personality is associated with a Japan-based company. So, he has a lot of viewers from both countries. Anyway, there’s some information posted about how he can be a NYC-born & lived VTuber.

How Tall is Uki Violeta?

Uki Violeta is not quite tall with a height of 169 cm or 5’5. He provided no explanations in chats as to why he decided to pick this tallness. If we take into account that no one is disappointed means his body conditions work fine for the fan base. We shouldn’t forget that if he decides to change it, he can do this by just mentioning during streaming or chatting that he has the ability to change the parameters of his look in a snap of fingers.

How Much Does Uki Violeta Make?

There are many sites on the Web that provide statistics about streaming on YouTube and Twitch. We decided to check how much Uki Violeta makes and other data on ThoughtLeaders. His YouTube profile has up to one million views so far for the last 30 days. His shorts were viewed over twenty thousand times for the last 30 days, so, they show over forty percent growth. For now, he has over six hundred thousand subscribers after a little decrease. If we put away Superchat donations, his channel had to make from $700 to $6000. The back-catalog view which is the number of views for videos published in the last 30 days is almost six hundred thousand. The number of engagement the audience and its loyalty could be higher compared with the similar channels. In addition, he participated in twelve sponsorships in a year. 

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