Hime Hajime Vtuber

Who is Hime Hajime?

Hime Hajime is a Vtuber who entertains people by playing video games casually, saying curse words, and watching & discussing anime, manga, horror movies, thrillers, criminal documentaries, and so on. She acts like a bright and independent personality who doesn’t care much about the status quo and people’s opinions (officially). Of course, the people behind her project did deep research to create the just right personality to fill the gasp of cool indie characters.

As a result in a short period of time, she was scouted by Project Melody to join a team of VShojo. She was the last one to join because, according to lore, she looked for an apartment to rent in Tokyo.

Her personality has a psychopathic feature that is going out every time she doesn’t like something or someone argues with her. She acts like a mature woman who apparently knows what she wants from life. In collaborating with other VTubers of her harem she has given birth to four kids on Earth.

Hime Hajime VTuber

Hime Hajime is a dragon-robot-born being who came to Earth to expand her harem. She calls herself MILF Mommy and WAIFU. So, what do we know about her as a VTuber?

  • Hime can use screw words in communication and she doesn’t care about your feelings if you don’t like something.
  • She reached popularity based on that she is a WAIFU and she is a product of this. She claimed that there are over one million of her children on the mother planet.
  • She made a decision about how to expand her harem. It is being a VTuber on Earth.
  • There’s a funny fact that she can grow or become little. So, her tall is from 5 to 1500 feet. That’s funny because the bigger she grows the bigger her boobs are.
  • She claimed to give birth to 100 offspring at a time.
  • Hime Hajime wants to her breasts keep growing, that is one of the reasons to have more kids.
  • There should be many more skills and abilities that she has not claimed yet.
  • She prefers to play video games without aiming to be good at them.
  • She loves watching various documentaries about serial killers.
  • Even taking into account all of this and the fact that she drinks a lot, Hime Hajime can still be easily scared by horror movies.
  • She has some casual hobbies that meet everyone’s expectations like eating udon, watching food shows, anime, and manga.
  • Among NSFW content, she likes hentai of different genres.
  • She likes horror-story-based games like Resident Evil, especially Chapter 4.
  • She prefers the following anime/manga Zankyou no Terror, Bokurano, Death Parade, Anohana, Drops of God, and Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun.
  • It’s rare to see a personality who is actually a hero and who doesn’t like hero movies at all.

What Does Hime Hajime Look Like?

Hime Hajime Vtuber has an infinity of cool features that define her personality. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • She is an alien life being from another planet that looks like a female dragon-robot.
  • Hime is a mother of over a million dragons on her home planet and, in addition, she got four kids from other VTubers on Earth.
  • She looks like a typical MILF or WAIFU with huge breasts thick hips and a pair of red wings on her back.
  • Her hair reaches the waist and they are spread behind without any fixation.
  • As a robot, she has some customization features in her head that can be treated as pieces of armor.
  • She uses dirty language if she is pissed off.
  • She has a big and beautiful blue eyes.
  • Among all types of dresses, she prefers a long sweater-styled dress with a big free space around her boobs.
  • Her back has a complete metal structure to support her huge breasts.
  • Hime Hajim’s DNA is more than 80% robot DNA.
  • During the process of growing offspring, she eats everyone she can meet.
  • She can drink as much as she wants because she has iron liver.
  • We don’t have completely clear information about who is behind Hime Hajim irl.

Hime Hajime Face Reveal

We don’t know what the person behind Hime Hajime looks like. So, people have no idea how cute Hime Hajime’s face is. This can be pros and cons at the same time.

  • First of all, this can be a mystery and can be sold during one of the growing followers or increasing the number of subscribers events.
  • If a face is revealed, this can decrease or increase the revenue of the project and no one knows for sure how well this can work. Would a person from Korea treated well in Japan if he or she decided to do so? This is a complicated decision to find out who Hime Hajime irl.
  • Hime Hajime Vtuber entertains the audience perfectly well. So revealing the personality behind this project can distract people from her digital personality and this is not good for Hime Hajime.
  • If they decide to do so, this can be a part of a show such as Comicon where a lot of people and fans of pop culture will be gathered together and where media coverage is at its full. This concept can increase the number of followers and subscribers on all platforms such as Twitter, FB, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Discord.
  • Revealing can be separated into several stages when the face of the person behind Hime Hajime will be covered by a face filter and only after receiving proper media support across all social networks, the real personality will be revealed.
  • If there’s a famous person behind her, there can be a quiz to guess who this person is with a great reward, such as personal merch or 1×1 chat.

Interesting Facts of Hime Hajime VTuber

There’s a huge list of facts that could be funny for fans of MILF-oriented content and her personality:

  • Hime Hajime can be treated as an alien robot-dragon woman.
  • She left her mother planet to find other guys to fill her harem & to mate with them.
  • She likes creepy stuff like horrors, criminal reports & chronics.
  • Her tallness is quite versatile from an average height for a human girl to up to 1,500 feet tall.
  • Even looking cute, she has a significant weight of over 150 lb.
  • She can act horny inviting boys to mate with “Ara Ara” speech.
  • Her milkers can talk & she likes to mention how big they can be.

How Old is Hime Hajime?

Hime Hajime has an unmeasured age. Everything we know that can be any age from ten and one million so far. Most likely, this is because time actually goes differently in various places of our universe, according to modern science. It is actually cool to have that flexible age because she can act however she wants without being blamed for some creepy stuff. 

She mentioned that she likes criminal reports, channels, and detectives. To watch this content without going crazy you have to be a mature person.

Hime Hajime is another of over one million kids and she has got four kids from VTubers on Earth so far. It’s a big population. She talks and acts like an adult woman who would like to find another guy to mate. Hime Hajime introduces herself as a MILF Mommy which is an acronym for Woman I’d like to F*ck. We should expect adult but funny behavior and some straightforward conversation during streaming. 

Where is Hime Hajime From?

Let’s find out about the question “Where is Hime Hajime from?” The short answer is she is not from Earth. Her home planet is outside of the Solar system and probably it is a part of our galaxy, but this is not for sure. The planet includes mostly the dragon population. We don’t have any extra intel about it, so, it is still a mystery that, probably, can be disclosed in future streams. Most likely, it should be something rather cyber-punk styled than anything that looks like our world because her behavior and love of indie content say this positively. 

Where Does Hime Hajime Live?

A lot of people ask the question “Where does Hime Hajime live?” Originally, she used to live on her own planet where she gave birth to over one million kids. After she decided to explore the galaxy to expand her harem, she found out information about Earth and Japan, by watching anime. She landed in Tokyo to live here. Looking around, she decided to go Vtubing to have many followers and find proper guys to expand her harem. As far as we see, she is quite successful with her purpose. Another funny fact is that she struggled to find the right place to stay in Tokyo at the beginning. 

How Tall is Hime Hajime?

Hime Hajime has a flexible tall which depends on what planet she is on. Actually, she is up to 1,500, but her tallness is like 5”6 to an average tall on her mother planet. That’s why she feels like an average girl among us. It can be a good move to be attractive to people on Earth. There was a mention that she is capable of moving from her natural tall of 1,500 feet to an Earth one of less than 6 feet. So, she can easily feet any place where she wants to stay. Also, if Hime would like to fight, she can easily work with her true tallness. 

How Much Does Hime Hajime Make?

Let’s talk about how much Hime Hajime makes monthly from different sources. It’s hard to measure sales of her merchandise in the store, but we have got some statistics from Twitch. According to the available data, the last month showed a grow of subscriptions up to 221. One subscription can bring from $186 to $556 for the streamer. This can be from $41,106 to $122,876 monthly. That result is inspiring for many content creators. These numbers for such a new channel can be increased significantly if the VTuber makes her content more entertaining and stream more interactive. 

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