Kyo Kaneko VTuber

Who is Kyo Kaneko

On YouTube is a young male VTuber (virtual YouTuber) with a cool kid vibe. He is affiliated with Nijisanji EN’s sixth wave, ILUNA alongside Aster Arcadia, Ren Zotto, Scarle Yonaguni, Aia Amare, and Maria Marionette. According to his profile, he debuted as a first year student at the ILUNA Institute of the Mystics.  

One of the aspects that make his story interesting is that he has graduated. Unlike in the outside world, graduation in VTubing has little to do with the talent’s academic progress. It is a way of saying that Kyo Kaneko VTuber will no longer engage in VTubing.

Nijisanji EN’s official post on Twitter on 1st  February 2024 read in part, “We hereby announce that the NIJISANJI EN Liver Kyo Kaneko will graduate on 17th February, 2023 JST…After 17th February, 2024 JST, Kyo Kaneko will cease all Liver activities, his YouTube membership will be stopped on 17th  February JST after his graduation stream and the sale of merchandise and voice contents will be stopped gradually.”

It has been about two years between Kyo’s debut and graduation. During this period, he built a strong online community through consistent and engaging live streams. Kyo Kaneko real identity may not be known but his fans had a true connection with him. He even had a name for his fans; Kyomies – a creative version of Kyo homies.

These followers, who were in their hundreds of thousands, didn’t have to know Kyo Kaneko real name, they were in sync with his character. His comedic bluntness  and witty personality captured and retained their attention.

Kyo Kaneko VTuber

On Nijisanji’s website, Kyo Kanaeko VTuber is described as “a cheerful first year with a chaotic edge.” It further goes on to say that his primary goal in life is to always have fun and make others laugh. A look at his YouTube and other social media platforms indicate that he got to fulfill this goal.

Since joining YouTube on 6th July 2022, the VTuber built a large and interactive community of fans. His YouTube shows that as at the time of graduation, he had 465 videos on his channel. This content had raked in over 27 million views and close to half a million subscribers.His Twitter account also attracted fans in their hundreds of thousands .

As highlighted on Virtual Youtuber Wiki, his YouTube channel hit 100,000 subscribers during his debut. Furthermore, a day after his first tweet, his Twitter account reached 100,000 followers.

Apart from these official sites, there are also several content creators on sites like Twitch, Discord, and Instagram who discuss various aspects of his life as a VTuber. This is in addition to the numerous fanart and cosplay linked to his character. Evidently, he was a relatable content creator with the ability to connect with a wide fan base especially the younger generation.

This relatability and popularity explain why his graduation has been one of the weighty issues in the world of VTubers. In fact, discussions over the matter on platforms like Reddit have people wondering if his health had anything to do with the ‘termination’. These assumptions are founded on the fact that he has had to seek medical help on several occasions. However, on his graduation stream, he indicated that the move was him growing out of VTubing and not necessarily based on his health.

What Does Kyo Kaneko Look Like?

Similar to other virtual beings, the avatar does not necessarily look like the human behind its existence. There is no official Kyo Kaneko face reveal. However, Kyo Kaneko VTuber and Kyo Kaneko irl are two different individuals. Granted, that’s the essence of VTubing.

As an avatar, Kyo has a signature hairstyle in the form of a shoulder length teal blue bob cut with black and pink highlights underneath. The style is complete with side bangs and a stylish ‘flyaway’ at the center.

To further shape his hexagon face shape, he has thinly shaped eye brows and big olive eyes. Pink lips have also become part of his signature look. Besides, he has a piercing on his right ear, on which he wears a zipper-like hanging grey earring.

Notably, his outfits also define his character, seeing that he is often in the same look in most of his videos. It comprises black and white plaid pants, a white button-down shirt, and a black and white striped tie. He completes the look with a white hooded jacket with yellow and blue accents.

Kyo Kaneko Face Reveal

Kyo Kaneko VTuber has been on people’s lips since the beginning of February 2024. Indeed, it has created some sort of merry-go-round. Those who have been fans of the VTuber were surprised by the graduation announcement and took to social media sites to express their feelings. This in turn attracted more people who were curious about the buzz surrounding the VTuber.

Some of the aspects that both the avatar’s old and new fans are curious about are; who is Kyo Kaneko irl? Is Kyo Kaneko real face comparable to his appearance as an avatar?

Since the VTuber has graduated, it may be difficult to answer some of these questions. In fact, in the absence of an official Kyo Kaneko face reveal, his followers will only have the avatar-like appearance as reference.

That said, the mark he left among his fans is real. How he made them feel, the laughter he triggered, and online interactions he had with them during live streams are real. To them, he was more than a virtual being; he existed, he had likes, dislikes, and interests, and built a real online community.  

Interesting Facts of Kyo Kaneko VTuber

  • Kyo Kaneko’s birthday is on 29th December.
  • Some of his nicknames are Kyonuts, Kyo Kanon, and Kyo Holland. Some Kyomies also refer to him as Kyo our woman.
  • His honesty at times can come out as pessimism or brutal; often leading to arguments with other Livers.
  • He is really supportive of his friends.
  • Among his favorite quotes are, “pause”, “Das crazy”, and “Chaos? I call it fun”.
  • According to him, he is ageless
  • His character designer is Shinotaro.
  • In July 2023, he debuted Mikyoscopic; his 3D chibi model.
  • In September 2023, he became the first Nijisanji EN Liver to debut a new main model.
  • In February 2024, about a week before his graduation, he released his first song, Distant, in collaboration with Finana Ryugu.  
  • Among the things he likes is League of Legends, anime, loudness, and creating content.
  • His dislikes include seafood, reading, spiders, veggies, and spicy food.

How Old is Kyo Kaneko?

Metaverse, avatars, and the broader industry of non-humans are especially attractive to the younger generation. In fact, most of the online content related to virtual beings is custom-made to capture the attention of this demographic. It is no wonder VTubing revolves around music and games.

Entertainment companies like Anycolor Inc. understand this concept all too well. In addition to focusing on a young audience, their talents are also young. In fact, most of them are in their 20s.

In the absence of a face reveal , it may be difficult to tell how old is Kyo Kaneko irl. In fact, even as an avatar, he describes himself as being ageless. Nonetheless, based on his interests and passion, Kyo Kaneko age is probably below 35. More specifically, I am of the opinion that the VTuber is in his 20s.

Where in Kyo Kaneko From?

Subconsciously or intentionally, content creators’ background and culture often rubs on their content. It may be something as minor as their accent, favorite food, or preferred fashion style to something major as creating content primarily in their language. So, where is Kyo Kaneko from?

The VTuber is from Japan as part of Nijisanji and the larger Anycolor Inc. Njijisanji’s VTubers comprise those whose content is primarily in Japanese and Nijisanji EN talents who do so in English.  

Kyo is in the latter camp. In addition to English, he is learning Japanese and Spanish.

Where Does Kyo Kaneko Live?

In addition to other aspects related to the VTuber’s life, some of his fans wonder, where does Kyo Kaneko live? 

VTubers and digital content creators in general are able to break geographical barriers to reach a broad audience.In his case, Kyo Kaneko lives in Japan. It is unclear if this is the same thing with the VTuber irl. Either way, he managed to attract fans from within and beyond the Japanese borders. 

How Tall is Kyo Kaneko

Among the aspects that fans are curious about is, how tall is Kyo Kaneko? Understandably so, a VTuber is a public figure who the public shows interest in their lifestyle.

According to Virtual YouTuber Wiki, the model was 160 cm during his debut. This equates to 5’24” in feet. Seeing that the average height of a Japanese male is 5 ‘7 ” feet, the VTuber is quite short.  

Notably, the new main model is quite tall. He is 183cm, which equates to 6 feet.

How Much Does Kyo Kaneko Make?

Stats show that VTubers can make upto $1 million per annum. In addition to being a streamer and relying on the sale of merch, Patreon donations, and membership fees, there are other opportunities to make money. In fact, some have chosen to use the route of nudes and nsfw content. For others, music has been a viable revenue stream.   

That said, there have been concerns that VTubers operating under an agency don’t necessarily earn a large sum. A corporate VTuber took to Reddit to complain of the hefty deductions made by agencies and YouTube.

With these details in mind, how much does Kyo Kaneko make? The exact amount is not public knowledge. However, he made his money in the sale of merch, membership fees, and streams of his content on YouTube and Spotify.

However, as indicated in his graduation announcement, all Liver activities were stopped after his graduation. On his YouTube channel, membership-based content remains private. The sale of his merch and voice contents was also set to stop gradually. 

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