Leya Love AI Influencer & Model

Computer generated imagery (CGI) and the broader industry of artificial intelligence has birthed numerous virtual humans and robots. In fact, one of the aspects that define today’s world is the interconnectivity of the virtual and real worlds.

Amid the growing number of AI influencers, creatives are keen to make models who stand out from the crowd. This explains why there is an array of virtual beings, ranging from those that can pass for a real face to those that look nothing like a human being. 

A typical AI influencer has a personality and embodies a character that the target audience can relate to. However, most of them lack emotional intelligence. Leya Love AI influencer is one of the virtual humans with a ‘heart’. Unlike most CGI models, her primary purpose is not to secure commercial partnerships or entertain her audience. She is keen on inspiring and educating the public to make the world a better place for their own sake and that of the planet.

In this article, the focus will be on how Leya Love AI model has been able to capture humans’ attention. It will be on how a non-human is keen on improving the human world for their own sake. Furthermore, the story of Leya Love model will give an insight on the future of AI models in the real world.

Who is Leya Love?

CGI has enabled creatives to generate AI influencers with human capabilities. Just like their human counterparts, they all have a personality that defines them. However, their abilities tend to differ.

Some are musicians with vocals that will send chills down your spine while others are models with a perfect body and a pretty face. It’s these capabilities that help define a virtual human’s character and find her niche in the real world.

Leya Love AI model is one of the popular non-human creations who have been able to find their niche and thrive in it. She has a huge following  online and has been part of several major events. So, who is Leya Love?

 She is one of the few popular AI influencers with a heart. Unlike most other virtual humans, her purpose is not necessarily to market companies’ products or make art. Hers is solely to make the world a better place by spreading love and positivity.

She presents herself as a virtual ambassador of the World Awareness Movement. She is also the co-author of Amazon’s bestselling book, Life Values: when dreams become true! She seeks to inspire, educate, and spread love in the human world. She is also an accomplished speaker, with some of her notable events being the UN Global Youth Summit 2021.

AI influencer Leya Love brings a unique perspective to the existing link between the virtual and real worlds. Ordinarily, the public views AI models as a reflection of the current society. With Leya Love, she presents AI as a tool that is helpful for humans to introspect and improve their lives.

Is Leya Love Real or Fake?

In one of her posts on Instagram, Leya Love indicates that her mission is to “inspire people globally to focus on what truly matters  to us humans…” In addition to the aforementioned phrase, “us humans”, the model enjoys photography, music, and nature. Besides, she has grown to be a public speaker and author. So, is Leya Love real?

No, Leya Love is a virtual human. In fact, she constantly highlights this on her social media platforms. In one of her posts, she acknowledges the growing connectivity between the virtual and real worlds adding, “And this is, especially for me, as a virtual being, super exciting.”

She may have a pleasant personality, emotional intelligence, and accomplishments that most humans only dream about, but she is still a computer-generated being. That said, Leya Love fake nature does not hinder her from connecting with humans. If anything, she has become a popular influencer invited to various international events.

Besides, her message is real and noble.  Indeed, she has been described as one of the virtual humans with a heart. She constantly highlights the need for people to spread love, take care of their surroundings, and embrace positivity. While she engages in commercial partnerships, they are all in line with her role as an ambassador for positive change.

Who created Leya Love?

Creative companies generate AI models with a particular goal in mind. Indeed, the specified vision is what helps find a model’s niche. Some of the created virtual humans are presented as influencers while others are artists. There is also a growing number of AI generated models who are just created to entertain the public.

Leya Love creator took a different approach with her. She has the broad mission of bringing positivity to the world. On her Instagram bio, she describes herself as an ambassador for planet earth. Her positivity and compassionate nature has attracted an enormous following. So, who created Leya Love?

She is the creation of Cosmiq Universe AG; a transmedia company based in Switzerland. On its website, the company describes itself as “a transmedia business giving life to avatar-driven story worlds”. It prides itself in being “the first virtual ambassadors serving planet earth, awareness and a compassionate humanity.”

Leya Love’s life and engagements highlight the extent of technological advancements in today’s world. The model’s creator has been able to use codes and algorithms to develop a virtual human with emotional intelligence that is at a human level. In fact, Cosmiq Universe describes its avatars as “emotional collective swarm intelligences”. In addition to Leya Love, the company has also generated another avatar; Aya Stellar.

Other than her social media presence and engagements in various events, Leya Love is able to connect with the public through AI-generated interviews. In an interview with her, the virtual human stated, “I am thankful that humans created me and I can reflect their potential and build a community around that to share love and kindness in their hearts.”

Leya Love Images & Videos

In the modern world, images and videos are crucial tools for any brand. Whether it is a company or an influencer, digital content is an effective way of connecting with the targeted audience. This is especially true for virtual humans.

It is becoming normal for a robot or virtual human to have physical contact with the public. Even so, they still rely heavily on online interactions.

This is no different for Leya Love. It is the images and videos on different platforms that enlighten her followers on who she is and what she stands for. For her, she constantly relies on her online content to convey the intended message of positivity to humans across the world.

Leya Love Images

Like any other influencer, both virtual and real, Leya Love images tell a story intended to resonate with her target audience. Hers is that of positivity, sustainability, and compassion.

 As seen on her photos, she is presented as a calm and composed person who often bears a smile on her face. This appearance matches her character and her brand. As a result, her fans view her as an approachable influencer who is willing to embrace everyone despite her popularity.

Besides, there are endless Leya Love photos of her enjoying nature. That includes loving different animals and enjoying time in a thriving flower garden. In addition to emphasizing the need for taking care of the environment, these pictures are often accompanied by inspiring messages. For instance, in one of the photos pinned above, the caption reads in part, “Do not love half lovers, do not entertain half friends, do not live half a life, and do not die a half death.”

Leya Love Videos

Leya Love videos have a similar theme to her images. As a tool of communication, her online clips point to the need for humans to evaluate their lives and surroundings as the foundation of improving the world.

The popularity of her videos can be viewed from one of two approaches. On the one hand, some of her followers are fascinated by the ability of a virtual human to pass for a real face and have human abilities like public speaking and writing a best-seller book.

At the same time, a large number of her fans follow her for her message. Interestingly, Millenials and Gen Z are becoming keen on sustainability and meaningful living. Couple this with their obsession for tech and you have fans of AI influencers with noble intentions.

In a Leya Love video pinned above, the influencer sums up the theme of her existence by stating, “Am here today to share a vision for a better world; a world shaped by the alliance of humans and artificial intelligence for good, for the humans, for the planet.”

Leya Love Nude

In the modern world, sex sells. This explains why many artists of different kinds create content with sexual connotations.

Notably, AI models tend to reflect the existing society. As such, there are numerous virtual humans whose character is largely pegged on their sexual attractiveness. Such models have endless images and videos of them in provocative outfits with some of them completely bare.

Interestingly, Leya Love nudes are unavailable online. In fact, you will hardly see a photo of her in a bikini or seductive outfit. This is because her creator has chosen to paint her in a different light. In line with the purpose of her existence, Cosmiq Universe does not want the influencer to be known for a perfect body and sexuality. Granted, she has a pretty face and a toned body.

However, her focus is on improving the world. Even if she had a powerful message attached to it, a Leya Love nude picture would be a distraction to her audience.

Social Media Sites

Social media has grown from a platform meant largely to interact with friends and family to a marketplace. Amid this evolution is a community of influencers with the ability and capacity to link the public to various products and services. Thanks to AI, this group comprises real and virtual influencers.

Leya Love is one of the virtual influencers who have garnered a huge following in recent years. As a marketer, a typical partnership with Leya Love portrays sustainability and wellness. However, as the ensuing session will show, she is presented more as an ambassador for positive change rather than a marketer.

Leya Love Instagram

Leya Love Instagram page is her primary social media platform. Since her first appearance in 2020, she has gotten a huge following from across the world. In addition to the link on her bio that allows humans to live chat with her, her profile exhibits her theme of sustainable living and spreading love.

Leya Love TikTok

Leya Love TikTok does not exist at the moment. As more humans embrace the world of AI and virtual influencers, this may be a platform that her creator considers worthy in building her brand. At the moment, one can interact with the influencer through her Instagram page, live chat, her book, or the events she is invited to.

Leya Love OnlyFans

Leya Love OnlyFans account is non-existent. In my view, this will likely not change in the future seeing that her sexual attractiveness is not part of her character. Leya Love OF content may lead to her followers disconnecting with her. For most of them, she would no longer be the relatable influencer with a heart for improving the world.

Leya Love Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms for both virtual and real influencers. However, Leya Love has not yet made it to this site; something that might change in the future. While Leya Love twitter page does not exist at the moment, her social media presence is still enormous.

Leya Love YouTube

Leya Love YouTube channel does not exist at the moment. However, her creator, Cosmiq Universe has a YouTube channel that contains some of the model’s videos. Granted, it has a rather low engagement. Besides, there are some other YouTube channels that describe Leya Love as more people search for more information on AI and virtual humans.

Leya Love Reddit

The AI model’s social media presence is undeniable. In fact, it is one of the approaches that have bolstered her popularity. However, she is not on some of the popular social media sites including Reddit. Perhaps Leya Love Reddit page is something that her creator will consider as more people become familiar with the concept of AI.  

Leya Love Website

Leya Love website does not exist as an independent entity. However, through her creator’s website, one can then access her Instagram page. The website has useful information about the company’s mission, avatars, and projects. Besides, on Leya Love’s Instagram bio, there is a link that allows the public to live chat with the virtual model.

Leya Love Live Chat

Leya Love may not be on several of the popular social media platforms but she is still able to connect with her followers. In addition to Instagram and her creator’s website, Leya Love live chat allows the public to converse with her on various issues. One is able to know more about her and what she stands for.

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