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Computer generated imagery (CGI) technology and the broader field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it possible for creatives to generate beings that can act like humans. In an effort to further blur the lines between the virtual and real worlds, tech companies are developing digital beings who can pass for a real face and seamlessly gel into the human world.

At the same time, there are those built on the principle of surrealism. This refers to the group of virtual beings who look nothing like a human but are programmed to engage in various human activities. Such creations feed the audience’s fantasy of life beyond the human world, while still maintaining their relatability.

As the world of AI evolves, there has emerged a third group of CGI models. In this category, the virtual beings are developed on the principle of transhumanism. Think of it as a crossbreed of a robot and a human. In fact, Ruby Gloom AI influencer falls under this category.

As one of the world’s first transhuman influencers, her story is helpful in understanding the future of AI humans. More particularly, a look at Ruby Gloom AI model social media will offer insights on her brand. What’s the purpose of her existence? What about Ruby Gloom model do humans find relatable?

Who is Ruby Gloom

On Instagram is a popular female who appears to be half robot and half human. Her bio describes her as a transhuman and artist. Notably, she has a huge following and has had partnerships with top brands like Adidas, Nike, and FENDI. So, who is Ruby Gloom?

AI influencer Ruby Gloom, known on social media as Ruby 9100m, is a transhuman inspired by the life of her creator. While her existence is inspired by a particular human, she has been programmed to have a character and life of herself.  

While her appearance does not hide her robotic side, she has a background that is human-like; yet another aspect that connects her to her human followers. For instance, she is presented as an influencer from Hong Kong.

 She has evolved from just being a digital avatar to a fashion icon, social media marketer & influencer, and music artist. Besides, she is into NFTs, collaborating with entities like The Fabricant to develop the digital collectibles. As a multi hyphenate being, Ruby Gloom AI model bears a theme of ‘express yourself and be your truest self’. It is this theme that her followers relate with. This is especially since her targeted audience is Gen Z; a consumer segment who are striving to define their identity.

Is Ruby Gloom Real or Fake?

In an Instagram post on 1st June 2023, Ruby Gloom is dressed in expressive outfits with colorful hair. Both her appearance and character in these images are typical of a young adult. The attached caption reads, “This was me when I was 19-21 years old! It was the time when I hated myself the most but being myself the most..Being hated and loved by people on the internet and on the streets was an incredible experience! I’m so glad I have been dressing like this and now moving my craziness in digital art! Might delete later!”

Comparing such realistic pictures with the robot-like images on her social media sites, one may ask, is Ruby Gloom real?

The truth is, she’s not. She is a CGI model developed on the principle of transhumanism. In a creative way, her creator has strived to generate digital art that merges fantasy and reality. This explains why in some of her images, she is presented as a human while in other instances, she is more of a robot with human tendencies.

This self evolution can be summed up through a post that presents her as a being with a human face, a robot-like hand, and an animal for the rest of her body. This interesting picture is accompanied by a caption reading in part, “…when you are tired of being human, u can be a robot; u can be a human-horse. Because whoever tells you what to do, they aren’t always right.”

Notably, Ruby Gloom fake nature has not hindered her from having a real connection with her fans. The huge social media following and partnerships with top brands are proof of her relatability.

Who Created Ruby Gloom?

Ruby Gloom is a popular digital avatar and social media influencer. She has been featured in various top events and collaborated with well-established brands. So, who created Ruby Gloom?

Ruby Chan is the brain behind the life and engagements of Ruby Gloom. In fact, the AI model is an avatar and digital representation of herself.

In an interview with Tatler Hong Kong, she recalls how the creation began as just a hobby and a way to express herself. From studying English literature and language in University to being a self-taught pro at 3D programming, her interests and character are quite similar to the avatar’s.  

 Her desire to learn the new skill was founded on the fact that the world of fashion modeling and influencers was evolving. As a fashion influencer herself, she had to be innovative to remain competitive.

Interestingly, this is the same aspect that has made Ruby Gloom stand out among other virtual influencers. In a world where most AI models are either hyper-real or surreal, she has been programmed to cut across both worlds.

Speaking about what inspired her to consider a transhuman model, Ruby Gloom creator stated, “If I were to build an avatar that was totally virtual, why would I want her to look similar to our physical world? I came up with the idea to turn her into a robot. It was quite a personal decision. From the concept stage, I knew I had to make her into a braver and more powerful person than I was in real life.”

Ruby Gloom Images & Videos

As aforementioned, Ruby Gloom’s creator was keen on developing an avatar that cuts across the human and virtual worlds. Besides, she acknowledges that the creation and its character were rather personal. While she struggled with low self-esteem, she strived to generate a model who was strong and brave.

 Like any other virtual influencer, the intentions of Ruby Gloom’s creator are observable through the avatar’s images and videos. Indeed, the success of an AI influencer is largely measured by their creator’s ability to tell a relatable story via the model’s online content. In the case of Ruby Gloom, her images and videos tell the story of a young individual who esteems individuality and is brave enough to express herself.

Ruby Gloom Images

Humans’ appearance, interests, and character evolve over time, and so do virtual beings. Scrolling down Ruby Gloom photos on Instagram highlights an interesting evolution.  In one of the initial pictures posted on the social media site, she can pass for a real face. Fast forward to her online content six years later, she has a stronger robotic side.

Her evolution captures the true spirit of digital humans; beings who can be anything you wish them to be. It is these elements of science fiction, entertainment, and technology that have captured the attention of the public and brands in equal measure.

In one of the Ruby Gloom images posted on her social media, she is presented in her true self; half human, half robot. The caption reads, “Don’t believe in magic, believe in love”.

 The picture is a reflection of her relatability, especially among the younger generation. Her content is able to feed the youth’s desire for fantasy while encouraging them to express themselves and find their individual paths.

Ruby Gloom Videos

Ruby Gloom videos have a similar theme as her images. On her clips, whether just for entertainment or a partnership, she promotes individuality and being unapologetic about expressing oneself.

In a Ruby Gloom video where she is advertising Armani Beauty products, she has a more human appearance. In another, she is more of a robot than a human. Indeed, her creator’s goals have been fulfilled. The avatar is half human, half machine yet she is able to connect with humans.

In addition to feeding the fantasy of the younger generation on life beyond humans, encompassing positivity into her social media content has also helped to build her fanbase. In a video linked above, she captions it with, “Entering the reality and realized everyone just wants the perfect you”. This is yet another instance where she encourages her followers, who are largely Gen Z, to be themselves and embrace their flaws.  

Social Media Sites

Artists connect with art enthusiasts through a canvas. In the same way, influencers connect with their targeted followers on social media. In fact, social media influencing is a rapidly growing industry; one that brands cannot overlook. While it is a crucial tool for any influencer, it is especially vital for virtual influencers as they have limited physical contact with the public.

For Ruby Gloom, it is no different. Through these online platforms, the public has gotten to know about her and see her for being more than just a robot. Subsequently, she has gotten to work with various brands. With her work, social media has also come in very handy. As such, it is right to say that social media has been a full circle moment for her.

Ruby Gloom Instagram

Ruby Gloom Instagram page is one of her major social media platforms. On it, she has a huge following; an aspect that has attracted top brands like Adidad and FENDI.On the site, one can see how she has evolved from a young adult who is not confident in her skin to a transhuman who is her own person.

Ruby Gloom TikTok

Ruby Gloom TikTok account does not exist at the moment. However, content on her exists on other accounts. For instance, The Fabricant has an advert on its NFTs in collaboration with the avatar. Besides, her music  is on TikTok Music.

Ruby Gloom Twitter

Ruby Gloom Twitter page has been active since May 2022. In it, she describes herself as a virtual avatar. While the site does not have as many followers as her other platforms, as at the time of writing, it has the potential to grow. Notably, the theme on this platform is similar to that in other sites like Instagram.

Ruby Gloom YouTube

Ruby Gloom YouTube appears to be primarily meant for her music. While this site is yet to garner a huge following, her work, such as her collaboration with Adidas, has been highlighted in other YouTube channels.

Ruby Gloom Website

Ruby Gloom website does not exist at the moment. Even so, there are several social media platforms where details of the character as well as her works are accessible.

Ruby Gloom Facebook

Ruby Gloom Facebook page has a similar theme to her other social media platforms. In addition to her main Facebook account, she has an account for Wee Girls Club, which she founded in 2015. The clothing line was founded on the principles of female empowerment, the digital world, and Chinese culture.

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