Alban Knox Vtuber

Who is Alban Knox?

Alban Knox is a popular Japanese streamer who has fun chatting with people, signing, and playing video games. He is a member of the fifth way of “Noctyx” team who started his career on February 7, 2022. 

His personality is based on his lore according to which he is Phantom Thief who can travel in time. So, he comes back in time to entertain us, stream games, and give us some positive vibes. The account on YouTube has over six hundred videos and many people are engaged in commenting on funny moments. 

We can watch a lot of funny, creepy, and educational moments on shorts cut from streams and uploaded on YouTube.

Alban Knox VTuber

Alban Knox is a digital personality and VTuber who is affiliated with NIJISANJI company. He united the team of “Noctyx,” becoming the sixth member. He introduced himself as a “Phantom Thief” who came back in time to have some fun and stream his hobbies, playing games, and chatting with the community around the world.

He uses two platforms such as YouTube and Twitter to upload his videos, record songs, and stream chatting and playing games. In a short period of time, he has grown from the beginning to up to seven hundred thousand followers. 

If we compare the fan bases of other streamers, he is significantly ahead of them because his content is quite entertaining. He uses Twitter to adjust his schedule of when and how to communicate with subscribers. We can find a day and time of the week when the membership stream starts.

What Does Alban Knox Look Like?

Alban Knox has four versions of his appearance that vary significantly, especially with the main one. 

  • Alban Knox is a tall rectangular-shaped guy with no athletic features like big shoulders.
  • His facial features and expressions are mostly completely covered by his haircut and round-shaped gray-gold glasses.
  • His eyes are light green right and dark green left.
  • Alban Knox has several stylish hairpins over his gray-yellow-orange hair.
  • He wears an earring on the left ear. 
  • He puts on a white shirt under a black-orange hoodie.
  • There’s a black chest plate with lockers.
  • Alban Knox wears stylish pants with a belt and a locker on the right leg. It’s an absolutely horrible idea because you can quickly rub it in your groin and can’t move without pain in just several hours of a casual walk. This knows every construction worker, especially a man, who has to put the harness on.
  • He wears black boots with orange and gray extensions. There are straps that hold the boots on his ankles from dropping off.
  • He has an “extension” that can be treated as a cat tail with a two-pin plug.
  • He puts on an epic jacket that is knee-long. It has a hood with an orange lining that looks epic. There are two pieces of it falling on the chest, stylized by “03” on the left.
  • It covers his hand on a half-length, having cool hair color transparent edging with stylish orange extensions.
  • He puts on black from the outside and orange from the palm side glows, styled by “03” prints.
  • They fit well because of the two velcros.

Overall, we would like to claim that he looks handsome and quite masculine.

There are three other pieces of his appearance where he puts on casual clothes like sweaters, home pants, and polo, wears transparent round-shaped glasses, and puts his hair aside from the forehead while wearing funny gray-orange slippers.

There’s an appearance with a gray-green apron, lightly-gray shirt, and a black polo under a bag of food and a cap with a drink. He wears over-ankle jeans and absolutely amazing gray-white with black and orange sneakers. We would buy a pair of those for sure if they are in stock. The last appearance has another light sweater on the top with a chest bag (wallet size) with the message “FULL OF XXXX.” We believe they mentioned nothing bad.

Alban Knox Face Reveal

We could find any relevant source about “Alban Knox Face Reveal.” There are only several cosplayers available on the Web. This means he is not allowed or he decided not to do so in the case of security reasons for him and his family. This way of communicating with the fan base can be a reason to keep their eyes on his main profiles on social networks like YouTube and Twitter.

Gathering everyone together allows them to spend much less effort on promoting his digital personality, the content he produces, and merchandise.

Interesting Facts of Alban Knox VTuber

We have many facts recorded about Alban Knox’s personality and funny moments on his streams.

  • He belongs to the 5th way of “Noctyx” with other streamers such as Sonny Brisko, Uki Violeta, Fulgur Ovid, and Yugo Asuma.
  • Alban Knox doesn’t remember his age for sure which was mentioned on his streams.
  • He is a Phantom Thief from the future with stealth capabilities. He came back in time to have some fun with us.
  • He spelled chips as “Poteto Chipesu.”
  • During 2023, he revealed two more outfits that show his sensitive side and that he is completely fine with sitting at home, doing some stuff.
  • There was a collaboration with Sweets Paradise from July to August 2022.
  • He was a digital attendant of ANIME Impulse in Los Angeles in 2023.
  • Alban Knox’s membership is named Konbini Crew.
  • Takaradachi is the name of the fan base, based on the word takara with tamadashi.
  • He manages various hashtags that help people to express themself. So, they can draw fan art, ask questions, suggest something, draw pin-up and horny stuff, ask open-minded questions, etc.
  • He likes cat nap pils, causing mischief, dark chocolate, rhythm, horror, stealth games, anime and manga, and shiny things.
  • Alban Knox doesn’t like hot drinks, vegetables, and cold weather, spiders, and being late.
  • He prefers playing games like Resident Evil, Forbidden Siren, Metal Gear Solid, DOOM, Valorant, and Apex Legends.
  • During the debut stream, he mentioned Takayan, Camellia, Vocaloid, PSYQUI, pop, rock and metal.

How Old is Alban Knox?

Alban Knox didn’t mention in his streams how old he is. So, the question remains the same. During his debut stream of “Here to Steal Your Heart”, he mentioned that he has a kind of travel amnesia. This is so funny explanation because almost all streamers of NIJISANJI mention their real or digital character’s age.

It’s easy to note from various streams that he feels absolutely conformity in talks with people from fifteen to thirty years old and he has enough live experience to be interesting. He speaks English without a big accent which can mean that he has been learning it since childhood. 

His personal birthday is on May 26 and he belongs to Gemini Zodiac Sign. It affects his personality in a big way and makes his videos even funnier. 

Where is Alban Knox From?

We have to confirm information from what city Alban Knox is from. It’s possible to predict that he is from Japan because a YouTube channel was created in Japan. Even streaming in English doesn’t stop him from being funny about details of Japanese culture, local events, venues, holidays, and so on. His streams show that he knows the audience preferences and how to manage them.

Another version about why we don’t know details about where he is from is because having a huge base, some of them can abuse him, visit his home, or investigate details of his private life that can make Alban Knox feel uncomfortable and abused. There could be some terms in his contract under which he is not allowed to disclose information about his private life.

Where Does Alban Knox Live?

We don’t know much details about where Alban Knox lives. Anyway, here’s the first sign that his account was created in Japan on February 07, 2022. This means, most likely, he is Japanese. After listening and watching his content, we would like to confirm that he speaks with a Japanese accent and knows the local culture very well. His jokes are always on the point and he is aware of living in a big city or big city metropolitan area. He likes events such as Comi Con to cosplay or just regularly attempting.

Anyway, there are no details about his digital personality. This means he can live wherever he wants without any restrictions. He can travel across the country or abroad without a need for a visa.

The information about his home or apartments in real life is not disclosed because of security reasons.

How Tall is Alban Knox?

During a debut stream “I’m here to steal your heart” Alban Knox mentioned that he is 175 cm or 5’7. He is a tall person among other streamers of NIJISANJI who can be mentioned in purpose to look more handsome. Anyway, he is a digital personality and can change at any moment he wants. Being tall with his look seems to us just the right move. 

He likes cyberpunk-styled clothes such as jackets, pants, or hoodies with a plate worn over. If we talk about girls and their preferences we can mention that his height is just right for them and they like to feel feminine and little in front of him.

How Much Does Alban Knox Make?

We googled the question “How much does Alban Knox make?” and found no direct answer. So, we have decided to calculate this indirectly. So, we have some statistics we would like to discuss that we found on the ThoughtLeaders site. Alban Knox’s channel has had almost a million views in the last thirty days which shows a four percent growth. There were more than twenty uploads for the last month which is twenty-five more present than from the previous period. The views on shorts halved for the same period of time. The channel works with almost seven hundred thousand subscribers when it lost over six thousand of them during the last month. Ab average view has been going up and down depending on the month. 

There’s information that he makes from one thousand and two hundred to over ten thousand dollars a month. The back catalogue view is high too. The engagement is lower than one percent. We have over six percent of sponsored videos on the channel which is average for this type of content. The frequency of uploaded content both: longs and shorts varies significantly from month to month.

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