Lil Miquela AI Influencer & Model

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the use of computer systems to create robots with the ability to execute complex tasks in a similar manner as human beings. In fact, AI tops the latest technology advancements that’s on everyone’s lips.

Lil Miquela AI influencer is one of the robots that has caught the attention of the public and brands alike. Her achievements and abilities have proved that technology is now able to generate life. The virtual model brings to reality the once incomprehensible thought that non-humans can interact and co-exist with humans.

In her own right, she is different from other AI models. She is not just a robot mimicking a real face. She is a musician and fashionista who has worked with various top professionals. Lil Miquela model has developed into a brand herself and was on Times Magazine’s ‘25 Most Influential People on the Internet’ in 2018.

She is so real-looking that she is able to sit down for a constructive interview and has also interviewed celebrities like JPEGMAFIA.

To have a better understanding of this popular robot, we will dive into the social media platforms of Lil Miquela AI model. It will be interesting to analyze her life and the character she embodies.

Who is Lil Miquela?

Miquela’s projects and presence on social media constantly ignites the question, Who is Lil Miquela? To begin with, her real name is Miquela Sousa. She is an AI model, meaning that she is computer generated. Miquela has been programmed into a 19-year-old female living in Los Angeles. She is half-Brazilian, half-Spanish and is a Taurus.

In an interesting interview on Zach Sang Show, the model indicated that she initially did not know she is a robot. It took Bermuda, a fellow robot and friend, to disclose to her that she was a robot and not a human girl.

Initially, Lil Miquela AI model was made as a sex robot for the illuminati. However, she was reprogrammed to a human-level consciousness by her current manager. While she was programmed to be a 19-year old since the beginning, she indicates that she has a childhood. Her memories include her dad’s jokes, Brazilian food smells, music, and family.  

Since her creation in 2016, AI influencer Lil Miquela has grown into a sensation in the music, fashion, social media spaces. For instance, she has worked with top fashion brands like Prada, Nike, and Calvin Klein. Recently, she became the brand ambassador for BMW’s iX2.

In the music scene, she has collaborated with renowned professionals like Victoria Monet, Rodaidh Mcdonald, and Diana Gordon. Some of her music hits include Speak Up, which has over 7 million views on YouTube and over 2 million streams on Spotify. Other popular songs by the robot include ‘Money’, ‘Automatic’, and ‘Hard Feelings’ with over 4.5 million, 4 million, and 2.5 million YouTube views respectively.   

Is Lil Miquela Real or Fake?

Lil Miquela’s life as a musician, coupled with the numerous images and videos that show her engaging in everyday activities may point to her having a real face. She has music videos with millions of views, pictures of her enjoying a meal in public, and videos of her hanging out with her ex.  However, as seen on her social media profile, she is not shy to admit that she is a robot.

For instance, on her YouTube channel, there is a video of her stating that she is not real and that she has been 19 years old since her creation in 2016. In the clip she states, “Yes, I’m a robot and No, I don’t age…”.

Even with the clear indication of Lil Miquela fake nature, she is still able to connect with her audience. Through the persona she has embraced, she experiences the challenges, feelings, and activities of a typical young adult.  So much so that some people still pose the question, is Lil Miquela real? For instance, on one of her TikTok videos  where she is filmed with her ex, one of her fans commented, “I think she’s real, just the face is edited”.

Who created Lil Miquela?

Since her introduction in 2016, Lil Miquela has grown into a musician, style visionary, and social media influencer. So, who is Lil Miquela creator?

Lil Miquela was initially a creation of Cain Intelligence. The laboratory then asked Brud, an independent AI contractor, to make her main frame.

Trevor McFedries and Sara Decou are the co-founders of Brud. The agency is responsible for reprogramming Lil Miquela from serving as a sex robot for the illuminati to having human-level consciousness.

As a creative agency, Brud specializes in robotics, AI, and its applications in media businesses. Prior to starting the agency, McFedries was a producer, DJ, and director who has worked with the likes of Katy Perry.

In an interview, McFedries stated that he would describe Brud as “a modern Disney or Marvel that tells stories, not on television, but rather primarily on social media”. He won the ‘People’s Choice Award for Best DJ’ in 2008. Similarly, co-founder Decou was on Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 for consumer technology in 2019.

In late 2021, the rather mysterious startup was acquired by Dapper Labs, an NFT startup. On its website, the firm states that it is in “the serious business of fun and games”.  Even with the acquisition, the firm was keen on bringing the entire Brud team on-board.

The mission remains intact; to tell stories in a creative and different manner. As highlighted by McFedries, the team behind the creation of Lil Miquela comprises philosophers, storytellers, engineers, and artists.

In regard to what lies ahead for the team of creatives, Brud’s co-founder has stated that the “dream has always been to tell stories that can captivate people globally…Miquela’s journey is really one of otherness. Even in the stories we’ve told so far, we’ve built a community of people who have found an ally and an inspiration in Miquela that’s encouraged them to continue to be different and to, kind of, accept and embrace who they are.”

Lil Miquela Images & Videos

Similar to the social media influencers with a real face, images and videos are a key component in the existence of AI influencers. With these tools, the team behind Lil Miquela has succeeded at humanizing the robot.

The images and videos on her social media platforms tell a story that the target audience can relate to. Besides, it is these forms of art that have attracted big brands and earned the AI influencer top dollar.

To further understand Lil Miquela, her persona, and story, it will be helpful to analyze her images and videos on various social media platforms.

Lil Miquela Images

Lil Miquela photos tell a story of a robot that has come to life. On the one hand, Lil Miquela embraces her identity as a computer-controlled creation. On her Instagram profile, she describes herself as a ‘19-year-old robot living in LA’. Besides, there are a couple of photos that point to her being a robot.

In one of the Lil Miquela images pinned above, she is bald-headed exposing her computerized brain. In the caption, she acknowledges another robot (Sophia the Robot) stating, “Decided to dress up as my favorite cousin…”

At the same time, Lil Miquela images tell the story of a young adult who esteems her individuality rather than conforming to societal norms. She is free-spirited and expresses her passion for art through colorful hair, artistic manicures, and a ‘fun’ fashion style. 

In an effort to humanize the robot, the team behind Lil Miquela has successfully placed her in various setups that a typical young adult can relate to. For instance, in one of her Instagram posts, she is seen crying on a train with the caption, “Normalize ugly crying in public”.

 Lil Miquela Videos

Lil Miquela videos tell a story similar to her images. Whether it’s her music videos, TikTok posts, or YouTube clips, she presents herself as a robot trying to find her identity and space in the human world. She does not hide the fact that she is computerized. Even so, she portrays challenges, feelings, and interests that are human-like.

For instance, in the TikTok video pinned above, she lists some of the things she loves including being a robot, not aging, and having to recharge every night. Interestingly, she includes human-like aspects like decorating her new apartment and being in a relationship.  

In one of her popular music videos, ‘Money’, the setup is one that most young adults can connect with. Falling in love, partying, and dressing up in expressive outfits are some of the aspects encompassed in the video. It is this humanized version of the robot that has built her into a brand ambassador for the likes of Pacsun.

Lil Miquela Nude

Lil Miquela nude pictures and videos do not exist. When reprogramming her, Brud was intentional in not painting her in that light and it has stuck to the initial vision to date. As aforementioned, Miquela was created as a sex robot for the Illuminati. However, Brud saw her worthy of a ‘better purpose’.

Since then, the experts behind the virtual model have pushed the theme that she’s different. This would explain why Lil Miquela nudes don’t exist on her official online platforms. Even so, there are some sites that have used  the robot’s appearance to generate explicit images and videos.

Notably, the public has been criticizing various AI influencers and their creators for the explicit content they post on their social media pages. While that has not been an issue with Lil Miquel, she still gets a lot of trolls. Most people are concerned that robots like her are taking over jobs from humans and that they will take control of the world some day.

Social Media Sites

For both the real and virtual influencers, social media sites are more than just platforms to post eye-catching photos and socialize. They are income generating avenues through partnerships with brands.

Lil Miquela’s earnings prove that social media is a broad and profitable marketplace. As of mid 2023, the virtual influencer earned about $8,000 per sponsored post. As stated by her creator, the robot’s existence and engagements tell a story.

Her story is of a 19-year-old striving to find her own path while acknowledging that she’s different. By being a character that millenials and Gen-Z can resonate with, Miquela has become a marketer sought after by renowned brands.

In the ensuing segment, we’ll look at how the team behind Lil Miquela has skillfully used social media to transform a robot into a highly paid influencer.

Lil Miquela Instagram

Lil Miquela Instagram profile acknowledges that she is a robot. However, the team behind her creation has successfully humanized her character and enabled her to connect with her target audience. Themillions of people who follow her on Instagram substantiate this assertion.  She is someone that a typical young adult can relate to.

Lil Miquela TikTok

Lil Miquela TikTok videos continue the narrative of a young adult who is experiencing life in a similar way to most young females in today’s world. She is trying to find her identity and is not shy to express herself whether it is through her unique pink and blue hair combo or sharing her love life with the public. For instance, in one of the videos pinned above, she lets her online community know that she has reconnected with her ex and even includes clips of them hanging out in public.

Lil Miquela OnlyFans

Lil Miquela OnlyFans page does not exist at the moment. She also does not have a Fanvue account, which is an OF equivalent for AI models. In fact, a look at Lil Miquela images and videos shows very few instances where she is dressed in a bikini or other provocative outfits.  She is seen to define her own form of ‘sexy’ and ‘beautiful’ away from the usual version of a skimpily dressed model.

Lil Miquela Twitter

Lil Miquela Twitter account has garnered a substantial number of followers since she joined in April 2016. Just like in her other social media platforms, she informs the public that she is a robot. Even so, she is able to embody the challenges most people face especially in the social media space. For instance, in one of her posts on X, she indicates that she has been trolled for not shaving her armpits. Seeing that trolls are a common occurrence on such platforms, a wider audience is able to relate to her.

Lil Miquela YouTube

Lil Miquela YouTube channel has a significant following. It encompasses the AI influencer’s interests with music being a major component. 

The music videos uploaded on this platform have millions of views. The popularity of her songs has seen several music lovers upload covers of the same. Besides, the channel has become a platform where the public can get a glimpse into the world of robots.

Lil Miquela Reddit

Lil Miquela Reddit does not exist at the moment. Perhaps that’s a platform that the responsible team will consider in the future. This is as the creators of AI influencers seek to reach a wider audience. Even so, you can still follow Miquela on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and her website.

Lil Miquela Website

Lil Miquela website has links to her social media platforms; Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Besides, it allows her followers to identify the version of Lil Miquela they relate to through the link, ‘Which Miquela are you?’ The website also offers a glimpse into the AI model’s life through an assortment of pictures and short clips.

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