Kobo Kanaeru VTuber

Who is Kobo Kanaeru?

Social media influencing has become a key pillar in modern society. Followers, likes, and comments are seen as a measure of success for the humans in this vast industry. Interestingly, the humans who have been thriving in the sector are facing immense competition from unlikely quarters; virtual influencers. They come in different forms including AI models and VTubers.

One such being is Kobo Kanaeru VTuber. Like most other virtual YouTubers, she appears on social media platforms as an animated avatar with the intent of hiding her identity. Through the avatar, she gets to develop a unique character with a particular background, capabilities, and interests.

Granted, her followers remain curious on Kobo Kanaeru real identity. In one of her Instagram posts, Kobo posts a still image of her on a TV screen with a male human standing next to the TV. The picture is accompanied with a caption reading, “memories with dad”. The post, which garnered a huge viewership and numerous comments left some of her fans rather confused. One of the comments read, “The child is anime, the father is human”. In another a follower asks, “why is the father a human?”

Kobo Kanaeru real name may not be known, at least for now. However, her background as an avatar is quite clear.  

To start with, the man who Kobo refers to as ‘dad’ in the aforementioned post is Cover Corporation’s CEO, Motoaki Tanigo aka Yagoo. In an interview with Anime News Network, Yagoo stated that the team prides itself in operating in several regions including China, Indonesia, and Japan. In an interview, this visionary leader indicated that Hololive Production utilizes AR and VR technologies to generate revolutionary content.

Kobo Kanaeru VTuber

Kobo Kanaeru VTuber is part of the Hololive Production; a VTuber agency owned by a Japanese tech company, Cover Corporation. On Reddit, the company describes itself as a “team of content creators using digital avatars providing outstanding entertainment to the masses”.

As part of her profile, VTuber Kobo Kanaeru is described as  “a carefree girl”. She is a member of the Indonesian 3rd generation of Hololive ID alongside Kaela Kovalskia and Vestia Zeta.

As part of her backstory, she is presented as an individual from a bloodline of renowned rain charmers. She has the task of proving to her family that she will maintain the family legacy.

 Other than that, her talented, charming, and cheerful persona has made her a popular member of Hololive Productions. In fact, her numbers on various social media platforms are quite impressive.

On 20th April 2023, Kobo took to Instagram to celebrate a milestone that most YouTubers dream of; attaining 2 million subscribers on YouTube. About six months prior to this post, the VTuber had posted two coveted plaques; a silver play button for hitting 100,000 subscribers and a gold play button for hitting 1,00,000 subscribers.  

Kobo was first introduced to the public in March 2022. Within a few days, she had already reached 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. Slightly over three months after her debut, she hit the one-million subscribers milestone.

Her popularity is observable beyond her social media platforms. Her cosplay and fanart are all over the Internet. Besides, she is a popular point of discussion on sites like Reddit.

What Does Kobo Kanaeru Look Like?

As is typical of a VTuber, there is Kobo Kanaeru the avatar and Kobo Kanaeru irl. As a public figure, the avatar is an independent person with a life of her own. This uniqueness goes as far as how she looks, dresses, and behaves.

For Kobo Kanaeru VTuber, she has  distinct waist length blue hair with white ends. She often holds it in a half updo with flipped ends as her signature look. This defining hairstyle is complete with front bangs.

Besides, she is of fair complexion and has big blue eyes that appear to have white spots on either side of the iris. On the lower part of each eye’s sclera, she has a relatively small pink circle. What’s more, she appears to have two sets of eye brows; a thin shorter pair shaped into a strip. It lies slightly below a thicker and longer pair that is shaped properly into a semi arch.

 While there is no official Kobo Kanaeru face reveal, pictures online show a human female whose appearance is quite similar to that of the avatar. Her hair color and style, coupled with her eye brow shape and overall appearance resemble that of the VTuber.

Kobo Kanaeru Face Reveal

The essence of a VTube is to create content while hiding behind an avatar. Along the way, some VTubers choose to reveal their real identity. The decision to hide or reveal one’s face differs from one VTuber to another.

 Some of the virtual influencers hide their identity to maintain their privacy while others just want the avatar to have a separate life from them. On the other hand, some their real identity as a way of strengthening the existing connection with their fans. Regardless, whether voluntarily or through leaked pictures, revealing the face behind the avatar changes the dynamics between the VTuber and their followers.

As at the time of writing, there was no official Kobo Kanaeru face reveal. Her relatability has seen followers disregard her cartoon-like appearance to connect with the character. Even so, it has not suppressed people’s curiosity over Kobo Kanaeru real face.

Interestingly, several online sites have posted pictures of what appears to be Kobo Kanaeru irl. Her physical appearance, including how she styles her hair, is comparable to the avatar.

Interesting Facts of Kobo Kanaeru VTuber

Kobo is a lover of music, basketball, horror-related content, matcha boba, and meatballs. In the same breath, she is not a fan of vegetables, math, swimming, reading long texts, and spiders. Indeed, these human likes and dislikes have contributed to her popularity especially among the younger generation.

She has gone on to win awards such as 2023 VTuber Awards for the Most Chaotic VTuber Award.

In regards to this award, she reacted through a Twitter post stating, “I just woke up, open discord and seeing this – brain loading – open X”.

The recognition is quite interesting as her YouTube shows a different side of her. For instance, as part of her rules for live streams, she indicates, “Please refrain from commenting about sensitive topics such as race, politics, NSFW, etc. ”

As she continues to grow as a VTuber, she will likely add more awards to her name. Another coveted recognition among VTubers is the Streamer Awards made primarily for those within the Twitch community.

In terms of relationships, she does not seem to be dating at the moment.

How Old is Kobo Kanaeru?

For a typical content creator, whether human or virtual, age plays a crucial role when interacting with the targeted audience. Notably, most virtual influencers are portrayed as young individuals. This goes a long way in connecting with their fans; who are often Millenials and Gen Z.

Kobo Kanaeru is a popular and relatable VTuber especially among the youth. This points to her being within the same age group as her audience. So, exactly how old is Kobo Kanaeru irl?

Her profile indicates that her birthday is on 12th December. However, Kobo Kanaeru age is unclear. She simply describes herself as being of legal age.

Where is Kobo Kanaeru From?

Among the various aspects that her fans are curious about, most often wonder, where is Kobo Kanaeru from?

Kobo Kanaeru is a member of Hololive Productions; a VTuber agency owned by Japanese tech startup; Cover Corporation. As highlighted on its website, Cover Corporation is keen on bringing about “the best possible 2D entertainment loved by all, transcending age, gender, and nationality”.

To be more specific, Kobo is from Japan. While she is her own person, it helps to operate in a country that prides itself in being the first to embrace 2D in the expression of creative works like Japanese manga, anime, and video games.   

Where does Kobo Kanaeru Live?

As aforementioned, the avatar has a life separate to that of the human behind her existence. It is unclear where the real Kobo is from. However, the avatar’s residence is part of her background story. So, where does Kobo Kanaeru live?

She lives in the topmost room of a lighthouse. As an upcoming rain charmer, it is a strategic position for her to train daily on her ability to control rain.

How Tall is Kobo Kanaeru?

Similar to a human content creator, people are often curious about both the major and ‘unserious’ aspects of a virtual model’s life.  For instance, there are an array of questions asked on the Internet including, how tall is Kobo Kanaeru? How much does Kobo weigh? What nationality is Kobo?

Regarding her height, Hololive’s Fan Wiki indicates that Kobo is 150 cm. This equates to about 4’9” in feet. The average height of a female in Japan is 5’2” feet. As such, Kobo is considered short even in her country of origin.

How Much Does Kobo Kanaeru Make?

Content creation is more than just posting well-curated videos and pictures on social media platforms. It is a marketplace that has become a major source of income for most influencers.

From subscriptions to donations on Patreon and selling merchandise, these sites have availed numerous revenue streams. Some have even gone the route of posting nude pictures on OnlyFans accounts. With this in mind, how much does Kobo Kanaeru make?

The exact amount is not public knowledge. However, it is evident that she earns from subscriptions and memberships as well as selling merch.Her music, which is available on streaming platforms like Spotify, is yet another source of revenue for the VTuber.  

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