Luca Kaneshiro VTuber

Who is Luca Kaneshiro?

Future technology has looked different in different eras. In modern society, it encompasses robots, non-humans, and outer space. Through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, tech experts are realizing the once elusive fantasy of humans and non-humans coexisting in one world.

Within this evolution is a unique group of beings; VTubers (virtual YouTubers). The essence of VTubing is for content creators to hide their real identity behind avatars. These virtual beings may not pass for a real face but they are able to develop a real connection with their followers.

One such influencer is VTuber Luca Kaneshiro. Notably, he is involved in niches that attract his target audience; the younger generation. This includes music, games, and live streams on his YouTube channel.

By engaging in matters that are interesting to the youth, and having a human-like character, Luca Kaneshiro Vtuber has reached influencing heights that most human influencers only dream of. This includes building a huge interactive community that has boosted the sale of his merch.

While Luca Kaneshiro real identity is hidden, the team behind his existence is public knowledge. He is a member of Nijisanji EN’s fourth wave, “Luxiem”. Nijisanji EN  is a branch of the broader VTuber agency of Nijisanji founded in 2018. Nijisanji EN was introduced in May 2021 with the objective of reaching a wider crowd. The VTubers linked to this agency are streamers communicating primarily in English.

Evidently, the concealing of Luca Kaneshiro real name has not hindered him from building a real connection with his followers. Indeed, his fans have focused more on his works and the character he embodies.

On YouTube, whicb is one of his primary social media platforms, he has surpassed one million subscribers with the total views surpassing 98 million.  In fact, he reached the coveted 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in less than a month after his debut. His presence is also felt in other sites like Twitter, Twitch, and Discord.

Luca Kaneshiro VTuber

As aforementioned, Luca Kaneshiro VTuber is linked to Nijisanji EN’s fourth wave, “Luxiem”. Other VTubers on this wave are Vox Akuma, Ike Eveland, Mysta Rias, and Shu Yamino. He made his debut in December 2021.

On the agency’s website, Luca is described as “a Mafia boss from the past with a slight temper”. It further notes that he is “always down for a fight, whether it’s to show-off his own strength or to protect the weak”.

In terms of his personality, he is presented as an extrovert with bounds of mischief and energy. In one instance, he is seen teasing others. In another he is all sweet with his puppy, Lucubs.

In addition to his personality, his social life has also bolstered his relatability. For instance, he is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He is dating Ike Eveland; a fellow member of Nijisanji EN’s fourth wave. He does not hesitate to express his love for his partner with captions like “Together forever fr”. Through such emotions, the public views him as more than just an avatar.

What Does Luca Kaneshiro Look Like?

For every virtual being, there is the model presented to the public and the creator behind the scene. In the case of VTubers, the essence is to create content without revealing your face. As such, Luca Kaneshiro irl may be different from his appearance in VTubes.

In terms of his physical appearance, Luca Kaneshiro VTuber has a characteristic shoulder-length blonde hair with side bangs. The hair falls perfectly on his slender face structure. He has a smooth chin with no beard in sight. Whether his lack of any form of beard is voluntarily or because he has none is debatable. Either way, that is rather inconsequential.  

Additionally, he has tattoos resembling fire flames on his chest,neck, left arm, and back. He is also defined by his purple eyes and well-toned body.

The signature outfit seen in most of his fanart and cosplay costumes comprises a white and grey striped suit complete with a black button-down shirt and brown formal shoes. He often accessorizes it with a long off-white coat with brown details, which he drapes over his shoulder. The look is complete with a black choker on his neck, black gloves, and a white hat with a black band around it. It would be interesting to have a Luca Kaneshiro face reveal and see if the content creator has certain similarities with his avatar.

Luca Kaneshiro Face Reveal

Like any other virtual model, there is Luca Kaneshiro VTuber and Luca Kaneshiro irl. Indeed, having the two as two different entities is the essence of VTubing. A content creator gets to engage in social media platforms while disguising his identity with an avatar.

 Luca is a popular VTuber. However, little is known about the person behind his existence. Unlike some of the other VTubers, a Luca Kaneshiro face reveal is not available online. Granted, there are a couple of cosplay videos and pictures of the avatar on various social media platforms. 

For some of the VTubers who choose to reveal their identity, the goal is to strengthen their connection with the existing and potential followers. However, some like Luca choose to maintain their privacy and live a life separate from their avatar.

Indeed, if and when his fans see Luca Kaneshiro real face, whether intentionally or through leaked pictures, the dynamics will be different. For now, his fans get to quench their fantasy of co-existing with non-humans.

Interesting Facts of Luca Kaneshiro VTuber

  • His nicknames include Boss, Golden Retriever, Lucar, and Wuca.
  • His fans are called Lucubs.
  • He has an Australian accent
  • He is afraid of needles.
  • It took 4 months for him to learn the piano.
  • He can speak a little in Tagalog and is learning Japanese.
  • Among his likes are games like Monster Hunter, Sekiro, and Getting Over It.
  • He dislikes reading, puzzle games, and bugs.
  • He has ADHD.
  • His interests include playing games, playing the guitar, singing, and voice acting.
  • He has seasonal asthma.
  • He has a younger and older brother.
  • Jazz is his favorite music genre.

How Old is Luca Kaneshiro?

Virtual models and influencers have particularly captured the attention of Millennial and Gen Z. To relate with this group of consumers, it helps when the content creator is young. With that, their interests, views, and communication approach often matches with that of their audience. This explains why most VTubers are either in their late teens or in their 20s. So, how old is Luca Kaneshiro irl?

 The VTuber made his debut at 23 years old. Interestingly, some VTubers go the route of being ageless while others have their age progress. As he grows further in the Vtubing space, it will be interesting to see if Luca Kaneshiro age changes.

Where is Luca Kaneshiro From?

One can argue that VTubing is a creative combination of entertainment, technology, and culture. One of the manifestations of culture in VTubing is the influence of Japanese manga and anime on virtual YouTubing. Other than that, culture can rub on to a creator’s work in the form of an accent or language. So, where is Luca Kaneshiro from?

The VTuber has an Australian accent. As such, it is safe to say that he is from Australia.

Where Does Luca Kaneshiro Live?

The beauty of VTubing and digital content in general is that a content creator is able to reach an audience from across the globe. However, in an effort to humanize virtual YouTubers , most are based in a particular region. In some cases, some of the avatars live in a different location from the humans behind the scene. Interestingly, some live beyond Planet Earth.So, where does Luca Kaneshiro live?

It is unclear where the VTuber lives. Like most other aspects, little is known of the VTuber outside his life as a streamer. However, seeing that he has an Australian accent, it is likely that he lives in Australia.  Nonetheless, it is also possible that he is residing away from his country of origin.

How Tall is Luca Kaneshiro?

Similar to other content creators, most VTubers have grown into public figures with a comparable influence to that of conventional celebrities. This explains the public’s interest in their lives. For instance, one of the Internet queries regarding the VTuber in question is, how tall is Luca Kaneshiro?

He is 178 cm in height, which equates to about 5’10” in feet. The average height of a Japanese man is about 5’75” feet. This is also the global average height of a male. By these standards, Luca is quite tall.

How Much Does Luca Kaneshiro Make?

Social media influencing has generated various streams of revenue for content creators. Just like their human counterparts, virtual influencers are raking in a lot of money from their online engagements.

In fact, based on their popularity, some are earning amounts that most human content creators only dream of. This is from means such as donations on Patreon, sale of merch, and memberships. Some also post nude and NSFW content on OnlyFans accounts and other adult sites. So, how much does Luca Kaneshiro make?

The exact amount that the VTuber makes is unknown. However, as highlighted in an article on South China Morning Post (SCMP), stats show that Japanese VTubers can earn over $1 million a year.

That said, there are two sides to a coin. A virtual VTuber took to Reddit to refute assumptions that agency-based VTubers earn hefty amounts. She stated, “…there’s this massive misconception that streamers and creators, especially VTubers make straight bank”. While acknowledging that some of them make good money from the craft, she broke down the deductions made by various entities. According to her, the company will take up to half of the talent’s revenue before YouTube deducts 30% of the remaining amount.

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