Umise Yotsuha VTuber

Who is Umise Yotsuha?

Umise Yotsuha is a VTuber with a big and loyal fan base who consistently streams signs, chatting, and playing various games. She was found by NIJISANJI company which allowed her to join VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY. Umise Yotsuha works with several platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and others. She likes chatting so we can ask any question directly and expect that the answer will be provided quickly.

At the same time, we don’t know Umise Yotsuha’s real identity because this can be a part of the contract where she is not allowed to reveal herself to grow a personal audience which can be a trigger to move from this project. She posts various thoughts on Twitter and answers in the comments section quickly. The same can be said about Umise Yotsuha’s real name. This information is also not disclosed.

Umise Yotsuha VTuber

Umise Yotsuha VTuber is a popular digital personality who focuses on writing and signing songs and playing games. At the beginning of her career, she was affiliated with the VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY project from NIJISANJI. The company focuses on promoting various talents in the digital world and helping them to become VTubers and streamers.

She was enrolled in VTA on November 04, 2020, and almost half a year after she became a joint VTuber. Her look changed from a little university-oriented to more modern. She changed her hair color to purple and light purple with some white stands. There are several pins with the U4 yellow-orange logo, one pin with a pastel light purple colored alien aircraft with two cool eyes, and three casual pins: yellow, orange, and red. Her earrings were made as a flag of blue-yellow pink. She wears a yellow short-sleeved shirt, a black vest, and a multicolored jacket.

What Does Umise Yotsuha Look Like?

Umise Yotsuha VTuber looks like a girl of 17-22 years old. She has two appearances that were a part of her digital personality. We are going to show you some details of her style:

  • The first appearance was during the period of education in VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY where she had only a portrait without a full-body picture. 
  • She had an anime-styled face with a cute mouth and a little nose.
  • Her cheeks got a beautiful blush that can be treated as a sign of joy, positivity, and happiness from seeing us.
  • She has received beautiful eyes that go from honey color on the bottom to chestnut color on the top with big eyelashes of chestnut color. We don’t know if this look matches Umise Yotsuha irl.
  • She has a gorgeous haircut that splits into two not-so-long braids. There’s enough hair to cover her forehead. The haircut is over the shoulders long and has a light-brown color.
  • Her second look was applied when she graduated and started her own career.
  • She has a slim body, a little bust, and a beautiful face.

Umise Yotsuha Face Reveal

Umise Yotsuha’s real face is still not disclosed most likely because of several aspects we would like to mention below:

  • We don’t know what girl is behind this beautiful project but this mystery can be a part of the brand. 
  • There can be various requirements placed by NIJISANJI’s mother company according to the contract. In this way, the firm can protect its intellectual property if a person behind Umise Yotsuha decides to stop collaborating. 
  • Face Reveal can be a part of the marketing strategy where all focus should be on Umise Yotsuha, not on a real person behind. 
  • In addition, as an idol, you may not reveal your face at all and make this as a part of mystery and suspense. 
  • We have no information about who Umise Yotsuha irl. Everything we know is her actual age and day of birth. If you know the city, you can probably find out the girl with this date of birth, but this will look quite creepy.
  • As a former member of the VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY, she was the first generation of idols who were educated, graduated, and became YouTube stars with big loyal audiences.
  • It is probably possible to know at least her real-life name if you pick the right strategy to find out this in chat talks. Taking into account that Umise Yotsuha is a talkative girl, this can be a successful way to discover her real personality and google her accounts on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, and so on.
  • We don’t know if she plans to set up a Patreon account to collect monthly-based donations to grow as a personality and pop-idol.
  • Anyway, there are a lot of possibilities for how to support her creativity.

Interesting Facts of Umise Yotsuha VTuber

We know a lot of interesting facts about Umise Yotsuha’s streaming history, success, and rumors. Let’s get everything together in the following list:

  • She started her career being a 17-18 year-old girl.
  • Umise Yotsuha participated in VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY which provided her with marketing support to get settled on the market and find her own fanbase.
  • Umise Yotsuha claims herself as a not-quite-successful student who always acts before thinking. As a result, she fails quite often but never gives up. This attitude attracted much attention to her personality among a wide audience.
  • She decided that VTubing and streaming could be such a great challenge for her that she must try. The result surprises everyone around. So, she became a successful idol and YouTube streamer. If you do exactly what you like, the results never stopped from appearing. 
  • She aims to be independent, but in the depths of her heart, she looks for people to collaborate with. This makes everyone around her worry about her success and efforts. This type of behavior can be very useful as for a lady to gather fans around her personality and build a strong and influencing community of followers.
  • She has a lot of positive traits like being positive, uplifting, and emotional that help others to feel better. So, they can grab a piece of her life-view to challenge daily duties and problems with a head held high.
  • Umise Yotsuha has an extraverted energy so she seeks every single possibility to act, chat with followers and just people who come to her stream for the first time. 3D appearance helps her a lot in doing so. That’s why her community has kept growing for years.
  • She knows that her luck doesn’t work for her well from time to time. Especially often, this happens when she plays computer games. As a result, the chat cheers her to keep going.
  • Umise Yotsuha has a mother-biding or older-sister vibe of caring about everyone she can find. Unifying all mentioned before with this trait makes her so cute and a positive person everyone wants to hug.

How Old is Umise Yotsuha?

Umise Yotsuha is 21 years old. Her birthday is on June 17 thats why her zodiac sign is Gemini. She started her digital career with the support of the NIJISANJI company where she was a part of “Ranunculus” with other idols. Before this, she graduated from the VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY project. The period of VTA started on November 04, 2021. The second part started on March 16, 2022, on Twitter and on March 20, 2022, on YouTube. 

Her original name is 海妹四葉 which means Sea Sister Yotsuba. Her original 2D model was developed by Oyo and a 3D model by Aura Co. Ltd. which focuses on 3DCG for games/VTubers/anime and 2D graphics for characters/background concept art. As a result, she started growing quickly without wasting time, gathering the first 100,000 followers on YouTube within two months.

Where is Umise Yotsuha From?

Umise Yotsuha is originally from Japan. She focuses on streaming and producing content for YouTube. Her channel has 215,000 followers and 399 videos uploaded. She has an excellent engagement rate – 7.84%. This rate means how many subscribers liked videos they just watched. The account has an overall score of “C” in video view consistency, subscribers/view ratio, engagement rates, and channel growth. There were 19.3M views on her videos and no views for the last 30 days. An average upload frequency is one video a week which is actually low. The last information about estimated monthly income is from $13,500 to $40,500. The channel was updated the last time on December 12, 2023. She is placed in various rankings: #26386 in Gaming, #4494 in Japan, and #239595 Worldwide.

Where Does Umise Yotsuha Live?

It’s hard to say for 100% sure “Where does Umise Yotsuha live?” As far as we know, she is a Japanese VTuber. This means that she can live somewhere around Japan or in countries like the US. Checking her stream start time or asking directly can tell us for sure. As for a music idol, this is not a big deal because people appreciate music and having some fun like chatting or playing games and then discussing some like where to eat in Tokyo. As an idol, she has to be easy to reach, and welcome, but she has to avoid any kind of relationship. 

How Tall is Umise Yotsuha?

Let’s answer a common question “How Tall is Umise Yotsuha?” According to her profile, she is 163 cm or 5’4. There’s no description of this height of her character or her in real life. Anyway, as for a female VTuber, this height looks completely standard. She keeps growing, so there will be some adjustments possible in several years or so. Her height looks just right for her digital style and look. All of this combined allows her to look cute and feminine. This can attract even more followers and increase her fanbase as soon as she decides to come back for streaming.

How Much Does Umise Yotsuha Make?

According to the data that we could see on Reddit, Umise Yotsuh has made ¥1,816,000 in her first months of streaming. This is approximately US$ 12,300. The following data is not revealed because VTubers don’t like to provide such insides for other people. Even if those numbers have kept growing since the beginning of 2023, the overall result is quite successful. Among debuting people, she was placed at the second place which shows that people are ready to watch her performance consistently and purchase her merch as well. 

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