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HayleyAI is a digital model that was created using stable diffusion technology as this was mentioned in the hashtags to her photo. She focuses on promoting positivity, humor, memes, and everything good against everything bad. Her profile was created almost six years ago in 2018. Since then, she used to publish one post a month for several years. Looking at her account we have noticed that the profile was renamed four times.

Hayley AI is a model who has only several photos in which she promotes home wear and streetwear. She doesn’t work with videos or reels to promote her profile and be more attractive to major companies to hire her. This means there’s a lot of work that should be done to keep her profile growing.

Who is Hayley?

Hayley is a US-based model who promotes positive vision, good vibes, memes, and other content in her profile on Instagram. We know a little about her personality. Her motto is consuming and not professional at all: “F@k being perfect, be F@king amazing! Be kind to yourself! Cali 🇺🇲 “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” Would you mind hiring her to promote a brand like Loreal or a magazine like ELLE with this description? We rea not surprised that they stay aside from her.

If we talk about her appearance, she looks like a 20-25-year-old girl with caucasian facial features. She is dyed blonde because it is clear from the photos that there is black hair growing over. She prefers cozy clothes and a comfortable pink sleep dress. It is hard to discuss her styles and looks based on two photos only. Pre last post got information that she came back and is going to be active now. After posting the next post, she disappeared. We cannot be sure that the person behind this project is still alive. 

Is Hayley Real or Fake?

It is hard to answer the question “Is Hayley real or Hayley Fake” for sure. Everything depends on how much you are an open-minded person. Everyone receives the majority of advertisement information via Internet resources. Games, movies, and various brands can be promoted by digital actresses or models. There’s no need to hire a real person to promote something on Instagram with the current state of 3D modeling and AI technologies.

Hayley posted some motivational pictures and published several photos of her on Instagram. People like and comment on them. This can mean that for them she is completely real because she talks about exactly what they want.

At the same time, we should not forget that she doesn’t have a real personality behind her profile which is under the management of a real person. Alas, we don’t know the team that manages this project. This can be a bit suspicious because it is not a big deal for a real professional to talk about your project experience and other stuff to attract even more companies with big budgets to your model and more followers for your profile on Instagram.

Who Created Hayley?

We would like to know who developed Hayley as a model and influencer. Alas, this information is not disclosed to a wide audience. This is a con because usually, developers claim their projects proudly. So, many companies who would like to work with digital models can learn from their experience and “measure” if the gathered information and portfolio fit the marketing company’s needs. 

Also, having a site that provides all the required information and answers most of the questions is a good sign of professionalism. Your own site provides endless opportunities for publishing and managing a portfolio, focusing on the best photos and videos.

The developers have changed the anime of Hayley’s profile on Instagram four times. It is not professional and this fact decreases the level of trust dramatically. We are absolutely sure that they want to invest their time, money, and efforts into promoting her career. 

They can use their business connections to get even more followers on Instagram or they can contact marketing companies and major brands with offers.

Hayley Images & Videos

Hayley uses a weird tactic for her content strategy on Instagram. She publishes one post and then disappears for a month. We are absolutely sure this kind of strategy will never work with a platform like Instagram. To make everything work better, there should be some adjustments applied:

  • You have to create a content strategy that covers a period of several months not least.
  • There should be a period when you only produce content and edit it to figure out what problems can happen.
  • It’s better to seek collaborations consistently.
  • The model must subscribe to other models, magazines, brands, and so on to be in touch with current market needs and people’s wants.

Hayley Images 

Hayley published several photos of herself about a year ago, taking into account that her profile on Instagram has existed since July 17, 2018, it’s absolutely nothing. She has posted only 70 posts so far. It’s a bit more than one post a month. Most of the posts are motivational and memes but gathered from 30 to 200 likes. We have some ideas on how to promote this account more effectively:

  • It would be much better to post her own photos and add some captions or motivational text messages.
  • There should be several stories published weekly to attract the attention of followers in their news feeds.
  • If you are an actual model, you must publish more of your photos than motivational pictures.
  • You have to actively engage in the conversation with people in comments.
  • You have to interact with other similar profiles so they tag you for promotion. 

Hayley Videos

Hayley doesn’t have videos in her portfolio on Instagram. A lot of users would like to watch some reels based on various screenshots or short videos but the developers don’t provide us with this possibility. All of this leads to various disadvantages:

  • Avoiding publishing videos leads to underrepresenting Hayley on various platforms like TikTok.
  • TikTok supports any kind of video creators, flooding them with the exact audience they need.
  • YouTube is a bit more conservative compared with TikTok but also has a wide range of people who may be interested in this type of content. 
  • Nowadays, reel production doesn’t require anything more than a smartphone. You can do them in free or “almost” free applications.
  • The Web has plenty of educational materials on how to do this semi-professionally and professionally.

Social Media Sites

Hayley works only with her Instagram profile. This can be treated as a con because there are many platforms where a good model and influencer should be presented. So, avoiding this will trigger some cons.

  • Lacking of representation on video platforms such as TikTok or YouTube.
  • As a result, videos published only on Instagram won’t be spread quickly on the web and they have much fewer chances to become viral.
  • Avoiding creating your personal website can be a reason for the companies not to understand the project portfolio and, as a result, rejection to collaborate. 
  • Also, platform such as Reddit and Twitter allows people to communicate with a model and influencer via text which is comfortable for many.

Hayley Instagram

Hayley created an Instagram profile on July 17, 2018. Since then, she posted mostly memes and some motivational phrases. During this period, the account was renamed four times. So, it is hard to predict for what purpose it was used before. Anyway, we don’t have any posts published right now. The last one was on July 28, 2023.

Hayley TikTok 

Hayley still has not registered a profile on TikTok. There is a big community that can be a good fit for the content she creates. A lot of 3D or AI-based models find their popularity working mostly with TikTok. So, the developers have to pay more attention to this social network.

Hayley Twitter 

Hayley is not represented on Twitter and, we would like to note, that this is not a big deal. Twitter is a great place for an NFT part of a digital world, but for models, especially 3D/AI, there is not so much space.

Hayley YouTube

Hayley doesn’t have a profile on YouTube. It’s a con because people like watching shorts and reels to understand if they like or dislike this content in several seconds. It’s an easy way to promote the main profile on Instagram, without significant investments. This requires building cool reels or designing a 3D model of Hayley to make her move, dance, talk, etc.

Hayley Reddit

Hayley doesn’t work with Reddit because there are a few fans of 3D models and influencers. This means that skipping being represented on Reddit doesn’t affect her career growth in any way. The developers have to check from time to time if she was mentioned in discussions.

Hayley Website

Hayley decided not to work with her personal site because there’s a lack of content she can actually share with the audience and marketing & promo companies. Owning your own site can provide you with extra opportunities:

  • You can systemize a portfolio of past projects to show how deeply you understand the market and people’s needs. This can help major companies.
  • There can be references and mentions collected from various magazines to show that she knows how to introduce products digitally.
  • It would be better if the site included information about the people behind this project. This allows companies to understand with whom they are going to collaborate and what package of skills they have.
  • You can always change the order of content on the site.
  • The site can be SEO-optimized to get more visitors from Google searches.
  • It is possible to record a welcome reel or several-minute video to show what is important to you.
  • Some of the companies even record reels from their offices on how they work or how they record/develop products. All of these videos increase the level of trust significantly.

As we can see, there are many possibilities that are open with creating a personal site for such a project like promotion of a 3D model, influencer, and fashion designer.

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