Igarashi Rika Vtuber

Who is Igarashi Rika?

Igarashi Rika is a Japanese streamer who was invited to the NIJISANJI team in 2022. She has a cheerful personality that attracts people’s attention and makes them loyal followers. Rika likes playing games and watching & discussing anime and manga. She is aware of events, holidays, and culture-specific in Japan although she is such a young girl of 21. 

Her loyal fan base is named “Kantoku.” She loves sports games such as baseball. She calls Kantoku-kun or Kantoku-tjan. Sometimes, she uses Kantoku-chan for people below eighteen. The fan club name is “Izarashi Club.” This can be an acronym of Igarashi and azarashi which is “seal” in Japanese. She has two fan marks of a heart and a baseball (ball).

Her totem creature (mascot) is a white seal with a yellow star pin and positive facial expressions. On her second look, she cares it in the left hand.

Igarashi Rika VTuber

Igarashi Rika is a popular VTuber in Japan who created her YouTube channel on October 24, 2022. We have over four hundred videos uploaded to the channel that were viewed over sixteen million times. She supports her stream by commenting and posting information about them on Twitter. Her main platform to stream games is Twitch. 

She has two great sets of appearances that introduce her from different angles. One of them looks like she is from 2000 while another one underlines her cyberpunk background. We would like to note that both of them work perfectly.

What Does Igarashi Rika Look Like?

We have two looks of Igarashi Rika which were released in a year from each other. Let’s describe & comment them:

  • Igarashi Rika looks like a girl in her 20s. Her style feels like it was from 2000.
  • She has a cute face with wide cheekbones that are covered with little blush.
  • She has a little and cute little mouth and nose. They look anime-styled.
  • Igarashi Rika’s big beautiful eyes of light green-light blue colors are full of love and calmness.
  • Her haircut is a bit complicated. Its color is milk-orange with milk-white braids. 
  • She has a beautiful bow on the right side that holds some braids. 
  • There are two black bow hairpins and one green star.
  • The hairs are over the shoulder long. Overall, the haircut looks amazing.
  • She puts on jewelry on her ears with some extra piercing pieces.
  • She puts on a short sundress of light-azure color with straps with several pins. 
  • There’s an outstanding yellow belt with a cat-style belt plaque of milk-white color. 
  • There’s a big lighting Zeus sign attached to the belt.
  • She wears a jacket of a peach color with black lining and white edging around a zipper.
  • It’s brown around the pockets, on stripes from the shoulders to hands, and around the hands. The elastic bottom of the jacket is peach-colored with fabric adjusting stripes.
  • There are various pins on the jacket: yellow cat, white-pink cat paw print, yellow star, yellow crescent, while-blue cloud, and peach bow with black stripes.
  • She puts on a double-striped garter belt with a cat pin on the right leg.
  • She wears a black over-knee sock on the right leg and a bow-pin-colored shot sock on the left leg.
  • Igarashi Rika puts on an amazing pair of milk-white boots with peach laces and green-yellow stars on the sides. There are star-customized heels in yellow, white, and peach colors.
  • Another look seems to be cyber-punk. The haircut remains the same but the hair over the neck is styled as one braid.
  • She wears a brown hair hoop.
  • There is a N or Z hairpin of yellow color.
  • She puts on a headset on the left ear.
  • She wears a “transparent decollete area” jacket that allows us to see her beige bra with “Igarashi Rika” words. 
  • The jacket is short and allows her belly to be opened but it covers her shoulders and arms fully up to her hands.
  • The jacket is a milk-white color with some features of blue and pink colors. There’s a holder for a case in her right hand.
  • She cares a seal plush with a gold star of the same color under the left hand.
  • She puts on black fingers-free gloves.
  • She wears black shorts with fancy edging. 
  • There are fishnet stockings of different sizes.
  • She wears up-to-the-knee boots with blue heels with two straps.

Igarashi Rika Face Reveal

A lot of people search for an answer to the question of whether Igarashi Rika revealed her face. The right answer is “no.” There are various reasons but two of them are the most obvious that the mother company would not like to split attention between Igarashi Rika’s digital personality and the actress behind her. This allows the company to avoid various misunderstanding cases when for some people some of the posts from a streamer can be offended.

Even if there are no such limitations, a lot of streamers may avoid revealing faces because some of them have to work on 9-5 job and they don’t want to be recognized and grab attention to their personality not the right time because this can trigger them and they will be fired as a result.

So, keeping a high level of security and privacy allows a street, fan base, and parental company to build healthy relationships that last longer.

Interesting Facts of Igarashi Rika VTuber

We have a lot to talk about Igarashi Rika which won’t fit the format of our article. So, we decided to pick the most crucial information in the following list:

  • Igarashi Rika started her career as a VTuber with NIJISANJI studio on January 16, 2023.
  • She has a cat “Neko” of Scottish Fold bread.
  • She has a boy rabbit named Tawashi,
  • Igarashi Rika has seven piercings in the right ear and one in the left ear.
  • She likes talking a lot during her streams, especially when it is the right time to play games.
  • She likes watching baseball because her grandfather had an influence on her. She stands for Orix Buffaloes.
  • Igarashi Rika cheers people in the chat with a “play ball” greeting and “game set” goodbye words.
  • She participated in various events such as the 1st Oemori NIJISANJI Cup where she was placed third, Enjoy! NIJISANJI Super Smash Bros. Cup, 2nd NIJISANJI VALORANT Custom where she was among members of the winning team, NIJIProSeka Tournament 2024 Spring when she was a winner in the beginner division in March 2024.

How Old is Igarashi Rika?

According to the Birthday Stream on April 14, 2023, Igarashi Rika is 21 years old. This means that she will turn 22 in several months. During it, Igarashi Rika claimed how she is happy to be an adult girl and to have such a nice community.

She has the “right” age when you are mature enough to do anything you want and everything you want is to explore, to find new people, to make more connections, and to make some friends and a lot of buddies. 

The fan base understands and appreciates this that’s why her streams are always funny and supportive in both ways. 

Where is Igarashi Rika From?

Igarashi Rika is originally from Japan from where her account was created on YouTube. NIJISANJI looked for seven female VTubers, hearing them to make the final decision. As we can see, she was one among the chosen. 

There can be several reasons behind this. One of them is that Igarashi Rika knows Japanese culture very well which makes it much easier to connect with local folks. We still don’t have intel from what city she is from and in what city she lives. This can be a good to keep this information away from the public. 

She likes other cultures especially Korean, Chinese, and the US. During streams, she answers people on their questions in the chat, but she is quite more interactive when she has chatting sessions.

Where Does Igarashi Rika Live?

As we mentioned before, Igarashi Rika is from Japan. She created her account from Japan on October 24, 2022. There is no such information on the Web where exactly Igarashi Rika lives. As a person who is affiliated with NIJISANJI, she could write a contract about not disclosing such information to everyone during streams and talking in the chat. This allows people to focus on her personality as a VTuber. It’s the right decision to aim that people will follow just several social network accounts to be in touch with their VTuber.

Another fundamental reason lies in the fact that some people from her fan base can start investigating her posts and private life information. Even if they think in a positive way, this intel can be dangerous in the hands of weird people. All of this can bring discomfort in her life and make it unbearable. 

How Tall is Igarashi Rika?

Igarashi Rika mentioned in her first streams that she was 152 cm or 5’ without heels and 159 cm or 5’2 in them. We like this funny versatility she shows to be more like us. Actually, height doesn’t matter too much when you talk about digital personality because this can be experienced only on streams with boys who are actually taller by nature. So, boys pick their height from 5’5 to 6’3 to match the preferences of some girls. 

Nowadays, the height of a streamer is absolutely the last thing you should be concerned about. Everyone cares whether the topics, videos, chatting, playing games, singing in karaoke, etc. is funny or not. That’s why a lot of streamers build a loyal and ready-to-act fan base.

How Much Does Igarashi Rika Make?

We googled for an answer to the question “How Much Does Igarashi Rika Make?” It was not possible to find the right answer that would satisfy our curiosity. At the same time, it was hard to check those claims. So, we decided to check the data on our own to find out how much Igarashi Rika makes. 

According to the YouTube data statistics site vidIQ, Igarashi Rika’s average score based on video view consistency, subscriber/views ratio, upload frequency, engagement rates, and channel growth and identified as high, “A.” The Views rate is “A” when the Engagement rate is “B” and the Subscribers rate is “A.” The current subscriber growth is over three percent for the last thirty days and this is such a good result. The Engagement rate is over five percent which is not great for this type of channel. There are over sixteen million views on the channel which shows a bit higher than five percent growth. The video upload frequency is approximately six videos a week which is a viable score. Average monthly earnings could vary from five hundred fifty to one thousand seven hundred dollars. 

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