Regis Altare VTuber

Who is Regis Altare?

There is no doubt that Regis Altare VTuber is an avatar. However, he bears an undeniable cool vibe that commands a huge following, especially the youth. This popularity online has sparked curiosity over Regis Altare real identity.

He is an avatar developed into a virtual version of  a YouTuber. Through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, the VTuber gets to conduct live streams, sing, and converse with his human fans. As his grows in this subsector, he may get coveted recognition such as winning in the Streamers Awards Show. The aforementioned event was introduced in 2022 to celebrate streamers, especially those in the Twitch community.  

Regis was introduced to the public in July 2022 as one of the first four members of Holostars EN’s TEMPUS. In fact, his bio on Twitter describes him as the guild leader of TEMPUS. Other members of this male VTubers group are Magni Dezmond, Noir Vesper, and Axel Syrios.

Just like other influencers, both real and virtual, relatability has been crucial for his success. He is presented as a straightforward guy who detests stagnation. Besides, he is kind, easy, and protective of those associated with the TEMPUS family.

Regis Altare real name may not be public information, at least for now. However, his works and position in the world of VTubing is undismissible.

On his Holostars profile, he is described as being “inexplicably popular among his peers”. It further indicates that “his earnest straightforwardness may well lead to him being called a “hero” one day”.

In terms of talents, he is an all-rounded content creator. In addition to being an influencer, he has soothing vocals. In fact, he has released his own music, collaborated with other VTubers, and done some popular song covers.

Regis Altare VTuber

On Regis’ profile, the included message to his fans reads in part, “…if you ever need a place to hang out and relax, come on by! You’re always welcome!”. This text matches the theme on his social media platforms. Whether it is in his live streams and music on YouTube or posts on Twitter, it is evident that the purpose of his existence is primarily entertainment.

Regis Altare VTuber is not striving to be a motivational speaker or a fashion model; at least for now. Granted, he has a cool vibe around him. However, this goes more to attracting the younger generation who make up his target audience as opposed to defining his purpose. His goal is just to make people happy and have fun doing so.  

It is this unique style that has heightened his relatability and popularity especially among the youth. He attracts social media users who are not looking for inspirational messages or purpose-driven content, just entertaining clips.

Part of his content is conversations with the other TEMPUS members on The National TEMPUS Radio. As described on his YouTube channel, this is a podcast where the avatar and his friends  “talk about everything and nothing at the same time”. Among the covered topics are “VTubers, embarrassing stories, and occasionally food”. This is yet another indication that his content is ‘unserious’ and entertaining.

What Does Regis Altare Look Like?

The concept of VTubers has been effective at quenching humans’ fantasy of coexisting with non-humans. This is largely the reason behind their preferred approach of hiding their real identity and portraying themselves as avatars.

In the absence of a Regis Altare face reveal, it is difficult to tell how he looks in real life. Even so, he has a distinct look as an avatar. His blue, chin-length, spiky hair and green eyes have become part of the character he embodies.

Besides, the fashion sense of Regis Altare VTuber can be described as cool and urban. Among his striking outfits is a grey coat with unique embellishments on the chest and arms. He pairs it with a pair of pants with eye-catching details on the knees and completes the ensemble with ‘tough’ boots. The look is befitting of a leader come warrior.

It would be interesting to see if Regis Altare irl has a comparable appearance to his avatar. Is it a case of a shy tech nerd who chose to work on his confidence by hiding behind an avatar? Is he as young and cool as the VTuber? What inspired his creation? All these questions will be answered if and when the VTuber’s real identity is revealed.

Regis Altare Face Reveal

The reasoning behind a VTuber’s decision to reveal their real identity or remain anonymous varies. Some choose a face reveal as a defining moment in their journey of VTubing. Notably, Regis Altare VTuber appears to have a different outlook.

As at the time of writing, Regis Altare real face was yet to be publicised. The reason behind this move may vary from his need for privacy to a creative strategy of remaining mysterious.

In regards to the latter, some VTubers are keen on creating a character with a separate life. Whether Regis is of a similar opinion remains to be seen. One would argue that he has been in the VTube industry for a relatively short period having made his debut in July 2022. If that’s the case, he is probably waiting to expand and strengthen his fanbase before making an official face reveal.

It is also important to note that some VTubers have had their identities revealed unintentionally. While he may not intend to reveal his face, some individuals may snoop around and leak pictures of Regis Altare irl.

Either way, whether intentional or through leaked pictures, a Regis Altare face reveal would impact the existing dynamics with his online community. It may deepen the connection he has with his fans or prompt the fantasy-driven followers to drift.

Interesting Facts of Regis Altare VTuber

Regis has managed to build an interactive community which he fondly refers to as Altventurers. With this huge following, he conducts frequent live streams on YouTube, talking about a range of matters. It can be anything from gaming to baking cookies and just hanging out with his fans.

At the same time, his human-like interests and dislikes have contributed to his relatability. For instance, he loves playing the cello and watching nature documentaries. In the same breath, he is not into milk and puzzles.

In terms of relationships, nothing on his social media points to him dating anyone.

How Old is Regis Altare?

As aforementioned, VTubers prefer to create content anonymously. Without a face reveal, it is difficult for their followers to know the person behind the avatar’s face. This is the case with Regis Altare.

The fans of this character have more information about the avatar than they do about the human he represents. As such, one of the aspects that the public is curious about is, how old is Regis Altare irl.

As for now, the Regis Altare age in real life is unclear. Perhaps, this will become public information upon a face reveal. That said, the avatar’s appearance and lifestyle point to him being a young adult. Everything from his mode of dressing to his interests and engagements have a ‘young blood’ vibe to it. He appears to be in his early to mid 20s. This would explain why his target audience is primarily the younger generation.  

Where is Regis Altare From?

VTubers and other computer-generated models may be virtual but they have an origin. Notably, their backgorund tends to influence their content in one way or another. With this in mind, where is Regis Altare from?

The VTuber is from Japan. This is where his agency, Hololive Productions, and the larger company, Cover Corporation, are based. However, in terms of how the avatar’s country of origin has influenced his work, there’s more to it.

On its website, Cover Corporation indicates that its goal is to “promote 2D entertainment culture originating in Japan”. In actual sense the 2D culture is deeply rooted in Japanese manga. Creatives have for long used this concept to express works of manga comics, video game, and anime. It is this culture that entities such as Cover Corporation have embraced in their tech projects.  

Where Does Regis Altare Live?

Whether real or virtual, every social media influencer has a background. Intentionally or subconsciously, it rubs onto the content creator’s character.

Little is known of Regis outside of his VTubing activities. In fact, even on Hololive Fan Wiki, there is limited information about this streamer turned public figure. With that, his followers still have some unanswered questions on the virtual influencer. For instance, where does Regis Alltare live?

The avatar lives in Japan. However, it is unclear if the real VTuber also resides in the Asian country.  

How Tall is Regis Altare?

In general, humanization of a virtual being adds to their relatability. This is the essence of using social media to offer snippets of their daily lives. For instance, as seen on a live stream poster on his YouTube channel, Regis lets his fans know of his health issues and indicates that he’ll be resting for two days.

On how tall is Regis Altare, his Holostars’ profile indicates that he is 176 cm. This equates to about 5’9” in feets. According to Reddit, the average height of a Japanese man is 5’7.5”.

How Much Does Regis Altare Make?

For a typical social media influencer, comments, likes, and followers are very valuable. They are not only a sign of validation for the content creator’s work, they are pillars of a profitable career.

This is a concept embraced not just by human influencers but by their virtual counterparts too. With these facts in mind, many of his fans are curious; how much does Regis Altare make?

Whether on Reddit, Instagram, or any other online source of information, stats on the VTuber’s exact earnings are unavailable. However, one can pinpoint the various ways that he makes money.

Selling of merch and membership fees are some of the identifiable sources of revenue for the VTuber.  As he builds on his brand as a social media influencer, he is set to benefit from additional revenue streams including donations on Patreon, partnerships, and events.

Some VTubers have chosen to further expand their venture via sensual content. Just like their human counterparts, virtual models’ nude photos and videos sell. In fact, while some online accounts have been using Regis’ character to generate pornographic cosplay and nsfw content.  Various online accounts have also benefited from drawing Holostars’ fanart.

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