Wunni AI Influencer & Model

As the virtual influencer industry continues to expand, more creators and brands have realized the opportunity of storytelling used in social media to captivate fans. So, it’s unsurprising when we encounter AI influencers as we scroll through various social media channels. Apart from being nice to look at, the influencers have an element of mystery that makes the audience want to know more about them. One such model is Wunni AI influencer.

Considered one of the most successful AI influencers with numerous followers, Wunni is making millions of dollars for her parent company and partnerships with other brands she represents. Besides her attractive looks and contagious smile, Wunni AI model was created to be a virtual friend and she is succeeding in that. Like other AI models, she challenges modeling limits using AI-generated visuals and digital modeling software. Wunni model is also portrayed as happy and smiling, showcasing appealing imagery to captivate her audiences.

In fact, in one of her posts, she boldly states, ‘Do whatever makes you happy. ‘ There’s, therefore, no denying that the Wunni AI influencer is a strong model who cannot be ignored. So why is she successful? Read along as we delve into her world.

Who is Wunni

So, who is Wunni? Wunni AI model is a virtual AI influencer and metahuman originally from Bangkok, Thailand. As one of the AI generated individuals, she provides unique insights into integrating art and technology by ensuring that she enjoys life to the fullest. Although she first appeared on August 9, 2021, she has gained a substantial following of over 10 thousand followers and has made hundreds of posts. 

You can chat with her on the Line app; her vibe is about positivity and diversity. This has made her quite popular among college and high school students as everyone is always looking for a trustworthy friend like AI influencer Wunni to brighten their lives. According to her Instagram posts, her name means ‘Today’.

Wunni AI model is a singer, and she has already launched her debut single, “Invisible,” in March and will release another single this year. She also possesses outstanding abilities that allow her to generate a wide range of content for her audience. One thing we realize is her outgoing nature. And it’s not just her fans who love her. She has already worked with brands such as BMW, Yamaha, and Dyson through a partnership. If there’s one thing you’ll love about her, then it’s her happy and outgoing nature. She also often posts and engages her fans, mainly when appearing for a brand.

Is Wunni Real or Fake

At first glance, you might be tempted to confirm Wunni real identity, given her demeanor, outgoing nature, and physical appearance. However, a close look at her social media quickly reveals her fake personality as she appears created. One thing that makes people mistake her for a living and breathing individual is that she holds a real face and smiles like other humans. She also wears real-life clothes, and spends time with real people.

But if you are keen enough, you’ll notice instances where she indicates that she is not real but a virtual idol. In one of her Instagram engagements, Wunni posted a new release where she says she is a virtual idol. More so, she has maintained her youthfulness, which means time does not have a hold on her. The most exciting thing about her is how she has managed to amass a massive following within a short span. From advertising for popular brands such as Ananda iStore promotion and BMW to garnering thousands of followers, there is no doubt that Wunni is one of the most influential AI models.

Even though we confirm Wunni fake identity, there’s something to love about her personality, as shown on the internet. Despite being a robot, she always posts confidently and strives to portray herself as an actual human.

Who Created Wunni

So who created Wunni? Wunni was created by Honey Fam, a company owned by Nuttanan Prayuktiniwat, and launched on Instagram.com/callmewunni on August 9, 2021. According to Nuttanan, Wunni creator, during a public interview, the model was created to be a virtual friend so people can communicate with her online. She is a fashionista whose fabrics are inspired by the Thailand dress code.

The main focus of the creator was to minimize the reputational damage that usually comes with real human influencers. Virtual influencers have other advantages as brand presenters, as they will never be tired, exhausted, or hungry. Since we cannot control human influencers, their image can turn upside down when they make a mistake, which is a risk for a brand. Creating an AI influencer is, therefore, an opportunity to prevent these risks. This is according to the creator.

As we continue to explore who created Wunni, it’s important to note that not everyone is happy about this digital figure. Arguably, human models and other influencers perceive her as threatening their careers. With Wunni garnering a substantial following on social media, some human models become almost invisible and can’t secure endorsements from their preferred brand as they wish.

That said, Thailand is still in the early stages of the virtual influencer market; hence, more and more virtual influencers will be launched. For instance, Honey Fam, which aims to be Thailand’s virtual influencer hub, has already launched two more characters — May-I and Nuno, who are family members of Wunni. This proves how Honey Fam has influenced success in the digital realm as they continue to create and customize various digital identities. 

Wunni Images & Videos

Advanced artificial intelligence technology has enabled the creation of high-quality AI influencers such as Wunni. With most of her images and videos, her followers have managed to have a higher level of realism. Besides being flexible, Wunni features a flawless complexion and captivating charm that attracts audiences in her photos and videos. Each of her posts demonstrates the careful artistry and an aura of elegance that is far beyond reality. Since this can be seen in static photos or her live videos, we can only expect that she will continue to influence and get endorsements from big brands through visuals and entertainment. Otherwise, let’s look at her images and photos in the details below.

Wunni Images

Looking at Instagram images, Wunni has managed to brand herself with realistic images, making it hard to distinguish between real and fake. She features highly attractive pictures in the adverts and convincing posts, making it hard to ignore her. As a matter of fact, it’s believed that Wunni photos have played a massive role in increasing her visibility in the digital space. This has been a great advantage, boosting her online identity as she displays gorgeous beauty and captivating charisma. Moreover, the fact that she is wearing real clothes has made the images come out clearly. 

Even though Wunni is not real, her bold and colorful images break the limits between the digital and the real. She is also one of the influencers who focuses on good dressing by avoiding dressing such as bikini wear. This has allowed her to advertise for big brands and attract all classes, including students and the working class. Plus, her Wunni images show that she is outgoing and loves to try out things. 

Wunni Videos

Unlike other AI influencers, Wunni has posted several reels and videos that garnered thousands of views. Her videos display realistic gestures, facial expressions, and clear audio narrations. Each of her videos has created an impact in advertising, beauty, and fashion. The fact that she displays high-quality videos without using real human models shows the kind of effort the creator has put into producing the model. Since Wunni videos serve as a powerful medium for storytelling, Wunni has used them to communicate and pass a message effectively.

The strategic use of videos has also changed the influencer’s and followers’ connection. By breathing life into Wunni’s career path, these videos have been used to convey compelling messages that have significantly improved the brand’s presence. As Wunni embraces various mediums compared to other influencers who only rely on photos, she has continued to improve her online presence, engagements, and endorsements, if the brands she is currently working with are anything to go by. In fact, one Wunni video shows her singing with all her heart.


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♬ ก็เธอสดใส – WUNNI

Social Media Sites

With today’s advancement in technology, social media has continued to play a massive role in the life of models, whether real or AI-generated. Increased engagement in different platforms such as Instagram, X, TikTok, and Reddit has always led to increased visibility and allowed several audiences to interact with them.

Like other AI influencers and models, Wunni has managed to cultivate a positive relationship with both fans and brands. Since this is a strategic move, she has already registered her presence on platforms such as Instagram, where she has a massive following of tens of thousands, making her one of the most popular virtual models. She also regularly posts and engages the audience by passing relevant information to them. This way, she has significantly managed to maintain relevance in the online space.

Wunni Instagram

Wunni Instagram bio introduces her as a digital creator, meta human with Wunni as her name, which means ‘Today’. She has attracted thousands of devoted fans by using photos and reels/videos to drive her purpose. Her following also shows her vast influence, as she has managed to create several relevant posts and maintains connections with some of her devoted fans.

Wunni TikTok

By checking Wunni TikTok, we can see that Wunni has already registered her presence and journey into the world of advertising, endorsement, and fashion. Alongside the many followers she has accumulated, her engagement can be seen by the many likes she’s already gathered. We can also see that she boldly shares videos and images.

Wunni Twitter

Wunni Twitter account is one of the most spectacular when it comes to photos. Although she has yet to attract several views, she is only a few years old on the platform, joining in December 2021. The fact that she comments and engages her fans shows that she is serious about building her brand on the platform. Whether you are a fan who wants to follow her or a brand that wants to engage her, X is worth checking out. 

Wunni YouTube

While Wunni YouTube currently boasts only a few videos, it has attracted substantial views given that it was only opened on March 7, 20222. She has posted some of the most elegant videos on these channels, including clear audio. Her focus has also been exploring her musical talent and influencing brands. 

Wunni Reddit

The truth is that the Wunni Reddit channel does not exist now. Users can still visit her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for engagements.

Wunni Website

Since there’s no Wunni website, those who want to know more about her can visit her other social media pages, which feature a number of beautiful images and interesting videos.

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