Aster Arcadia Vtuber

Who is Aster Arcadia?

Aster Arcadia is a popular VTuber among the second generation of the sixth way of “ILUNA.” He started several years ago with Maria Marionette, Kyo Kaneko, Aia Amare, Scarle Yonaguni, and Ren Zotto streamers. So far, he is a popular VTuber who runs a community of over three hundred thousand followers on both platforms: YouTube and Twitter.

He created various hashtags to let people make fan art, discuss dressing ideas, post some horny thoughts, ask any question, and so on. Dividing all fanbase needs into various streams of content is a great idea because followers can find like-minded people and start conversations.

There are a lot of funny streams where people can ask dare or sensitive questions and receive funny, honest, or both answers. 

Aster Arcadia VTuber

Aster Arcadia is a digital person who lives in Japan and makes streams in English. He was enrolled in “ILUNA Institute of the Mystics 2nd Year” with the “ILUNA” team. He is a popular among wide audience in Japan and across the world, especially in the United States because his streams are in English.

He has a memorable appearance and look where three colors match perfectly: bright lavender & yellow and milk-white with some shadings. Aster Arcadia’s look can be treated as feminine and masculine at the same time which makes him attractive for a wide audience. He prefers cool jackets, suits, and shirts, and at the same time, he puts on over-knee boots with hills, applies some eye shading, and paints his hails. 

Aster Arcadia spreads positivity within his community by chatting, having fun, singing in karaoke, playing games, answering even ridiculous questions, and so on. He never sits back when another challenge awaits him. So, Aster is such a great personality to watch his streams and have some fun together.

What Does Aster Arcadia Look Like?

Aster Arcadia has many amazing facial expressions and clothes features, and his look is so engaging. Let’s describe him:

  • He is a tall guy with attractive facial features. 
  • Aster Arcaida’s haircut color is a mix of bright lavender and yellow with some yellow curls. He uses two star-shaped hairpins. His haircut length is up to his shoulders. With hairs covering his forehead.
  • He has a rather cute mouth and a slim nose.
  • His eyes are big and colored bright lavender right and yellow on the left.
  • Aster Arcadia uses eye shadows to match the pupils’ colors.
  • He uses some jewelry on his eyes to customize the overall look.
  • There’s a short leather collar with a little chain with a lock on his neck.
  • He wears a long over-the-knee jacket with bright lavender and yellow lining. 
  • He puts on a tie of the same color scheme. There are two leather belts with backpack lockers that go across his chest.
  • Aster Arcadia wears a white shirt and white suit with gold edging.
  • He wears grey pants with some lines crossed in squares. The length of them is just a bit below the knees.
  • He puts on the left long boot and the right short boot with yellow metal-styled heels.

Summing this up, we would like to note that he looks attractive in the feminine way and quite handsome in the masculine way. 

Aster Arcadia Face Reveal

There are some investigations performed to find photos of Aster Arcadia’s Face Reveal. Some people claim that this can be Xignia Krulcifer whose account on Twitter is completely private now. So, we are not allowed to follow it, see which accounts are followed by him, and what he posts or reposts there.

Anyway, there is a chance that this account doesn’t belong to him and this is just another person that is not connected to Aster Arcadia. There can be various restrictions about revealing a face for any purpose. So, most companies can adjust a contract in a way to cover everyone’s privacy because when the popularity grows, stalkers can appear to interrupt the streamer’s daily life. This can be gross. 

Hiding the real personality behind Aster Arcadia can be a way to keep people’s attention on his streams and his digital personality not to compare, especially to judge them. So, having fun in chats and team talks is the main goal. 

Interesting Facts of Aster Arcadia VTuber

We have a lot of interesting facts about Aster Arcadia mentioned in his streams, and rumors on the Web. Let’s write them down.

  • He was one of six VTubers introduced after ILUNA Institution graduation in 2022.
  • His personality is originally celestial-born from Super Nova.
  • Aster Arcadia doesn’t remember a lot about this period which is why he focuses on having fun and helping people in the present.
  • For the last two years, his channel has grown to three hundred thousand followers and keeps growing.
  • He was a part of the intro song “Let’s Get It Started” of their team.
  • He took part in the NIJISANJI EN Wrestling Tournament “WrestleSanji 2023” where he achieved a “post-championship rumble.”
  • People can subscribe to “ASTEROID” membership on YouTube.
  • Aster Arcadia calls his fan base “Arcadians.” So, it’s simple to remember.
  • He only learned Japanese but he fluently speaks English. There’s a mention of a Grill language, but he doesn’t use it quite often.
  • He likes eating spicy food, boba milk tea, watching anime, playing games, sleeping, even oversleeping, and cute things including tights.
  • He doesn’t like food only onions. Also, he doesn’t like when his strands (ahoes) are touched and styled. Finally, Aster Arcadia doesn’t like deep water and hot weather.
  • We have some streams where he reads seductively tweets that were sent to him.
  • He streams some seductive “pillow” talks to fuel up the audience for proper conversations.
  • There are some funny NSFM shorts where he has fun like trying to be mean but this looks absolutely cute It was claimed so by most of the chat.
  • His moaning was compared with the moaning of a turtle. It was a huge impact for people to comment and have fun. 

How Old is Aster Arcadia?

Aster Arcadia doesn’t have his real age mentioned. We could find that he was 1,000,069 years old when he started streaming on his YouTube channel. Watching and listening to various streams about different topics, it is easy to note that he can be from 22 to 27 years old. Probably, this can be any age up to 30. He has enough fun talking about his preferences, hobbies, loves of animals, and some horny thoughts. It can be absolutely anything that attracts the fan base’s attention and lets them discuss this lively. 

He tries to adjust his real-life experience with over one million years of digital experience. So, from time to time he has to look & speak wisely, so people feel respect toward him. Anyway, anytime he can just start goofing around to entertain people. This strategy works well for him because his fan base grows quickly adding around half a thousand new followers every month.

Where is Aster Arcadia From?

It seems to us that Aster Arcadia is from Japan. The main reason is that the YouTube account was created in Japan several years ago. This can confuse us a little bit because he streams in English but lives in Japan. We don’t actually know what was the reason behind this decision. One of the obvious decisions could be that it was the sixth wave “ILUNA” whose members are English-speaking streamers. 

So, being released within the team required to run streams in English which is completely okay for Aster Arcadia. Listening to his videos and streams, it’s easy to note that he speaks almost without an accent. The fan base had some fun with him when someone claimed that he moans like a turtle and even made a video to compare. As a result, the video went viral and gathered a lot of likes and views from loyal fans and other people who watch different streamers of NIJISANJI.

Where Does Aster Arcadia Live?

It is hard to answer the question “Where does Aster Arcadia live?” for sure. Everything we know is that his account was created in Japan on July 05, 2022. This is going opposite of the information that he streams in English only. So, if he lives in Japan, he could use Japanese too to grow the fan base. It’s weird to see that some videos have Japanese explanations in their titles when others don’t. Most likely, the mother company made a decision on how to promote the videos in the best possible way. So, some of them that should be more interesting for the Japanese audience are doubled on Japanese. Anyway, we don’t know the marketing strategy for sure, it’s only guessing how everything could be going on.

How Tall is Aster Arcadia?

Aster Arcadia is 170 cm or 5’5. It’s quite common for tallness if we talk about people, not about girls’ wishes of having a 6’-6’2 guy. Aster Arcadia feels completely comfortable with the body conditions that he has. This allows him to consistently grow his community not only on YouTube but also across various platforms such as Twitter. Since the beginning, he hasn’t changed his body conditions such as his height. 

How Much Does Aster Arcadia Make?

We have found some information about his YouTube channel’s statistics that can lead to the answer to the question “How Much Does Aster Arcadia Make?” According to the data from vidIQ, Aster Arcadia’s channel has an overall score of “B” which unites averagely combined scores of video views consistency, views/subscribers ratio, upload frequency, engagement rates, and channel growth. The views and engagement rates are “A” when the subscribers’ rate is “D”. For the last thirty days the number of subscribers went down by several percent. The engagement rate is over thirteen percent. His videos were viewed more than twelve million times in the last 30 days which show several percent growth. Aster Arcadia has a good upload frequency of over six videos a week. An expected monthly earnings from YouTube is from two to six hundred dollars. There is an average video length of over fifteen minutes.

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