Rozy AI Influencer & Model

Gen Z comprises individuals who are not familiar with a world without the Internet. Companies are aware of this and are keen on using unconventional marketing tools that attract this tech-savvy group of consumers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of those tools. Computer generated imagery (CGI) technology and the broader field of AI has enabled creatives to generate virtual humans with the ability to engage in numerous human activities.

Creatives are keen on introducing AI models that stand out among the growing number of virtual humans. On the one hand are AI models like Lil Miquela who can pass for a real face. On the other extreme is the likes of Noonoouri whose appearance is undeniably fake. Rozy AI influencer appears to be in the middle of these two broad categories.

Rozy AI model looks like a human with human-like abilities. However, her online content often encompasses surrealism. As a result, her followers find her images and videos entertaining yet relatable.

In this article, the focus will be on what’s unique about Rozy model. What aspects of her character make her an asset for top brands in South Korea and beyond. The analysis will also highlight her creator’s intentions when creating her.

Who is Rozy gram?

Rozy Gram has a huge following in South Korea and beyond. She has had numerous commercial partnerships with well-established brands including Calvin Klein and W.Concept. As a result, she had raked in millions of dollars. The success of this influencer warrants the question, who is Rozy?

Rozy AI model is South Korea’s first virtual influencer. Her full name is Oh Rozy, which means ‘one and only’ in Korean. This explains why her Instagram bio reads, ‘I am the only one, I could be everyone.’

Rozy has been programmed into a 21-year-old, 5’ 7’’ tall lady. In addition to being a young Asian woman with a pretty face, she is multi-talented. She can model, sing, and dance. She also enjoys physical activities like golfing, playing tennis, surfing, and skateboarding. Besides, as a being who enjoys traveling, she often takes virtual trips to different locations.

Her human-like appearance, coupled with her abilities, have captured the attention of the public and brands alike. On its website, the creator of AI influencer Rozy describes her as a being with “an oriental appearance and a western body, leading trends in fashion and lifestyle. She is a healthy, confident Gen Z who loves adventure and cares about the environment.”

Is Rozy Real or Fake?

Social media has brought about an evolution in the broad field of marketing. In the modern world, companies are relying heavily on influencers to reach their target audience. Indeed, social media sites like Instagram and TikTok comprise numerous influencers embodying different characters.

One of the popular influencers is Rozy. Her posts attract a lot of love from her fans in the form of hearty emojis and comments on how beautiful she is. So, is Rozy real?

The answer is no. In fact, she says so on her social media. On Instagram, she describes herself as ‘Korea’s first virtual influencer.’

On the one hand, Rozy fake character is public knowledge. However, she is still able to connect with her human audience. She has pictures of her traveling the world, enjoying outdoor activities, shopping, and even dining out. These posts and her overall persona are what’s behind her huge following online.

The creative use of art and technology has resulted in a virtual human with the ability to communicate and influence humans. She is able to realize the surreal dreams and imaginations of the younger generation.

For instance, a typical Gen Z finds the idea of traveling through time and space to be entertaining. This imagination is fulfilled by following Rozy, who is able to travel to the future and the past virtually.

Who Created Rozy gram?

Rozy’s music is defined by a soothing voice that will send chills down your spine. Besides, as a model, she has collaborated with companies like GS25, Pandora, W. Concept, Calvin Klein among others. Evidently, this AI model has accomplished a lot more than her human counterparts.  So, who created Rozy?

Sidus Studio X is behind Rozy’s existence. The Seoul-based creative company has also created other virtual humans by employing the 3D modelling technology and the broader principles of AI. On its website, the firm defines its mission as growing to become the top virtual entertainment group.

Some of Rozy’s followers are curious; Is she a real person? Is she a robot? Is she an AI? To these questions, the creative company responds, she is a blend of the three entities. This explains why she is able to relate with humans while still maintaining her identity as a virtual being.

In an interview with CNBC, Rozy creator acknowledged that the younger generation make up its target audience. With that in mind, the team of experts realized that this demographic has a different way of communication. According to Jung, the younger generation is “more comfortable with digital characters or virtual models.”

Rozy Images & Videos

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words can’t be any more real for influencers. Whether real or fake, social media influencers use images and videos to send a particular message to their target audience. On the other hand, potential fans rely on the influencers’ content to understand their character, interests, and values.  

In the case of AI models, one can argue that images and videos are an interface between the virtual and real worlds. This is true for every influencer, including Rozy. A look at the model’s images and videos in this article will offer an insight on who she is and what she stands for.

Rozy Images

Like any other influencer, both real and virtual, photos tell a story. Rozy images tell a story of a young virtual model whose interests are similar to those of a human Millenial or Gen Z. Indeed, this is her target audience.

In an interview with Tatler, the AI model stated, “I was born to represent generation MZ, the most influential group of trendsetters in (South Korean) society. My personality traits, values, looks, and hobbies were chosen to portray a lifestyle that’s entertaining to my audience. 

Rozy photos on Instagram and other social media platforms are an artistic and well thought out combination of the real and virtual worlds. For instance, in one picture, she is enjoying some pastries at an eatery in London. In the photo, which is pinned above, her appearance and background are realistic. In another picture, she is on a rooftop facing a huge dragon and being very close to the sky.

Rozy Videos

Just like her photos, Rozy videos portray the life of a virtual model in a human world. One of the videos that bolstered the influencer to popularity is her partnership with Shinhan Life; a South Korean insurance company.

The campaign dubbed ‘Shinhan Life adds surprises to life’ shows Rozy dancing in various real setups like the bus and a residential apartment’s rooftop. The target audience for this commercial was youth in their 20s and 30s, who’ve become a major category of consumers.

As a model whose creator has embraced forwardism and surrealism, a typical Rozy video portrays a robot who is able to do things that humans cannot while still relating to her audience.

For instance, in one of the videos pinned above, she titles it ‘Road to fantasy with Rozy’. On it, she appears to be in the middle of the ocean with colorful flowers all around her. This clip is interesting as it is a commercial partnership with American Tourister, a bag company.

Rozy Nude

As the community of virtual models and influencers grows, creatives are keen on finding a niche for their creations. Among the AI models with a huge following online are those whose sexuality is a major component of their character.

Overall, virtual models reflect the already existing society. In the human world, sex sells. It is no wonder there is a rising number of virtual vixens with popular OnlyFans and Fanvue accounts.

However, Rozy’s creator has embraced a different approach. Granted, there are a couple of pictures of the model in a bikini having a good time at a swimming pool or the ocean. She also dresses in some outfits that expose her tummy and thighs. However, the outfits are stylish and tasteful as opposed to skimpy and provocative. Overall, Rozy nudes are not part of her portfolio.  

Perhaps the absence of a Rozy nude has contributed to her attracting numerous top brands. The public follow her for her abilities and interests rather than her sexual attractiveness.

Social Media Sites

Social media is more than just a platform to socialize. It has grown into a marketplace that’s embraced by almost every brand worldwide. Notably, companies are keen on using unique marketing tools that will capture the attention of its target audience.

In the recent past, AI influencers have been one of the effective marketing tools. This is especially in instances where Millenials and Gen Z are the targeted consumers.

In this article, the focus is on Rozy Gram and how she has become an entity that top brands are willing to pay heftily for a commercial partnership. A look at her social media sites will pinpoint what connects her to the younger generation.

Rozy Instagram

Rozy Instagram page is one of her most popular social media platforms. She has an enormous fan base and highlights some of the well-established companies that she has worked with. This includes the likes of Ibis Styles and W. Concept. On this platform, the virtual and real worlds interact seamlessly through the inclusion of surreal and hyperreal content.

Rozy TikTok

TikTok is rather popular among Millenials and Gen Z. The theme on this platform is usually easy and entertaining. Rozy TikTok account does not exist at the moment. However, her Instagram is still packed with entertaining content that the younger generation relate to. As more people embrace virtual influencers, Rozy’s creator may consider TikTok and other social media sites.

Rozy OnlyFans

Rozy occasionally posts a picture of her in a bikini, short skirt, or crop top on her social media. However, her sexuality is not one of the aspects that define her character. This explains why Rozy OnlyFans or Fanvue accounts do not exist. A Rozy OF account would probably change how her followers view her.

Rozy Twitter

Rozy twitter account is non-existence as at the time of writing. This is quite unusual as most AI influencers use this social media site to connect with their followers. Nonetheless, Instagram appears to be working just fine for the influencer. In the ensuing years, her creator may decide to introduce the model to the platform.

Rozy YouTube

Rozy YouTube channel does not have as many followers as her Instagram.Granted, she has minimal content on the site. As at the time of writing, it was a channel dedicated solely to her music. As her brand continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how she evolves as a music artist and how that will influence her character.

Rozy Reddit

Rozy Reddit does not exist at the moment. Perhaps the team behind her existence will consider this social media platform in coming years as the AI influencing space continues to grow. For now, one can interact with Rozy on her Instagram or Sidus Studio X’s website.

Rozy Website

Rozy website is integrated into her creator’s website. In addition to details on what the creative company stands for, the site contains detailed information about Rozy and their other virtual humans. On Rozy’s segment, one gets an insight on her character and interests. It also contains details of the projects she’s been involved in.  

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