Ban Hada Vtuber

Who is Ban Hada?

Ban Hada is a popular streamer who produces various content where she interacts with the audience as a Pirate Captain. She is an affiliated VTuber with NIJISANJI company who created content for YouTube and streams on YouTube and Twitch.

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Ban Hada VTuber

Ban Hada is a well-known VTuber who started her career in the Korean branch of NIJISANJI in 2021. She created a channel on YouTube on April 20, 2021, from Japan where she called herself a Pirate Captain. The channel has grown to over seventy thousand subscribers and almost two hundred and a half videos uploaded. People have viewed them for more than two million times. 

As a Korean girl, she plays Starcraft. Her skills are not great, but her talks during the play are absolutely amazing. She uploads a lot of Twitch VODs to the channel to promote her personality and the content she produces. There are two types of appearance we can see. The first one is where she wears a Captain’s suit, jacket, pistols, and hat. The second one is a steam-punk or cyber-pank top, shorts with a skirt, and cool shoes. Her average livestream is several hours long where a part of it is chatting and the rest is playing games.

What Does Ban Hada Look Like?

The simple answer to the question “What/How Does Ban Hada Look Like?” is “She looks like a captain.” She has some funny nicknames like Reru-chan, Ban Haha, and Ban Hihi. Let’s discuss some details of her appearance:

  • Hada’s facial features are so calm, accurate, and bright (in a good meaning).
  • She has a smiling mouth and a cute little anime-shaped nose.
  • Her eyes are much bigger than those of other streamers of NIJISANJI. They are a mix of colors navy-blue and blue with little black borders. 
  • She has black eyelashes and gray brows.
  • Hada has her hair up to the waist long in a gray-milk white color.
  • She puts on an accurate black from the outside and azure from the inside with a gold engine captain hat. It looks so accurate and fancy, and it underlines her feminine features.
  • There’s a big flower pin of gray-light blue color with some purple “fruits.”
  • She wears a Captain-styled shawl with a wide collar with flawless gold edging and black “lining.” Its color is azure with a white lining from the chest side. There are gold-colored and well-styled admiral shoulder straps (without stars so far).
  • She wears a fitted suit with long sleeves of azure color with a white shirt under it.
  • Her bust is just right for a girl of her age and her hips were artificially increased with a short skirt of light blue color.
  • She wears a sword belt with two well-designed pistols. 
  • Her jacket is over the knee long with two steel pins.
  • She wears a cute garter belt of color as a hat pin on her right leg.
  • Hada puts on fancy stockings with fancy tops.
  • She puts on cute up-to-ankle boots of white, azure, and gold colors.

Ban Hada Face Reveal

Ban Hada has not revealed her face so far. There can be several reasons to keep privacy at the highest level. So, NIJISANJI decided to keep her and, most likely, other streamers covered from people who would like to stalk them or interrupt her real life. Nevertheless, she is a popular person, she is still a fragile girl of her 20s. 

In this age, it’s important to receive positive feedback from people around you on everything you perform. For her, it is crucial to believe that people are good. We believe that the high level of privacy can work for her really well. If she decides to reveal her face and the company approves, this will be a brave move.

Interesting Facts of Ban Hada VTuber

Ban Hada is a welcome, funny, and entertaining streamer who triggers a lot of positive memories and interesting facts.

  • Ban Hada is a streamer from Kprean who is affiliated with the NIJISANJI brand.
  • Before merging all of NIJISANJI’s branches, she streamed under NIJISANJI KR with Seffyna and Song Mia.
  • A lot of facts were introduced during her debut stream.
  • She is a real like-everyone-around person who is calm, positive, and a bit shy.
  • She likes eating some snacks during a stream.
  • After several years of streaming, she became more confident in talking about various topics.
  • She had a significant period of time where she was a bit confused during streams.
  • Ban Hada makes a lot of collaboration with other streamers.
  • She shows her supportive personality, during communicating with others.
  • She supports other Korean Team Members in their streams and life/digital goals.
  • Hada mentioned that she likes traveling overseas, but now she feels lonely that’s why she wants to meet new friends.
  • In 2021, she participated in APEX Midsummer Custom from VirtuaReal where her team was the first.
  • Another event from the same company was Apex Legends Reignite Cup #2 in 2021 where her team was ranked as 8.
  • She united with Lee Siu and Ha Yun to participate in Apex Legends Reignite Cup #3 as team “Tatakai Wa Taimingu.” She was placed third.
  • At the end of 2021, she hosted a tournament Mario Kart under the name “Ready, Set, CLASH!” with LazuLight, Obsydia, Eythria, and Taka Radjiman among other players.
  • In 2022, she participated in NIJISANJI VALORANT Custom. She teamed up with Yuhi Riri, Morinaka Kazaki, Saegusa Akina, and Yukishiro Mahiro.
  • He named her fan base as “Kaizocrew.”
  • She is called a captain by her fan base.
  • From the debut stream, we know what she likes: sleeping & playing games, especially POG, drawing, signing, and animals.
  • She likes shooters and FPS games. Among them are Valorant, Apex Legends, and LOL, but just a little bit.
  • She has a favorite Pokemon Minccino.
  • Hada has several favorite NIJISANJI VTubers: Hoshikawa Sara, Nishizono Chigusa, and Hana Macchia.
  • She is so supported by her parents who watch her streams.

How Old is Ban Hada?

Ban Hada in her Debut stream mentioned that she is a “Fresh Adult.” This is such a funny definition we have never heard about. Anyway, this looks like right in her style. In real life, she was born on August 30 which means her zodiac sign is Virgo. Even taking into account her young age she is so funny and she has experience in different fields like culture, various events, hobbies, games, cooking, and so on.

She keeps maturing, streaming for her community, and chatting about various topics people care about the most like relationships, something cool to watch, how to be nice, and what game to play.

Where is Ban Hada From?

Ban Hada is originally from Japan. She streams mostly in Japanese and Korean, gathering around herself over seventy thousand fan base that is kinda low, taking into account that her account has existed for over two years. Her streams are full of coziness, watching them is like putting on a blanket on a winter day getting a cup of hot chocolate, and watching something that makes you feel better.

As a member of the Korean branch of NIJISANJI, she knows Korean & Japanese culture very well and can tell something cool to others. Chatting with her is a pure pleasure, especially after she stopped playing games and came back to people.

Where Does Ban Hada Live?

Ban Hada lives in Japan where her YouTube channel was created on April 20, 2021. There’s no such information about where exactly she lives. We would like to note that this can be a contract term where both sides: a streamer and NIJISANJI decided not to disclose information about her personality for security reasons because it is quite common a weird people can stalk a streamer, investigate their lives, or even intrude in the family business.

To avoid this from happening and to support a healthy environment for a streamer, the company decided to keep privacy at its highest. 

At the same time, there are no less common reasons like keeping the attention on Ban Hada’s digital personality to prevent people from following her real life and digital VTuber accounts. 

How Tall is Ban Hada?

Ban Hada is 165 cm or 5’4 which is a good height for a girl nowadays. Anyway, no one complains about this. In addition, there’s no clarification if this height is her in real life or her digital character. 

She is a welcoming and positive person who grabs all attention to her streams from people around the world. This means that there’s no such question as “How Tall is Ban Hada?” among her fan base. 

How Much Does Ban Hada Make?

Ban Hada doesn’t provide us with information about the question “How Much Does Ban Hada Make?” So, the right answer is complicated and it unites salary, profits from voice packs, percent from subscriptions on YouTube, etc.

We have some useful information published on vidIQ about her channel performance. An overall score that unites: video view consistency, subscribers/views ratio, upload frequency, engagement rates, and channel growth is “C.”The score of “Views” is C, while the score of Engagement is A, and The Subscribers’ score is D. 

The account lost a bit over half a percent of subscribers in the last 30 days. Anyway, the engagement rate is almost 20% which is excellent. There are over two million three hundred video views. The upload frequency is low compared with other similar channels, it’s less than two videos a week. Average monthly earnings are from five to sixteen dollars. The average video length is over two hours.

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